Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The one with... Raya 2009 :)

Hi... how's your raya celebration so far ? I'm sure everyone is having fun, especially when we talk about long weekend here.. :) As for me, it's the first time I'm celebrating it as a wife... andddd.. for the first time ever too I get to indulge in food (read: ketupat daun palas, rendang, kuih muih, nasi impit, kuah kacang.. oh well the list goes on...) without having to worry about getting buncit and putting on weight... \(^_^)/


I'm in Kuantan now, doing the raya visit to relatives' houses from Kerol's side... Reached yesterday and going to be here until tomorrow... We are staying at the UiTM's apartment and there are 3 families altogether... It's kinda fun.. and hectic at the same time too... Especially when it involves long journey and hot weather... Ada laaaa adegan2 menyusahkan seperti terpaksa berhenti because I felt nausea and needed to throw up... huhu.. :P

To backtrack to the few days before, our plan for the first day of raya was to shoot to my parents place in Keramat right after solat sunat aidilfitri... BUT.. tiba2 pagi2 lagi (read: 7am) we received a call from the neighbour saying that they were having problem with their cooking gas... ANDDDD.. needed immediate solution in relation to their half way cooked kuah kacang, kuah lontong etc etc etc.. Kecoh kejap laaaa pagi tu, and in the end, they transferred all the necessary stuff to our kitchen and continued the unfinished business there...

Husband kelam kabut kemas rumah coz they decided to have the breakfast here in our house and salam2 raya here too...

Konon2 kitorang laaa prepare.. padahalllll.. kitorang sediakan air je.. Food adalah courtesy of the neighbour.. ;)

Lepas makan adalah sessi bersalam-salaman.. Oh before that, we husband and wife dah siap salam2 raya dulu before the neighbour came.. huhu.. As expected, syahdu wooooo... :P

After that, as usual sessi bergambar... Kerol and I, we were so busy with household hunting we didn't have the time to shop for new baju raya.. Huhu.. Luckily we have a matching red baju melayu and (wearable still) baju kurung, hence the decision to wear that matching pair on our first day raya..

Saya yang membesar bagai johan.. :P and rumah yang still kosong with deco...

Around 11am, we made our move to my parents house.. and had another round of salam2 raya with my family pulak...

Okie dokie.. I need to end this entry here for now.. Need to get ready to go for raya visit to relatives houses.. I don't want to be the last person leaving the house, serious kena bahan nanti... huhu ! Husband bukannye nak tolong back-up... :P (sebab dah kena dah semalammmm...)

Till later~!


  1. selamat hari raya lilia!!

    tengok gambar 3rd last tuh.. hahaha.. tetiba ur hubby nampak sangat tinggiiiii ek.. :p

  2. wah!! rumah ko dah agak complete..heheh..mcm teringin nak gi beraya plak :P

    gaya duduk ko masa salam adik ko yh baju oren tu, mmg obviously gaya pregnant lady...suka! suka! :D

    oh, to answer ur question b4, aku sempat pau husband aku beli baju raya kat ampang point sehari b4 raya..hahah..sekali pandang terus berkenan tu.. :P :P nasib baik muat sbb baju tu last piece tu..display kat patung lak tu...haha

  3. rumah kau dah chantekss .. bleh aku dtg raya okkk .. hehe. sabtu ni bole? nnt aku text.