Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The one with... Raya 2009 :)

Hi... how's your raya celebration so far ? I'm sure everyone is having fun, especially when we talk about long weekend here.. :) As for me, it's the first time I'm celebrating it as a wife... andddd.. for the first time ever too I get to indulge in food (read: ketupat daun palas, rendang, kuih muih, nasi impit, kuah kacang.. oh well the list goes on...) without having to worry about getting buncit and putting on weight... \(^_^)/


I'm in Kuantan now, doing the raya visit to relatives' houses from Kerol's side... Reached yesterday and going to be here until tomorrow... We are staying at the UiTM's apartment and there are 3 families altogether... It's kinda fun.. and hectic at the same time too... Especially when it involves long journey and hot weather... Ada laaaa adegan2 menyusahkan seperti terpaksa berhenti because I felt nausea and needed to throw up... huhu.. :P

To backtrack to the few days before, our plan for the first day of raya was to shoot to my parents place in Keramat right after solat sunat aidilfitri... BUT.. tiba2 pagi2 lagi (read: 7am) we received a call from the neighbour saying that they were having problem with their cooking gas... ANDDDD.. needed immediate solution in relation to their half way cooked kuah kacang, kuah lontong etc etc etc.. Kecoh kejap laaaa pagi tu, and in the end, they transferred all the necessary stuff to our kitchen and continued the unfinished business there...

Husband kelam kabut kemas rumah coz they decided to have the breakfast here in our house and salam2 raya here too...

Konon2 kitorang laaa prepare.. padahalllll.. kitorang sediakan air je.. Food adalah courtesy of the neighbour.. ;)

Lepas makan adalah sessi bersalam-salaman.. Oh before that, we husband and wife dah siap salam2 raya dulu before the neighbour came.. huhu.. As expected, syahdu wooooo... :P

After that, as usual sessi bergambar... Kerol and I, we were so busy with household hunting we didn't have the time to shop for new baju raya.. Huhu.. Luckily we have a matching red baju melayu and (wearable still) baju kurung, hence the decision to wear that matching pair on our first day raya..

Saya yang membesar bagai johan.. :P and rumah yang still kosong with deco...

Around 11am, we made our move to my parents house.. and had another round of salam2 raya with my family pulak...

Okie dokie.. I need to end this entry here for now.. Need to get ready to go for raya visit to relatives houses.. I don't want to be the last person leaving the house, serious kena bahan nanti... huhu ! Husband bukannye nak tolong back-up... :P (sebab dah kena dah semalammmm...)

Till later~!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

The one with... updates... updates... updates...

hello there ! hoho i know it has been quite sometime since the last post.. bukan ape, been super busy laaa of late. a typical day of mine would be:

woke up for sahur - get ready to go to work - work hard (with a bit of playtime lah of course in between such as blog-hopping and gossiping) so that i get to go back at 5pm - berbuka - household hunting / do house chores / jumpa kawan / lepak with family - then by this time i’m already all tired to even to watch TV.. so tell me, celah mane nye nak update blog kan.. huhu.

anyway, now i’m trying to squeeze in sometime to write some random updates about myself.. just so that i get to make sure my blog doesn’t go empty before raya.. coz after this of coz it will be all about raya updates kan.. so here goes:

  • makin gemok. berat dah naik 5kg.. tummy is now 32”.. huhu.. i can’t fit into my 26” jeans anymore… *iSk*

  • tak beli baju raya lagi.. !!! 2 more days left before raya.. sempat keeeeee.

  • have REALLY no mood to do work, but boss went to agree with client for a field work today and tomorrow.. sigh. and not to mention, deliverables on an immediate effect.

  • nevertheless, will be on one week off next week, can’t wait !!

  • first day of raya will be spent at my side – balik rumah mama, then gerak pergi hulu langat to gather with opah and relatives from papa’s side, then to end up at bangi to gather with relatives from mama’s side…

  • second, third, and fourth day of raya will be spent at kerol’s side – balik kuala pilah and kuantan.. excited, but nervous.. :P

  • hari2 senang rasa sleepy and penat…

  • have missed puasa 9 days so far.. isk.

  • lately, have been having this itchiness at tummy and thigh areas.. trying very hard not to scratch but at times i just couldn’t help it but to give in to the temptation to scratch and scratch and scratch…. *yeLp* stretch mark cream does help to a certain extend though..

  • this is the first ever puasa month whereby i spent lesser time to have a buka puasa gathering with friends.. weekends were normally filled in with spending time with either my family or kerol’s..

  • my sister liana is back already from Jakarta.. so happy, especially to see how excited she is rubbing my tummy constantly and talking to the lil one… but at the same time feel so sad also cannot spend much time at home with her and mama.. whenever possible i’ll go back home or they come to mine.. but other than that.. that’s it.. huhu the price to pay once you are committed to your married life huh?

  • my next check up is tomorrow.. but think i might want to postpone it lah.. so many things to do, so i don’t want to have the check up in a rush.

  • some friends asked me, how come i never talk about how many weeks i am now with my pregnancy ? :D well, valid question. but i have my own reservation. you see, when one is found out to be pregnant right during the first month of her marriage life (read: bunting pelamin), the age of the pregnancy does not (and won’t) tally to the age of the marriage.. huhu.. coz the gynea will estimate the age of pregnancy based on the first day of the last period, which is more often than not, falls during that one month before you got married. so, always the case one is said to be 4 weeks pregnant, when technically one is married not even for 4 weeks yet! so, that’s the case in point when it comes to me. kang cakap how many weeks i’m pregnant kang, those shallow minded readers will start counting and comparing with my marriage date and (i’m very sure) upon finding out that the two doesn’t tally, will start talking and speculating…. so nak senang, just refer to my marriage ticker kat atas tuh, haaa that represents the weeks of my pregnancy too.. done deal? :)

  • sometimes while lying down, i can detect the heartbeat of my baby from the touch of my tummy….. it is such a pleasant experience.. *smiLe*

  • i guess both kerol and i are in a real need to come out with our Budget 2010 pretty soon.. huhu.. a lot of expenses to incur in the nearest future.. baju raya.. duit raya.. household items.. my new sets of clothing, both inside out to go to work and outings (can’t fit into many already by now!!) and finally, all those soon-to-be-born baby’s related items, including hospital bills… hmmmmm.

  • dah tak muntah2 dah, especially when brushing my teeth.. *phew* but i will still feel nausea and headache-y when i’m really hungry..

  • and god-knows-why, since pregnant i can’t seem to be wearing contact lense.. rasa nak termuntah! huhu..

hmm okie dokie.. i guess that’s all i have for now in store. before i end this entry, enjoy some latest pictures of mine, courtesy of friends… hehe.. coz if it’s me, seriously takde mood nak bergambar… :P

selamat hari raya aidilfitri to all my friends and readers.. maaf zahir batin.. and happy holiday… !

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The one with... emo much.. (?)

I've been so tied up lately, hence the lesser updates. Anyway, today I'm making an exception.. I just gotta blog about this.

Here goes, words to words (*except names and some spellings have been changed for the ease of reading):

Someone - hi lilia...
Someone - u busy ke?
Lili@ - agak.. why eh ?
Someone - owh okiez...
Someone - xpela...
Someone - takde, nak tanya something else
Lili@ - anyway nak tanye ape
Someone - nak tanya......
Someone - d whole team tau ke u preggie?
Lili@ - hmm sort of kot?
Lili@ - i also dont know
Lili@ - whoever see my blog / status in fb.. yes they know lah
Lili@ - but personally.. to few people only i told directly
Lili@ - why ?
Someone - oic...ok ok
Someone - hmm...xde pape la...
Lili@ - eh nape
Lili@ - curious plak
Someone - hmm.....
Someone - xpela...later2 la...
Lili@ - alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Lili@ - takde takde cakap gak skarang
Lili@ - curious curious
Someone - hahahhahahahah
Someone - ok....promise me one thing...
Someone - dun ask from where i got the info watsoever...
Lili@ - hmmmm okeyyyyy
Someone - ok...certain people in office, i think have read ur blog
Someone - and i suggest...y dun, u give excess to certain people only
Lili@ - ohh let them be lah
Lili@ - i do know some people read my blog
Lili@ - people in admin
Lili@ - it gts
Lili@ - coz can tell from the statcounter
Someone - hmm...seriously...sangat tak seronok dengar when orang kutuk2...comment...etc.....
Lili@ - i guess have to deal with it kot..
Someone - i mean, as a friend la.....just a piece of advice la...
Lili@ - nape plak kutuk i pregnant ?
Someone - no no no...bukan pasal u pregnant
Someone - daripada u belum kawin pun...memacam
Someone - so, i dunno la...i sangat macam tak suka dengar la..
Someone - coz x baik.....for me, let it be la...kalau people nak update about their life ke ape ke, its their own personal life la...
Someone - tapi, ntah la...
Someone - but, up to u la..
Lili@ - yeah i know
Lili@ - anyway ok.. thanks
Lili@ - i mean i know who reads my blog.. sort of
Lili@ - and a lot from office read
Lili@ - and i know some anonymous comment came from office people too
Someone - kekadang u buat bende baik pun....orang kutuk2 gak...
Lili@ - yeah.. i guess thats normal
Lili@ - if your blog is open for public

Someone - yerp....guess so
Lili@ - so apa yg i taktau.. let it be
Someone - but i think, u tak rasa sangat the pressure coz u tak dengar citer dia bebetul kot...
Someone - but better that way kot....daripada pressure tak tentu pasal
Someone - n certain people in office can act sooo nice in front of u....but kat belakang they are kutuking
Someone - but anyhow, its life...
Lili@ - yup
Lili@ - anyway i know you have one too..
Lili@ - so you might want to consider the same advice too ?
Someone - ohhh..
Someone - okie...

Hmmmm.... If given a choice, I have A LOT to say about this.. But I'm just going to leave it as it is, except one question - If tak suka, why keep on viewing and reading ? DUH?!

Okie dokie..

To Someone, hmm thanks. Like I've mentioned in the beginning, I just gotta have to blog about this.

To others concerned, if really thats the case, pe~~ gi~~ la~~ mams~~~~~

To yang suka baca, thanks and keep on reading! :)

To nuffnang, thanks for the ka~ching so far.. Keep it coming for more k! ;)

Till later~*