Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The one with... 'babymoon' holiday by opportunity -- Aussie Trip part 2 :)

So ok.. this is the continuation from previous entry.. And a word of caution: a lot of pictures ahead..! :)

Kerol has finished with his work, and client drove us to Gold Coast. Based on the initial plan, we were supposed to have an overnight there and board the flight back to KL early morning in the next day.. Reason being, Air Asia flight schedule to KL from Gold Coast is only one time per day, and its early in the morning.. Sheeshh... Macam membazir duit hotel jer kan... Bermalam semata2 nak tunggu the next day for the one and only flight out.. If I'm not pregnant, memang tak kisah laa nak bermalam kat airport.

Anyway, instead of flying back once Kerol was done with his work.. We extended our stay.. So that we could have at least one full day at Gold Coast.. :) But even then so, time was of a constraint.. Huhu.. I was like having this long list of things-to-do and places-to-go.. Based on the brochures and from our conversation with the locals, these are the things you can do and places to go to when you are in Gold Coast -- based on my interest:
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (ala2 zoo)
  • Dream World
  • Sea World
  • Warner Bros. Movie World
  • Wet 'N' Wild Water World
  • Whale watching (seriously sangat menarik!)
  • Surfers Paradise.

BUT. Like I said, within a day, of course you cannot have it all. Need to factor in the travelling time AND mainly the costing too. Huhu.. Especially the theme park, can really cost you a bomb after conversion to RM.. *iSk* Plus, it's not like I can take all the rides given that I'm pregnant.. So after thought things over, we decided to go to two places -- Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Surfers Paradise.. :)

So... our journey in Gold Coast went like this...

- Checked in at Radisson Hotel around 6pm.. -

- Oh, it was Kerol's birthday when we were there.. Actually it was the day before masa kat Brisbane.. But masa tu kan masih terpinga2 kat Brisbane City.. So I bought something for him the next day, and gave it to him only when we reached Gold Coast.. Just so that I could sign and seal the birthday card with "From Brisbane with love..".. Hehehehe.. :P -

Then after checked in and sort of celebrated Kerol's birthday, we were a bit disheartened by the thought that there's no where else to go to, not even to the shopping mall nearby because like I've mentioned before, they were all closed by 7pm... BUT.. We were so delighted to learn that Pacific Fair mall had a late night shopping hour that day.. So without wasting more time, we quickly made our move to the mall.. And best still, by hitching a ride from one of a very kind hotel staff... :)

- As usual.. Hanya mampu window shopping.. Huhu... -

- But we gave an exception when it comes to baby stuff.. Tak tahan laa.. sangat comel.. And that was the first time we started to purchase stuff for our baby.. :) -

- The postcard says it all!! Huhu -

- At the bus station, to go back to the hotel.. *Sebok je mamat omputeh tuh..* -

- This was taken the next morning.. While waiting for the hotel's shuttle bus to take us to the Surfers Paradise.. Then from there we took another public bus to go to Currumbin.. -

- View of the hotel's pools.. -

- We saw this restaurant on our way to the Surfer's Paradise, and was so excited thinking that after coming back from Currumbin, we could go there for lunch.. BUT.. eventually we didn't find this place after that.. *sOb* Sangat sedih, especially we've walked like non-stop searching high and low for the place.. Even the tourist info counter couldn't be of a help.. *siGh* -

- Bus system yang sangat efficient and reliable.. -

- At the entrance of Currumbin :) -

- Instead of taking the 'train', we decided to take our own sweet time walking around the Currumbin... which was so tiring.. but very breathtaking.. :) -

- Interesting fact -

- During the animal show.. Posing with the cute furry Possum -

- Another cute animal creature -- Wombat.. SO CUTE! -

- Do you know, wombat's defense mechanism is its buttock! :D How cute is that? -

- The cutest ever -- Koalas!! Ngaaa sangat comelllll... Nak polok2 koala, tapiii kena bayar AUD16.95. Gile ape, that's more than RM50.. Sigh... Had to give that a miss.. -

- We learnt that koalas sleep 20 hours a day! Hoho so annoyingly cute lah! :D -

- Comel kan.. Comel kan.. (Mind my jakun-ness. Seriously I spent most of the time at Currumbin watching all these koalas.. Sebab mereka adalah comel sangat.. Asyik tidur jer.. Gerammm...) -

- Koala with an attached baby.. -

- And then there were kanggaroos.. Ohhh never thought they were so jinak.. :) We had a great time feeding and touching them -

- (p.s. jangan terpedaya dengan gambar2 di atas.. nampak je cool.. tapi mamat tuh tengah cuak.. haha.. ade ke takut kanggaroo? *thee hee hee* ) ok la.. ok la.. he said, geli with the fact the kanggaroo's mouth touches your hands, what with the saliva and all kan.. fair enuff.. but still.. :P -

- Ni gambar taken by the Currumbin photographer.. It was so nicely captured, we purchased it at AUD14.. ka-ching! -

Hmm we had no regret going to Currumbin as we had a jolly good time there.. Costed us AUD39 per person.. Well, quite expensive, but its the experience that matters.. and not to mention, the time we spent together... :)

So we then took a bus ride back to the Surfers Paradise city..

- Hehe.. On our way I saw this, saje je captured.. -

- Saw this too.. -

- They have a wax museum, but not sure whether its worth going or not.. -

- Finally, reached the Surfers Paradise :) Masa ni lapar sangat sangat sangat.. Tapiiii... Tak jumpe halal's food.. :( Tak jumpe pun Malaysian food restaurant we saw earlier.. *siGh* -

- Sangat cooling.. *brrrr* -

- After took a stroll together by the beach, we continued our walking around the city hopping from one shop to another.. and saw this haunted house.. jangan harap la nak masuk.. :p but tak sure pulak how much is the entrance fees -

- Then it just so happened they had a street parade or something that night.. Quite happening.. We enjoyed it so much.. Especially Kerol coz they had a parade of antique cars.. He was busy explaining to me about the different types of cars.. but heh, sorry dear.. You know I am a bimbo when it comes to cars... Saya nak tengok pompuan joget2 jer.. hehehe :) -

So... that was it.. that one whole day outing marked our last day in Aussie.. Huhu.. Despite the time and money constraint, who am I kidding, of course we had a really good getaway.. :) I thank God for this opportunity .. couldn't feel more happier and blessed.. =)

The next day, pukul 5 pagi dah bangun dah.. (3 pagi waktu Malaysia tuuuu...).. Our flight was at 8.30 in the morning.. So by 6.30 dah nak kena ada kat airport..

- Of all people, our baby had the most souvenirs! :) -

Okie dokie.. That's all I have for now.. It's back to busy week, a lot to catch up and such.. Till later~*


  1. lilia darling...!!

    tak baca lagi post nie tapi tengok title jer dah DENGKI!!!!!!

    nak ikut lain kali, boley?

  2. amboi2.. jauh nyer berjalan.. pasni dok diam2.. :D

  3. sungguh sweet dpt celebrate befday kat sana :)

    nasib baik baru 5bulan .. xsarat lg utk berjalan sana sini.

    laut tu xbleh mandi ke? geram plak aku tengok laut itew

    tp aku lg geram tengok baju2 baby itewww ;)

    xde ke gamba pompuan joget yg lebih clear?

    haha nasib baik dah dapat berjalan puas-puas. pasni dok umah diam2 sebulan ..! :)

  4. suka baju baby gmbr kangaroo tu!! and suka baju baby muka teddy bear yg ko pegang tu! :D

    surfers paradise cam best!! aku suka beach..eii x sabarnya!! (tetiba je :P)

    wax museum..teringat cite house of betul dlm wax tu..eeeuw!!

    duh..ko mmg betul2 accountant..mana pegi kalo nmpk accounting firm mesti ko amek gmbr kan..sib baik ko x pose skali kat situ :P

    comelnyer koala tido!!!!!! especially ug kepala dia kat batang pokok tu..eii..geram aku! nape kat mesia xde ada kat zoo, aku yg x tau..hehe

    aku musykil cmne korg bleh x jumpa balik kedai tu..haha..kedai bleh menyorok ke? :P

  5. That Hard Rock Cafe shirt is so cuteee.. Eh! H&R Block pun ada kat US but I've never seen it in Malaysia lah?

  6. ~aboto~ -- first thing first, dah save kan nombor talipon aku tak nih??? hehehe.. anyway, abot dapat travel pergi jepun… nakkkk jugakkkkk… dengkiiiii jugakkkk… huhu… :P

    hana, -- selagi larat berjalannnn.. hehehe.. nanti pasni memang kene dok diam2.. :P

    FrH, -- hehe sweet kan aku… :)

    tu lah.. walaupun ada masa yang aku pancit laaa jugak kan… huhu.. pasni dah sarat memang tak larat dah lahhhh…

    laut tuh bleh mandi.. tapiiii… sejuk ya amatttttt…. cecah kaki pun dah sejuk gila…

    hahaha tu lahhh geram kan tengok baju2 baby.. tapi mahal bebbbbb…
    gambar pompuan joget yang clearer takderrrr.. huhu.. sebab kamera murahan jerrr.. susah nak captured diorang yang tergedik2…
    hahaha akan ku berjalan2 selagi termampu… :D

    iyma, -- yang baju muka teddy bear tuh in the end kitorang tak beli.. huhu.. coz.. kena berpada2 jugak… tapi yang kangaroo tuh comel kan… :)

    Surfers paradise tuh cam happening lah.. tapi air dia sejuk sangat.. aku konfius apesal omputeh sume relaks jer bermandi manda…
    Hahaha tuh lah.. aku tengok wax museum pun aku teringat cite house of wax.. ngeri !

    hahaha ko perasan eh aku suke amek gambar accounting firm?? Hahaha.
    aku pun gerammmmm sangat tengok koala.. rasa nak pegang2 and peluk2.. aku tak rasa diorang leh survive suhu kat malaysia nih wehhh…

    Hmm kalau ko konfius.. kitorang laaaaagi konfius.. hehehe.. entah cemane takleh jumpe plak kedai tuh balik.. sebab masa nampak tuh kitorang dalam bas.. maybe tempat tuh jauh kot…

    farina, -- cute kan.. :) yang H&R Block tuh… overseas company kot.. I think la..

  7. lilia....
    that maharani restaurant dah dekat sgt2 ngan surfer's paradise tu...
    about 5 min walk jer...
    Anyway, those baby stuff are soooo cute....:)

  8. hi lilia..

    topi2 u cantikla..beli kat mane ek??


  9. kak reen, -- tu lahhhh ... tau its so near... yet dunno why we werent able to locate it... :(((

    nor, -- hi! if you refer yang i pakai during this trip, i bought from momoe in mid valley...