Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The one with... 'babymoon' holiday by opportunity -- Aussie Trip part 1 :)

This is the very reason why I was so so tied up the week before last week, and why I went 'missing' last week... :)

Kerol has been talking about his 'maybe' outstation trip to Brisbane for quite sometime, and with one week notice, the 'maybe' suddenly turned 'confirmed'......


Timing might not be the best -- like I said, it was with one week notice + I'm approximately 5 months pregnant + its the middle of the post-raya month (read: money constraint) + currency wise its RM3.18 to AUD1 !!


Both Kerol and I took it as an opportunity not to be missed. All we need to pay for is my flight tix and also additional expenses as his will be paid by his company -- flight + hotel + allowance. Once married AND pregnant, I've actually (sadly) shoved my dreams of travelling to the western countries far down under the bed thinking its gonna be a tough luck ever to get both time and money commitment to travel abroad... except Asian countries perhaps.

After 2 days of consideration, I've decided to follow him... :) Paid for the flight tix + settled the visa, the hardest thing was then to settle my work commitment. Hence the busy week ever for me. Seriously masa tuh still tak percaya and felt it was so SO surreal that I was suddenly going for a holiday. Tak sempat buat research. Tak sempat tanya2 orang. Just went to find out hows the weather like (thank god it was JUST nice, around 24°C during day time and 13°C during night time -- memang sangat sesuai untuk orang pregnant yang sentiasa panas nih... :P) and find out whether can bring in food or not. Hmmm tak boleh rupanya, my mom was all ready to prepare for us the serunding and sambal ikan bilis goreng... with the hope we can save some ka-ching on food.

So Monday was the day. Our flight was at 9.30pm. We had to be at LCCT at least 2 hours before that, i.e. 7.30pm. So at least by 6 we had to make our move from the house. BUT. Monday was so hectic for me! I managed to leave office only at 5.30pm and reached home at 6++, leaving me with little time to get refreshed and get the last minute packing (toiletries and such) done... Seriously kelam kabut sangat. What with the after office hour traffic and all. But eventually we reached there just on time... phew :')

I'll let the pictures to continue my sharing of experience about our opportunity-of-a-life-time trip =)

- At the counter, smiling with relieved.. and finally only it dawned on me.. Yeay, we're going to Brisbane and Gold Coast! :)))) (Air Asia flight lands at the Gold Coast's Coolangatta Airport) -

- In the Air Asia X Flight -

- This is my second time having a long journey flight, the first time being my trip to India in 2007.. That time I boarded SIA.. And the plane was big and nice.. This trip to Gold Coast took a good 8 hours flight yo and being human, I had this tendency to compare.. Huhu.. The verdict -- not as nice.. :P The sitting place is not as spacious and even they provided us with the screen in front of our seat, we had to pay RM30 to watch the movies / TV series and play games.. sheesh. Oh well, dah kata Air Asia whereby everyone can fly kan.. But nevertheless, services are not jeopardised.. :) -

- My travel documents.. :) We reached Gold Coast at 7.30am local time.. The timing is 2 hours ahead of Malaysia's time.. So in Malaysia, baru pukul 5.30am.. Huhu... -

Sampai2, we were supposed to be picked up by Kerol's client to bring us to Brisbane.. But due to miscommunication, we went and arranged our own transport.. Took bus and then took train, and finally we reached Brisbane! :) By then it was already 9.30am.. and Kerol was supposed to start work then.. But being very understanding, the client told him to come the next day only... Nice! :) So we settled down at the hotel, and went to ZZZzzzZZz... :)

- Me.. behind our hotel.. We were at this sub-urb part of Brisbane, called Mt. Gravatt... very nice and peaceful place.. and the weather is very very nice.. So cooling and refreshing... -

- Took a stroll to go to the one and only nearest mall called Garden City.. Hungry!! -

- The mall is very big, but to find halal food was quite a challenge.. Finally we found this Kebab place that's halal... and settled our late lunch cum early dinner.. Huhu.. AUD9 per meal yo! and that's close to RM30!! *erkkk* Memang makan stock kalau sayur tertumpah kat atas meja pun kutip makan balik laa... Hoho...-

And the mall kat sana memang semua tutup awal ye.. pukul 7pm dah tutup dah.. and by then it was already dark.. So we walked back to our hotel and had our much needed rest for the night...

The next day, we woke up at 7am... (which was 5am still back in Malaysia!) Went to the lobby to have our breakfast.. Nothing much pun to eat except the bread and cereal.. Coz they served bacon in their menu kan.. Then by 9am Kerol was off to work.. Huhu.. Tinggal lah saya keseorangan... Naik bilik, baring2 kejap.. Then iron baju.. Then I was all ready to explore Brisbane city, lone ranger style! woo hoo... :P

- I was told by the hotel lady that I can take a bus ride to the city.. Took me around 20minutes or so.. and costed me AUD6.80 for a return trip.. Huhu.. nervous.. nervous.. but really, the locals are all friendly and they didn't really look at you one kind or something.. Especially there's really no one else wearing tudung except me.. But still, segan laa nak tangkap gambar sorang2 or suruh orang lain tangkapkan gambar.. So sudahnye, the rest of the pictures are all the sceneries, without me in it! *isK* But all in all, pats on my shoulder for being able to wander around the Brisbane city alone.. :) -

- view from our room -

- view of the Brisbane city -- Queen Street.. I reckon its very much akin to the Orchard Road in S'pore.. A long busy street with a stretch of shopping malls and retail outlets... -

- I didn't shop any other than souvenirs.. Sebab seriously.. Mahal.. I mean, if dollar to dollar, memang lah murah.. Like for example, jeans Guess, AUD99.. It's like.. ok fine, macam RM99 laa konon kan.. but truth is ugly.. bila convert.. amekkk RM300 jugak laa kan.. t-shirt2 yang tulis 'Australia' tuh pun.. kain cotton biasa jer.. skali jual paling murah I surveyed was AUD10.. Gile ape nak beli t-shirt macam tuh RM30++.. huhu.. -

- At the Brisbane Square.. which is located near to the Brisbane river.. Kebetulan diorang ada street market haritu... What a view! :) Again.. no picture of me in it... :( -

- Masa ni tengok banyak gila food.. serious drooling.. dah la lapar.. baby pun dah start buat banyak movement.. huhu.. but.. status halal adalah diragui.. *iSk* -

- Found this place that served Asian Food.. serious excited tengok ada perkataan 'Malaysia'.. skali tengok ada laa pulak serve porky... Cancel.... -

- So jalan masuk balik ke Queen Street Mall, ke food court.. Nampak donut king nih.. Macam nyam nyam.. Tapi bila fikir harga.. Baik spend on something yang mengenyangkan kan.. Huhu.. -

- The name of this kedai captured my attention.. Hehe.. -

- Hmm kedai kebab kat sini takde logo halal.. So sudahnye I settled with fish and chip.. Serious, dah lapar sangat dah time tuh.. Dah pukul 3 lebih dah.. -

- Costed me AUD8.95.. Huhu.. Habiskan jangan tak habis! -

- I asked Kerol to dash to the city as soon as he finished with his work.. Ye lah kan.. Tak best la if tak dapat share experience sama2.. Dia pun dok asyik message "jeles..jeles.." :P He reached juuuust slightly before the shops closed.. So jalan2 kejap.. Got him to see how happening the city was.. and decided what souvenirs to be brought back hoome.. Then lepak by the Brisbane river to have a click click session.. :) -

- Brisbane Square at night -

- Eye on Brisbane -

Then Kerol's client took us for a dinner at this Turkish restaurant.. Again, segan nak took picture.. Even though one of the client is so hemsem!! *grin* Then they took us for a ride around the city and we were brought to have a view of the city from Mount Coo-tha.. Sangat cantik.. Tapi takde tangkap gambar.. *the memory remains...*

From the conversation with them, it's quite a discovery to learn about their working style.. which was really, from 8++ to 5++.. How envious!!! And to learn about their country.. How they were so strict with immigrants.. It's quite a norm to see their own people doing the construction work, being the janitor, cleaner, and etc.. Hehe macam kelakar pun ada.. Coz tengok the whites doing the dirty work.. Unlike here kan.. (Mind my shallow observation, first timer maaah to the western country... ;P)

And the public toilet is so clean.. But then that's perhaps they don't have water pipes in the toilet booth, just like Singapore.. Which is so not us kan... So kena bawak botol kosong along with me.. Dah la time pregnant ni asyik laaa nak ke toilet kan.. Heh.. :P

The next day, again I went to embrace travelling alone to the city for another round of window shopping when Kerol was off to work.. :) Then by 4pm, Kerol was done with his work and the client drove us to Gold Coast.....

And that, I will continue in the next post... Stay tune! :)


  1. patutla senyaaapp..g australia rupanya.heheh..
    mesti best jln2 kan..esp w the one u loved. ;)

  2. waaaaaaahhhhh patut laa been silent for a week!!
    syok gile!
    more photos hoittt!!

  3. liaaa....bestnye bole jln2 especially in ur condition...

    tp seriously tummy lia still bole hide...n respect tu bole merayap to city sorang2 tgh preggy..(xper ade baby teman dlm perut kan)

    lia kene tgk perut bb....yanti kater besar than it should be....waa...kene reduce intake of food nih....

  4. wow best nye! no wonder ask me to put u on standby for maya nyer birthday beronggeng ek..hehe..best2..:))

  5. patot gile baban lama senyap..memula aku ingatkan bz..than ada terbaca comment ur fren kat FB ko dah balik i thought u're outstation..rupanya aussie trip!! wow weeee!! best gilos!!

    kagum gile ko bleh jd lone ranger jln sensorg kat tmpat baru 1st time pegi..tabik 28kali :P

    aku wondering mana pegi kegemukan yg ko sibuk2 bgtau aku? perut pon still x berapa nak nmpk sgt..but ada sedikit comel! :)

    aku telan air liur tgk baju baby yg tergantung byk2!! waaaaaa!! nak jgk! nape x ckp ko pegi..kalo x bleh kirim... :P (poyo je aku!)

    lastly, jeles..jeles..nak pegi jgk!!! hohoho..

  6. Oh Queen's St tu is where my hotel is! Gosh tgk balik ur pics...tu la tpt akue jln2, cari mkn n beli2 brg each time i do bne flights. and selalunya...sorang2 k! owh how i wish i was there when u were there...tak ke best kita di brisbane bersama2 chillin'2...UMM RUGINYAAA :(

  7. aaaaaaaaaaaa..... i love australia!!! the ppl are friendly and mamat omputih tepi jalan pun semua encem2!!!!
    bestnya if me, u n Lin bole jalan2 kat sana!!! hehehe.
    glad that u & kerol & Jr had fun!!! nanti jumpa citer2 lagi eyh!! tak puas baca blog je!! *hugs*


  8. f.i.e.z.a, -- tu lah.. tak sempat nak update blog before pergi.. :) anyway, yeah we had a good break… alhamdulillah…

    frH, -- syiokkkk !!! :) ko nak more photos lagi ke.. tuh aku dah update yang gold coast nye trip plak.. hope you enjoyed viewing the pics!

    bb, -- hehe tu lah.. macam tak percaya je dapat that kind of opportunity.. alhamdulillah for the rezeki.. ishhh takleh imagine laa tummy bb besar.. biar betol… lia ni pun ade je perutttt.. tapi pakai baju besar2, pastu pose kasik takde la nampak sangat.. padahallll.. besar gak perut lia nih… :P alaa bb, takpe skali skala bb besar.. kalau takkkk.. kecik cinonetttt je… :)

    mummy arissa, -- tu lahhhhh.. anyway i saw the pics of the event from muni kecik’s fb.. cantekkkk sangat.. kagum you can pull out such a birthday party.. abes lahhh.. 1st birthday dah set up high standard… hehehe..

    iyma, huhu tu lah.. last minute.. tak sempat nak update before going… :)

    aku pun tabik spring ngan diri sendiri sebab leh jalan sensorang kat tempat baru.. gile hebat.. haha.. padahal kat dalam hati tuhan je tau betapa nervousnye aku… huhu.. i guess semangat berani tuh datang sebab fikir tanak membazir such a golden opportunity.. ntah bila ntah bleh datang situ lagi…

    ada wehhh aku memerut…. tapi maybe sebab baju tuh besar kot.. ko tak nampak sangat.. and sebab aku pose ikut depan.. kalau dari tepi mesti ko nampak… anyway, hope pertambahan berat badan adalah the baby’s weight.. not mine.. hehehehe.

    kan.. kannnn.. aku pun geram tengok baju2 baby.. selama ni tak pernah rasa macam ni.. kira masa kat sana pelaris la.. sebab it opened up my eyes to start looking for baju2 baby… hehe.. tapi tu lah iyma.. baju mahal wehhhh.. hmm yang bip tuh kan.. AUD14 tau.. ko kali 3.18, amek ko dekat RM50 la jugak… memang telan air liur je lah… belum baju2 lagi…

    a.Lin, -- ohhhh ye keee… hotel ko kat situ, gile best.. tengah2 town… ! :) i try not to focus the fact ko tak dapat Brisbane flight.. pegi Perth laa.. Melbourne laa.. sebabbbbb.. macam ko cakap… RUGINYAAAAA !!!! *mencebik jugakkkk* isk. takpe lah.. takde rejeki… huhu. (but, macam ko cakap, it could have been FUN to chill together2…)

    dayana, -- memang friendly!! and hahaha you’re right.. mamat tepi2 jalan memang hemsem hemsem… :D

    yeah it would be FUN FUN FUN if kita leh jalan2 kat sana.. huhu… anyway tu lah.. nanti kita story mory okie dokie!! Hugs.