Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The one with... emo much.. (?)

I've been so tied up lately, hence the lesser updates. Anyway, today I'm making an exception.. I just gotta blog about this.

Here goes, words to words (*except names and some spellings have been changed for the ease of reading):

Someone - hi lilia...
Someone - u busy ke?
Lili@ - agak.. why eh ?
Someone - owh okiez...
Someone - xpela...
Someone - takde, nak tanya something else
Lili@ - anyway nak tanye ape
Someone - nak tanya......
Someone - d whole team tau ke u preggie?
Lili@ - hmm sort of kot?
Lili@ - i also dont know
Lili@ - whoever see my blog / status in fb.. yes they know lah
Lili@ - but personally.. to few people only i told directly
Lili@ - why ?
Someone - oic...ok ok
Someone - hmm...xde pape la...
Lili@ - eh nape
Lili@ - curious plak
Someone - hmm.....
Someone - xpela...later2 la...
Lili@ - alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Lili@ - takde takde cakap gak skarang
Lili@ - curious curious
Someone - hahahhahahahah
Someone - ok....promise me one thing...
Someone - dun ask from where i got the info watsoever...
Lili@ - hmmmm okeyyyyy
Someone - ok...certain people in office, i think have read ur blog
Someone - and i suggest...y dun, u give excess to certain people only
Lili@ - ohh let them be lah
Lili@ - i do know some people read my blog
Lili@ - people in admin
Lili@ - it gts
Lili@ - coz can tell from the statcounter
Someone - hmm...seriously...sangat tak seronok dengar when orang kutuk2...comment...etc.....
Lili@ - i guess have to deal with it kot..
Someone - i mean, as a friend la.....just a piece of advice la...
Lili@ - nape plak kutuk i pregnant ?
Someone - no no no...bukan pasal u pregnant
Someone - daripada u belum kawin pun...memacam
Someone - so, i dunno la...i sangat macam tak suka dengar la..
Someone - coz x baik.....for me, let it be la...kalau people nak update about their life ke ape ke, its their own personal life la...
Someone - tapi, ntah la...
Someone - but, up to u la..
Lili@ - yeah i know
Lili@ - anyway ok.. thanks
Lili@ - i mean i know who reads my blog.. sort of
Lili@ - and a lot from office read
Lili@ - and i know some anonymous comment came from office people too
Someone - kekadang u buat bende baik pun....orang kutuk2 gak...
Lili@ - yeah.. i guess thats normal
Lili@ - if your blog is open for public

Someone - yerp....guess so
Lili@ - so apa yg i taktau.. let it be
Someone - but i think, u tak rasa sangat the pressure coz u tak dengar citer dia bebetul kot...
Someone - but better that way kot....daripada pressure tak tentu pasal
Someone - n certain people in office can act sooo nice in front of u....but kat belakang they are kutuking
Someone - but anyhow, its life...
Lili@ - yup
Lili@ - anyway i know you have one too..
Lili@ - so you might want to consider the same advice too ?
Someone - ohhh..
Someone - okie...

Hmmmm.... If given a choice, I have A LOT to say about this.. But I'm just going to leave it as it is, except one question - If tak suka, why keep on viewing and reading ? DUH?!

Okie dokie..

To Someone, hmm thanks. Like I've mentioned in the beginning, I just gotta have to blog about this.

To others concerned, if really thats the case, pe~~ gi~~ la~~ mams~~~~~

To yang suka baca, thanks and keep on reading! :)

To nuffnang, thanks for the ka~ching so far.. Keep it coming for more k! ;)

Till later~*


  1. lilia, dont care about ppl who are kutuking.just remember me n the rest yg sukaaaa ur blog.hehe..
    enjoy life while u can kan.dari pk yg negative elok pk2 yg baik2 jek..
    happy blogging!

  2. kesian org yg kutuk2 ko tu lia..dorg xde life kot..tu keje kutuk ko tu..hahah :P biar kalo tetiba rasa nak private kan, jgn lupa aku tau :D

  3. exactly!

    pegi la mamssss....

    i love yew anyway babesie!

  4. biasa laa manusia nih. sibuk nak baca sbb nak tau, tp bile dah tau mengutuk pulak, tp still baca jugak. hurmmm.

    persetankan diorang. jangan pandang belakang.

    tp bile diorang mengutuk, kau dapat pahala. tak pe.

  5. e'ele, org2 tu jealous kot, dorang x der blog or x reti nk berblog or x ada org baca blog dorang. x yah layan, betul2 pegila mams!!!

    pas ni ko update blog sehari 10 kali, biar termuntah2 org2 tu baca. (aku lak yg emo lebih)

    dorang x suka, aku suka!!!!

  6. mane2 pun sama lia...even not in the might be in fb...frenster...same goes to me...i dunt even care..what people want to say...dats our life...yg penting ..kite tak kacau sesape.....

    aku pun sama lia....depan people will be soooo nice......belkg..Tuhan je yg tahu....

    senyum je la Allah knows everything....biarkan mereka.....hehehe.....

  7. Babe,

    Saya suka baca ur blog. Yang lain tuh pergi mam***

    Keep on writing ye babe..

  8. i love ur blog...honest je u tulis each entry.others people tu kepochi je lbh

  9. i'm surprised a blogger such as urself hv some suara2 sumbang...cerita pasal kisah sendiri pun ada je yg komen...peliks kan? hehe

    but i tink u shud b fine. they're giving u kachings what kan...:)

  10. ishk ishk

    suka hati org la nk blog pasal ape pun....yg diorang sebok apsal!!

    kalau dah x suke sape suh bacer....BIG DUH!!!!

    anyway org yg kutuk2 tu sure has nuthing to do wit ur life kan its mams.....!!!

    dun worry...all ur fren semua support lia ;)

  11. Aiii.... Pesal blog pun boleh jadi modal nak kutuk org?

    Xde keje ker aper.. takper lia.. dapat pahala free..

  12. ... "n certain people in office can act sooo nice in front of u, but belakang kutuk", huh, couldn't agree with that someone more...

    people can be so mean for no reason, and i still don't get it until now. jealous, kah?

  13. Lia, honestly aku rase org yg kutuk ko tu, confirm jeles with your so colourful and beautiful life that you have shared and inspired your friends. Diorang tu confirm having pathetic life and hope others also like them. Memang jenis tak boleh tengok kebahagiaan org lain. Wah, emo pulak aku, haha. Dun worry, aku and others support ko.

  14. Lilia, tak sangkanya i thought working in such a big established mnc firm takde la perangai2 ntah pape macam ni.. blogger macam you yang tulis benda2 common straight from the heart and your own experience pun ada orang nak mengata ya.. hmm bukan nak kata apa la.. i suspect ni mesti orang melayu kita jugak kan... entah2 this someone pun sekali gak mengutuk.. kui kui kui.. jangan marah.. just my opinion.. apa2 pun, jangan give in to this kind of manners.. teruskan blogging ok.. see ramai supporters jugak you ni.

  15. lilia.. time pregnant kena selalu tenang.. insyaAllah anak tak banyak ragam nanti.. banyak bersabar and lupakan ape2 yg tak penting tu.. baby lagi penting.. :)

  16. terharunya will all the comments i’ve received....!! very overwhelming and most important, i feel that i am blessed with great friends and readers around me... thank you guys, each and everyone of you, for the words of comfort and encouragement.. made me smile from ear to ear... =)))))

    f.i.e.z.a -- tu lah kan... ingatkan memang taknak fikir... tapi as someone who has feelings, mula2 tuh emo gak lah kan.. but now i’m all cool... especially after reading all these supporting words of support from you readers.. thank you thank you :)

    iyma -- memang pun, how pathetic kan.. :D anyway, if possible i wont want to private my blog, abesla income nuffnang aku... even tak banyak, but at least.. duit free maaa.. ;)

    tina -- loff you too !! to heck with those people kan...

    farah -- kan.. kan.. pahala free, alhamdulillah.... :)

    YaNNie -- i guess so, jeles lah tuh! tapi nak jeles pasai pa pun taktau lah.. i mean, come on lah.. everyone goes thru ups and downs in life kan.. and nobody’s perfect.. i have my fair share too... so takyah nak jeles2 lah kan... anyway aku suke ko emo, it feels like i’m not alone in this.. thanks!! :) oh, aku suke baca blog ko jugak fyi ;)

    wan hasmat -- tu lah yang aku tak paham.. aku tak kacau orang ape masalah dorg nak kacau aku kan... ahhh lantak diorg lah.. i will keep on blogging :)

  17. zie -- thanks zie!! :)

    eehan -- memang... kepochi tahap langit ke tujuh! :P thanks for loving to read this blog :)

    s u r a y a -- haaaaa tau takpe... kalau u surprised, i laaaaaagi la... especially orang yang menegur tuh pun... hmmm.. cemane nak cakap ek.. ahhh forget it.. like you said, yeah i should be fine.. what doesnt kill me will make me stronger... :) and yup, the kachings make me going too.. hehe.

    bb -- memang.. penyebok ntah pape! DOUBLE BIG DUH! thanks bb, tu lah.. terharu sangat with all the support i’ve received...

  18. rayzel (karim kah ni??) -- memang pun, sangat ntah pape kan.. and yuppy yup, free pahala wee hoo!

    Anonymous -- and i couldn’t agree with you too.. that someone also is in question. oh well. this kind of thing i guess need not be understood, just let them be lah kan. coz seriously, there;s nothing about me to be jealous about...

    Mat Cool -- wahhh mat cool pun boleh emo nih, i like!!! :) tu lah kan... i think so too, pathetic is so the word.. haihhhh.. tak paham lah! anyway thanks for the support, appreciate is so very much!

    Anonymous -- hmmmm.... you made me ponder.. but haihhh ntah la, malas nak crack head thinking about it too much... lantak pi lah... and yup, will keep on writing.. thanks for the support k! :) serious tak sangka readers yang tak kenal pun menyupport... so, i feel sangat2 thankful.. ;)

    hana -- tu lah kan.. ok, thank you! memang taknak fikir dah hal ni pun... i know where i stand.. and i’m happy with my life.. :) and of course, baby penting.. (kan baby kan... – he / she would listen aite as i’m saying this in my heart while typing... *smile*)

  19. Lilia...
    u kena byk rileks k...pedulikan sumer tu..dorang tu dengki lg hina, busuk hati..! pegi la mampus kat dorang tu (aku carut sbb aku x pose) wakaka!! Dorang jeles sbb life ko lagi best dr dorang. Ingat org yg mcm nie mmg suke baca benda yg dorang x suke sbenarnye...mcm habit nak amik tau hal lepas nie ko wat entry yg agak manje-manje...geli-geli gitu, pastu ko letak gambar byk-byk..biar dorang meleleh kuar nanah busuk!! hehe aku pun emo dah..

    Mmg keadaan opis mcm tu la selalunye..byk buat ketupat basi..aku pun xphm...sib baik ko x keje com yg byk melayu..kalo x lg ko mendidih..Ape-ape pun stay cool beb! aku lama x jumpa ko kan...huhuh