Monday, 26 October 2009

The one with... a quick note..

Hi ! I'm back in KL and that means, I'm back in office.... Been very busy since I wrote my last entry and coupled with that, I've been away last week... hence the silent mode.

Anyway, let me just go and clear the work-related emails and sort my to-do list for this week.. then I'm hoping:

  • to write two entries -- one about the Raya potluck I had with the Gombak friends, and another one on my whereabout last week :)

  • to reply the comments in my previous entry.

  • to reply your email...

  • to browse around your blog okie dokie? and hopefully to drop a comment or two as well.. but then it depends, if the entry is already quite outdated.. (i'm talking about 7 days worth of entries, so for those who has been quite active in blogging, there should be 5 - 7 unread entries by now..) i guess it's a bit too late for me to give my two cents... (?) hmmm.

Alrightey, that's that... Till later~*

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