Sunday, 15 November 2009

The one with... learning as much.. before the 'practical' time! huhu..

Before married, heck even after my wedding day..., my knowledge about pregnancy can be rated as almost close to zero.. I mean, yes, during one or two of those trips to the hospitals or friends' houses visiting them after they gave birth did enlighten me with their share of experience.. But still, the information was like masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri.. Not much was retained, I wasn't able to appreciate much.. All I can associate with when it comes to the word 'pregnancy' was PAIN.. and perhaps.. FAT ? :P

Well when it happened to me at the time least expected, to be honest the few feelings I had after seeing the 2 lines at the pregnancy kit were panic, anxious and scared... I knew NOTHING about pregnancy, let alone taking care of a baby.. Hence the decision to keep it under the low radar for the first 3 months.. After all thats what I was advised to do, because the 1st trimester is the most crucial period.. The risk of M is high, and if anything, to retract the good news can be quite emotionally difficult..


So of course my first point of contact for information would be the 2 mothers.. BUT.. I think their time was very much different from ours.. Responses such as "Alaaaa.. Don't worry so much... You'll get through this.. Let the nature takes its course..", "Kitorang dulu relaks jer.. Takde nak buat2 check up ni.. or take supplement", and etc.. didn't help much of the nervous me... Huhu.. Serious the 2 mothers takde mabuk2 ni... And they somehow had an easy breezy pregnancy experiences.. Cuma they did advise me on which verses from the Al-Quran to recite more during pregnant...

Next, would be friends of the same age.. Now that helped very very much.. I asked a lot especially from Farah and Muni.. and exchanged experience and concerns with Parveen and Iyma who happened to be pregnant around the same time.. And true enough, every expectant mother experiences different things... But at least for comfort, I knew I wasn't very far off.. :)

And then, came the next source of information -- from reading. I registered at and has been receiving a weekly email from them updating me about what happened at every stages of pregnancy coupled with a lot of other useful information.. I found it to be very very useful, especially it reminds me about how many weeks I am now :)

Tapi being the first timer, I felt that I need to read up more to feed my curiousity needs..

And these are the books that have been accompanied me for the past months... See, pregnancy has introduced me to a new hobby.. :)

The above 2 books were borrowed to me by Muni.. The left one was written by Dr Ariza, one of the preferred O&G in Ampang Puteri.. It's quite an interesting and very easy to follow book..

And then Oya gave me the above 2 books.. :) (Oh and also another one on "Nama-nama bayi dalam Islam..) And it gave me more insights about pregnancy, especially from the religion and custom point of view.

This is my second favourite -- the book I bought myself.. It didn't take me long to decide on this one as the title captured my interest -- illustrated companion :)

The chapters were very easy to follow as it was divided into weekly basis.. So everytime I reach to another week of my pregnancy, I will flip to the relevant chapter. I don't normally read before I reach that week for I don't want the information contained therein to affect on how I should behave.. Rather I read it to evaluate how I was doing -- whether on track or not.. And often I feel contended if the information is very spot on.. I'll be like "Ohh.. memang patut pun rasa macam ni..".. etc.

And finally, the one that tops my list -- the book that was given by my colleague, Farah.. (ok, nama pun farah jugak.. tapi yang ni takde blog..).. This book, nampak je kecik, but very very informative and illustrative.. Love it! though ada yang ngilu2 jugak sebab tunjuk real life picture.. :P And what I found to be useful about the book is its divided into topics..

Like for example chapter 6 discusses about the baby's life in the womb..

And it contains a week-by-week info on baby's development AND pictures on the changes to the mother's body parts as time passes by.. VERY useful.

I particularly often glued to chapter 13 where it has quite a comprehensive long list of common complaints received from the expectant mothers, complete with information on the causes, symptoms and treatments. Sangat2 relevant especially like I said not everyone experiences the same thing througout.. Even Kerol found it to be very useful.. (Sebab dia yang nak kena face the 'problematic' me! hehe)

And finally, chapter yang I kept on avoiding (still in denial.. huhu.. I'll get to that chapter soon, later.. :P) would be the last chapter on giving birth process...

So all these books I found to be my very good companion so far, and I know it will be until I reach my due date.. Which I keep on praying for the time to pass by slowly... Huhu.. First, sebab takut laaa thinking about giving birth coz anything can happen despite how much you are equipped with knowledge.. and second, even now I can feel that I'm SO gonna miss this wonderful experience, especially now that I can feel the baby's movement and 'play' with him by tickling him from the outside and talking to him when I'm stuck in the traffic jam... :)

Oh ada lagi source of information..

My mom will consistently informs me on any parenting forums / classes advertised in the magazines / newpapers.. And somehow Kerol and I had an interest on this one.. "Healthy Mother, Healthier Child" held by Darul Ehsan Medical Centre (DEMC) together with WYETH and other sponsors..

Apparently its a all-year-round event held throughout Malaysia.. And the one held in Concorde, Shah Alam was the final one.. With a registration fee of RM30 per couple, we quickly registered ourselves.

I have not been to any antenatal classes, yet, but I guess the topics covered are more or less the same... no?

So pagi tadi pukul 8.30 pagi kitorang dah sampai Shah Alam.. Huhu.. What an early day, especially its Sunday! See, muka pun mamai lagi and LAPAR!

Ok, this picture is more reflective of how big I am now :) They provided us with a simple brekky menu of biscuits and hot tea / coffee.. Well, with RM30, what do you expect kan?

We didn't come in a group of friends, and malas nak mingle2 around.. :P So we settled down while waiting for the session to start.. It's quite a full house and not all participants were the first time preggers.. Even yang dah 2nd time pun still attended.. And both Kerol and I were VERY VERY satisfied with the information provided.. especially on the topics 'Pregnancy & Labour' (complete with real life picture stage-by-stage process ye.. huhu), 'Care of Newborn' and 'Breastfeeding'.. (Gambar during the presentation of course takde, coz segan nak captured.. :p)

All in all for RM30, I found the forum to be very interesting, though I thought the topic on 'Breathing Techniques' can be extended to getting us to practise whether it's correct or not.. But I guess, that, is something I can get from the antenatal class which is more of a smaller group of participants..

And we were also served with tea break, AND exceeding my expectation, a buffet spread for lunch! Weeee... :)

At the end of the forum, there was a lucky draw session.. Kitorang takde ong la tadi.. Huhu.. We were eyeing on the first prize -- Combi stroller! Sangat lucky orang yang dapat tuh, jelesnye!.. and other prizes offered were not bad also -- confinement set, baby products, Marie France voucher, etc..

Oh well, at least we went back home equipped with extra knowledge, AND a goodie bag.

So next in our quest, which we have started since last week which is to start gathering info on prices of baby related items such the baby care products, the diapers, milks, strollers, baby cots, etc etc etc.. Huhu.. Going to tick off the (long!) list slowly one by one, hopefully just in time before my due date comes!

Okie dokie, that's all I have for now.. Adalah lapar sekarang, tadi balik2 from Shah Alam both of us masing2 ter doze off kepenatan.. And now baru bangun and mandi, so next would be to go hunt for food... :)

Till later~*

p.s. Iyma & Bibi -- wish you guys were there during the forum!


  1. wah bestnyer..atenatal class itu..

    aku pun nak attend jugak class macam itu..

    wow, buku2 itu memang menariks.. boleh la aku dapatkan juga..

  2. pregnancy = pain + fat
    haha :)

    wah bestnye dpt peluang attend such class.

    selamat membaca & do drop me a call whenever u need me!

  3. rugi gile x dpt attend! husband aku la lmbt decide..skrg dia sibuk2 suh aku carik lg such class nak attend tp semuanya will cost us RM100 and above per session..and aku sgt rugi sbb forum tu bayar RM30 and makanan dia...WOW! :P (normal kan for preggie lady to terliur setiap kali nmpk mknan..heheh)

    Lia, aku seram plak tgk ko gigih baca byk reference was sahaja! and of course la sharing experience dgn ko & bb and asking around kwn2 yg dah pernah bersalin.. alaaaa...risau plak aku tau dah perangai aku yg malas baca buku :P :P kalo beli silap2 buku tu buat teman aku tido je.. :P

    oh..aku pun x sabar nak shopping baby stuff lagi..sbb aku dah dekat sebln kot tahan diri..sbb aku nak tgu confirm girl ke x..nak beli brg baby girl yg cute2 tu!! kalo muat aku rasa aku pon nak pakai :P

  4. lia..jealous tgk goodie bag hehehe also wishing the three of us can go to the same antenatal class...:)

    and same dh almost tick all items in the mummy and baby checklist...except for toilettries sbb bole beli kt giant je....

    have fun shopping brg2 baby coz i know i did!! love it so advise to u is beli benda2 besar dulu like stroller, carseat,baby cot n other stuff yg agak2 mahal...then later br beli other small2 stuff....n nk beli small stuff tu....go to only one place...preferably tmp yg tgh sale....borong mcm nk mampus (dun forget to bring the list..very important)n balik rmh2 hari2 tgk brg2 cute yg telah dibeli..hehehe by then u almost tick 80-90% of the list in a short time...n belila mase 6 going 7 mth coz by 7 going 8 mth...jln sket dh penat..n nk shopping pun mcm limited me now hehe

  5. aku pun dulu macam2 buku ada, tak cukup, print from internet. ada tu smpai x terbaca pun...

    best la ko dapat pegi antenatal class tu... aku dulu najib kata tak payah pegi, belajar dari mak mak je... huhuhuuhu sedey...

    tapi bab shopping barang baby mmg sangat best n teruja! klu boleh semua nak beli, cute2 semua. beli barang time sale, lagi la gila. kalau tak control mau boleh habis ratus ratusan. hahahahaaha! tapi seperti biasa incik hubby kata membazir, nnt baby cepat membesar dh x muat nk pakai baju2 tu + nnt org2 bagi lagi... end up aku beli sorok2, n ckp org bagi.. jahat kan?

    selamat bershopping!

  6. yantie, -- if ada opportunity, sila attend ye.. menarik leh dapat info.. always look out for advertisement in newspapers / magazine.. otherwise leh attend yang hospital organize.. tapi yang tu mahal sket la kot… and sila ke kedai buku juga! takpun, internet pun adaaaa :)

    farah, -- okie dokie.. i know you will be there for me! (judging from how beria you were the other day to find a better network coverage so that we get to continue talking on the phone.. hehe.. appreciate that so much babe!!)

    iyma, -- itu lahhhhh… aku masa haritu pun still fikir “bestnyeeee if ade geng..”.. huhu.. takpe lah.. nak buat cemane, takde rezeki…

    hmm tu lah aku pun so far yang ni paling murah aku pernah jumpe, sebab tuh decide nak attend.. and memang, aku pon kagum diorang provide buffet spread.. maybe diorang tau participants adalah terdiri daripada mak mak buyong yang sentiasa hunger for food kan.. hehehe..

    about the number of books i read, sila jangan terpengaruh ye.. aku beli SATU jer buku.. yang lain2 tuh semua orang kasik.. tuh yang jadik banyak tuh… :) lagipun aku beli buku so that senang nak share ngan kerol, nak make sure he gets to know about pregnancy jugak kan.. kalau tak, konfem dia akan ingat aku ni asyik laaa nak buat perangai itu and ini.. :)

    ohhh aku plak excited jugak nak beli barang baby.. but not so much on the baju.. sebab tau baby nanti cepat membesar.. tapi kan, slalu kalau tengok baju pun mesti TERtengok baju baby girl dulu tau.. huhu merajuk baby boy aku ni ha… :P (baby jangan marah mama yer sayang…)

    bibi, -- ye ke bb dah tick most of the items… bestnye…. lia plak setiap kali mesti survey je dulu.. nak beli rasa macam awal sangat plak.. so sudahnye kitorg shopping barang kitorg.. haha..

    tapi betul gak kan macam bb cakap, better buy now before tak larat berjalan.. skang ni pun takleh nak jalan lama2, mesti sakit tumit and backache.. huhu..

    and thanks for your advise on what to buy first.. kitorg memang plan nak buat macam tu, i.e. beli barang yang besar2 dulu and yang mahal dulu.. and trying hard not to buy baju baby sebab tau baby nanti cepat besar …

    bb nye due date dah dekat kan.. in January.. huhu.. then next would be iyma.. pastu lia… huuuu tatau nape lia risauuuuu sangat about giving birth… takutttt.. *iSk*

    yaNNie, -- hehe ohhhh ko adalah lagi beria siap print from internet :) tapi tu lah kan.. memang macam tak puas baca from one source je.. mestiiii nak refer yang lain2 jugak.. :P biase lah, first timer…

    alalala.. jangan la sedih.. dah selamat pun ada insyirah yang sangat comel tu yer… kitorang ni pun sebab fees dia murah tuh yang decide nak pegi tuh… :)

    haha lawak ok ko beli sorok2.. hmmm idea yang menarik tuh! :D

  7. lia..ko mmg bersemangat jawa dgn membaca buku2 itu..kagum siut..ko tau lia..kitorng ade la register nk attend course ni mase dah nak hujung2 pregnancy..tup2 aku plak terberanak x sempat nak pg breastfeeding class kitorg ade attend..the knowledge is very useful to me..bukan senang2 nk breastfeed tau..aku pon agree wif bb to buy your baby's stuffs when u r 6-7 mths..coz fr my experience, during the 28th weeks, doctor nak admit aku coz plasenta previa type 2..menangis sakan la aku..mengenangkan brg2 baby yg x sempat soping..x kan 1st baby brg2 org lain yg nak soping..sedey bangat siut..luckily bile doc pakar checked kate x need to admit coz plasenta aku still ade mase nak naik..nnt dah soping brg baby jgn lupe brg2 mummy gak..

  8. yanti zuri, -- haruslah membaca wehhhh... nervous.. tak ready.. panic.. sume ade tau... :) tuh tak kira phone calls i made to muni and those who have been there done that.. ;P

    ohhhhh serious by 28th week dah bleh kene admit dah.. hoho aku tak abes beli2 barang lagi nih.. seb baik ko sempat shopping barang kan.. hehe.. anyway thanks for sharing your experience.. :)

  9. That's a whole lot of books to read, I can't even finish one a year.

    Anyways, changed my site to:-

    See you around soon!!!