Thursday, 29 October 2009

The one with.. sharing is caring -- spinach dip recipe..

Okie dokie... Based on request, here's to share the recipe to make the spinach dip.. Oh but then before that first thing first, must thank my officemate Ruben, coz he's the one who gave me the recipe..

So here goes..

  • Spinach hijau - dalam 1 ikat or 2
  • Sour cream - 1 tub (brand Sunglo, can be found at the cheese section in supermarket)
  • Cheese spread - beberapa sudu besar ikut individual taste and preference
  • Mayonnaise
  • Bawang merah - dalam 1 - 2 biji

How to prepare

  • Potong bawang merah halus2
  • Wash the spinach, and take only the leafy part
  • Boil the spinach (and put a pinch of salt) until betul2 lembik
  • Then tapis the spinach, chop2 halus2
  • In the serving bowl, pour in the sour cream... Then kacau ngan sudu until kembang (caution: bau sour cream memang agak kurang menyenangkan.. so bear with it)
  • Then masukkan mayo (dalam 1 sudu besar) + cheese spread (dalam 2-3 sudu besar)
  • Then masukkan chopped spinach and bawang merah
  • Kacau hingga sebati
  • Then try rasa whether there's a lacking of the cheesy taste or not.. if there is, then sila tambah accordingly..

That's all! Senang kan? :) Remember, when it comes to the recipes I share here in my blog means -- if I can do.. YOU also can do.. !

Oh.. put in the fridge for a while before serving.. Then eat with any of your favourite nachos flavour.. Selamat mencuba!

(sorry.. gambar tak begitu menarik.. this is the only one pic I took that day)


  1. thanx a lot! i know i also can do ;)
    dah try nanti i add dlm blog jugak okeh.

  2. tak sabar nak buat this weekend..
    i suka gila this spinach dip!

  3. wow....mesti buat this sat nite - our dvd nite at home...thanks lia...

  4. f.i.e.z.a, -- hehe ok! hope you'll like it.. :) sila improvise mana2 yang patut if tak kena citarasa k...

    tina, -- have fun preparing and indulging! :)

    zie, -- okie dokie.. hope it turns out just nice just as what u expect it would taste like.. :)

  5. tq2 .. nnt bleh try. bleh mkn sambil layan bola nih ..

  6. farah, -- sila sila... :D

    joe, -- not the first time sharing recipe woiii.. :)