Monday, 26 October 2009

The one with.. Raya Potluck with Gombak friends..

OK I've done with responding to the comments in my previous previous entry, apologies for the late reply ya...

So moving on, I'd like to blog about the raya gathering I had with the Gombak friends.. After much deliberation, we've decided to have it at our house, potluck style on the last weekend of Raya 2009... And all I was asked to prepare adalah chicken drummets & chicken wings only... phew! :') -- thanks Azidi! :D

Anyway, we had quite a variety of menu that night... nasi briyani kambing, Hana's signature dishes - lasagna yang sedap, ketupat, kuah kacang, lontong, cuppies, donuts, pizza, puding, drinks, and bihun sup... *drooling* :)

The gathering was mainly held for our gombak friends, but since some of my Terendak friends have met some of them, I've invited Tina, Dayana & Munir as well.. Alin couldn't make it coz she's not in KL during that weekend... And many many thanks to my sister Liana who gave her helping hands that day.. She's back in Malaysia for a month, so wanting for an extra allowance she has kindly volunteered to be my helper that day.. :) Erin and my siblings in law also came that night...

Both Kerol and I started the day by cleaning up the house and re-arranging the (not that many) furnitures to accomodate the crowd.. and then we went to do the groceries shopping, picked up Liana and went right back home to start preparing the necessary... Hmm ini baru potluck style, I couldn't imagine how is it like if I were to prepare a complete dishes for such a large crowd, boleh pengsan agaknya... Huhu.. Anyway, that's one heck of an event... with many more to come! :)

As usual I'll let the pictures to continue...

- Persiapan pihak tuan rumah.. :) -

- The crowd that night.. in the pic -- Lynn & hidden Khaleeq, Hana & hidden Aleesya, Nazrin and Najib -

- Another view -

- From L to R -- Ayu, Wana & Lin -

- The fooooooood :) -

- Zooming in -- Acap's nasi briyani kambing (in the rice cooker), chicken curry and behind that, next to the ketupat nasi is Hana's famous lasagna -

- Azidi & Lin's cuppies, with personal touch.. and so they said.. :) -

- Lynn's puding, specially requested by Kerol... -

- The chicken wings & chicken drummets.. easy peasy yo..! oh and there's a glimpse of Azidi & Lin's kuah masak lodeh... nyums -

- In addition, I've also prepared nachos with spinach dip.. I reckon it came out quite nice for a first timer like me! *grin* :) -

- Dominos pizza brought by Ayu & Wana -

- BA donuts brought by Ms. Dayana -

- Bihun sup by Ezal & Pae -

- Nazrin babysitting Mika while the mother Tina had her food and chit chat.. :) -

- Mika yang comel!!! -

- Khaleel & Lynn's ever so cute Khaliq -

- Myself with Lin, Tina & Mika, and Dayana -

- Rumah kitorang takde channel sports, tapi tu lah.. thanks to Acap yang brought along his Astro card, all 'em boys had their time watching football match.. -

- My sibs in law -

- Mika finally doze off... He was so loud before that... Gerammmm sangat!! :) -

- Us girls with Munir who came quite late, close to midnight.. -

Hmmm gambar my sisters Erin & Liana takde la pulak... sheeeshh..


So, that's how our Raya 2009 was ended.. No more open houses after that.. No more stuffing ourselves with raya food.... Huhu..

Overall Kerol and I had a great time.. (though cleaning up before and after was quite tiring.. even with the help of Liana... hoho baru faham kenapa my mom dulu selalu membebel whenever my siblings and I requested to hold a makan2 event for our friends, but we were not there to help out.. *iSk*).. We hope everyone else too... :) Thanks to each and everyone for the contribution, and most important, for making it happen... To yannie, so sorry to hear that Insyirah was not well that night... Wish you could come.. Aku dah siap bagitau adik aku untuk tolong babysitkan Insyirah tau that night... :) Ila couldn't join as well sebab tengah berpantang.. and so did Aimie & Zarir... Tapi takpe lah, next time k!

Looking forward to many more happening events to come in the future... Till later~*


  1. lilia, boleh tau x nak wat spinach dip tu camane?i mmg sukaaa mkn nachos ni..

  2. f.i.e.z.a, -- nanti i buat entry about that k? :)

  3. laaaa... ye ke, tp x pe aku telah selamat kan adik ko dr kene dera dgn insyirah. huhuhuhuuhu... anw tq =)