Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The one with... unwell.

Thought I can write about my Redang trip over the weekend...

But who knows, I had a high fever starting from Friday night.. I was totally flat out, very weak, can't even move myself to get out from the bed to take shower... Hubby had been nothing but very caring and understanding during this trying time.. I owe him so much, to the extend I don't mind if there's no present for my birthday for his care was the best gift I ever had given that my birthday is drawing near..

I guess everyone gets sick pretty easy these days, for even the environment at the private hospital like Ampang Puteri has turned into the normal scene you normally see at the govt. hospitals -- the long, miserable queues... *siGh*

We went to Klinik Idzham on Saturday noon for check-up, and given my condition (37.4°C, flu and sore throat), the doctor referred me to the Selayang Hospital.. Went there around 6 in the evening, and by the time I was called in to the doctor's room, my temperature was already 37.8°C.. But all the doctor could say was, I had a swollen tonsil.. I wanted to object because the swollen tonsil is a recurring thing to me, so I freaking know how it normally feels.. But then again, there's nothing much I can do. Had another queue at the pharmacy counter for the medicines and was back at home by 8++pm.

I had another long, miserable, sleepless night that day, and by Sunday morning both Kerol and I thought I was getting better. At least I gained some appetite over the bubur Mama cooked for me.. but then again, we were wrong. My temperature didn't improved by evening, and we decided to go to Ampang Puteri. I told Kerol, I don't mind to be admitted if the need be. For I can't stand the journey to and fro clinics and hospitals anymore. All I wanted was to be healthy back again.

Like I said earlier, Ampang Puteri is no better. The queue was long and we had to wait almost 1 hour before I got to see the doctor. That time, my temperature has gone up to 39.6°C! Doctor had to do blood test on me. And guess how long we had to wait for the results ? Another 1 hour! I requested to be bedded while waiting rather than having to sit at the common area with other people. After the blood test, I was asked to do another test called 'nozzle swap' or something to see whether I was infected by the h1n1 virus or not. Before the test, doctor explained to me that if I got a positive result, she had to refer me to the government hospitals for treatment coz apparently the private hospitals are currently running out of the insulation treatment or something (?).. I was like, God, please please tell me it's negative.

It was another long wait before the result. I just laid in bed while waiting. *siGh* Oh did I tell you how painful the nozzle swap was ? From a scale of 1 (being very minimal) to 10, I'd say... 10 ! Very painful !!! The nurse had to insert this one cotton bud look a like thingy WAY deep into my nose to take sample of my flu.. urghhhhh.. I had no idea how 'throat swap' is like coz lucky me, I was tested Influenza A and B negative. Alhamdulillah. So I didn't have to do any further testing.

Oh, it was while waiting for the results that Alin came to visit me -- thanks to Kerol who secretly had a chat with both Dayana and Alin to update about me earlier before.. Huhu thanks Alin for coming, like I told you that night, sangat terharu ! And Dayana, I know you would have come too if you were around in KL... *tSk* :')

We reached Ampang Puteri earlier on at about 7pm and got back home only half past midnight.. *sheesh* So the doctor prescribed me with the medicines on the basis I had viral fever and throat infection. And I was given 2 days of MC. I stayed at home for the past 2 days, but I was too weak to do anything. Yesterday was better, so I tried to push myself to fight the fever by doing some house chores. Ok lah, I was better.. but not 100% better..

And here I am today, in office, still don't feel fit enough to do the office work.. But like people care huh? Not even a single 'take care msg' from friends, despite that the secretary has updated them on my condition.. Hmmmmm.

I am advised to take MC some more, we shall see how.. I can't bear the thought that the workloads will keep mounting upon me, and that next week I am scheduled to go for outstation job in JB.. So time is of essence to me... Well ok, so does my health...

Pray for my speedy recovery, pretty please? I want to be able to eat and enjoy the 2 pints of Baskin Robbins ice-cream I bought on 31st July last Friday.............. *drooLing*


  1. oh pity u...syukur u were tested -ve...alhamdulillah..but still, do tc yeah....

  2. lilia.. do take care.. jgn miss makan ubat..

  3. baru baek demam yer..huhu, take care and get well soon :)

  4. oh my,poor you love.hope you'll be up and kickin' again soon enough inshaAllah,and get busy with the robbins!oh yum

  5. kesiaaannyaaa.i penah demam sampai 40 tahap panasnya tu n kena cocok cam pil kat bum bum then on d dot i feel ok..
    hopefully u sihat cepat!amin amin..

  6. get well soon!! :)

  7. dear each and everyone of you -- fana, fauzana, pae, aimie, f.i.e.z.a, and iyma,

    from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for the well wishes :) i am recovering, hopefully better by end of this week... aminnnn.

  8. My pleasure babe! Rasa cam happy bangat to get to cya right before u broke the happy news to all...Seronok!!

    Eii mcm tak sabar pulak nk tggu si kecik tu lahirrrrrrrrr :D