Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The one with... random babbling part yang ntah ke berapa kalinya..

It's almost lunch hour on the 5th day of Ramadhan, and I'm not doing so good anymore.. huhu.. It all started yesterday -- I felt hungry already when it was only 2 in the evening despite the sahur meal I took, and on my way driving back home I had this headache which becoming stronger upon reaching home, and I felt so SO weak close to berbuka time... All these however went away after I had my rice and dishes come berbuka time.... but that didn't last long though.. The headache came again sometime at 8pm, together with this urge feeling to vomit, and the ultimate thing happened, I threw up everything I ate earlier on... *sOb*sOb*

This morning I still woke up 4.30am to have my sahur.. Cooked nasi goreng together with Kerol, and fried some chicken wing+drumet and fish tempura.. Had kurma, an apple and soya bean drink on top of that... Thought everything should be just fine, but the moment I woke up after the short nap I took after sahur, I didn't feel comfortable.. Like I was having upset tummy or something because of angin... Before left for work, Kerol reminded me to bring something in case I cannot proceed with my fasting... But I told him, nahhh I should be fine...

Who am I kidding?

Think am gonna have to break my fast soon.. The headache is here again, and tummyache too... huhu...


I just realised that we're going to have a long weekend this week, yeay!!! :)

You know, I can't wait to find out the gender of my baby... =) Initially I hope it's gonna be a good-looking, well-mannered, and semua-yang-baik-baik-adjective baby boy... JUST BECAUSE I have this strong idea that first child will always follow the features of the daddy the most... Kerol and I, we both have strong distinguished features of our own... Kerol is very tall, thin frame, has straight hair, and kulit sawo matang... and I am like totally opposite... ;P

So I told Kerol, I want our son to follow his features and our daughter to follow mine.. So if first baby is girl, and the next one is boy... Nanti yang girl tu banyak ikut features Kerol, which is a-ok... But the boy, if ikut my features... pendek.. gebu.. pipi tembom.. putih2.. curly hair.. emo.. you know...

Hehehe ok ok God knows how and from where the heck I have this crazy idea... :P Maybe because I didn't study biology before... (?)

Tapi betul kan... Yang first selalu ikut features si daddy.. Yang second selalu ikut features si mummy.. no?

Butttttt... tiba2 sekarang I hope we'll be having a baby girl.... JUST BECAUSE... I want to make sure I get to secure the name of my choice for my baby girl... hehehe... hey betul tau.. Dari dulu ada je nama2 yang I would love to give to my children (*berangaaaan jangan tak berangaaaaan hehehe*) but as time passes by, adaaaaaa je orang lain pakai nama2 tuh tauuuuu.. Dahhh nak kena fikir nama lain... :D

Ok maybe I am not as creative as Que Haidar+Linda Jasmine who claimed that the name of their soon-to-be-born baby will be the one and only in the world... I wonder what name they're going to come out with... Hmmmm....


Sama macam time we were doing our wedding preparation before.. All the ideas we had, especially the theme colour and concept, of course couldn't materialise until the the big W day came... Butttt in between the time we've decided and the time it can be translated into the actual thing, we could see other couples having the same / similar ideas like us.. of which I don't mind pun... Cuma rasa tak best takut that couple and others cakap kitorang tiru diorang pulak.... You know what I mean?

Ok maybe you don't.. Coz I think my way of thinking is just.... one of a kind ;P

So nevertheless, baby boy ke.. baby girl ke.. Doesn't matter anymore.. Coz all I want is a healthy, cukup-sifat and sempurna-akhlak little baby of ours, who symbolizes this great love we have for each other ..... :)

Alritey, I'd better stop before I go merepek any further... It's time to decide whether or not to continue with my fasting..

Till later~*


  1. Sian ko, dh start muntah2 n sakit terkena buatan suami, hihihihihik..
    aku dulu klu muntah2, makan asam ke jeruk ke x jalan tp makan biskut kering rasa kurang sikit nk muntah.
    take care!

  2. insyaAllah u dapat yg baik2 je nanti.kiut cam u ofkos.hehe.kalo me nanti kalo boleh nak sulung baby boy la cos nanti blh jd leader to adik2 dia..wah berangan seh..kawen pun belom lagi ni tp x salah berangan kan.hehe..

  3. I get what u mean lia.. i mean i cannot imagine if my girl looks like ajib.. bukan apa, it seems weird.. u know what i mean? hehehe..

    as for me, i hope it's a girl.. tapi kalau boy pun ok.. cuma kalau dpt sepasang, i think that will complete me perfectly, hehe..

    plus, kalau girl, i have a valid reason to do rounds of shopping sessions, ngehngehngeh..

    nanti dh tau gender kasi tau la! :)


  4. lilia laling,
    about the feature, i don't think so, it's not scientifically proven. huhu.

    i read somewhere yang features ikut mak or bapak, is determined during sex. (pernah dengar tak pasal sape orgasm dulu ikut muka dia la wakaka, *sori obscene sket*)

    anyway, apa-apapun hopefuly i wish u the best, kalau baby boy hensem mcm kerol, and girl comel macam ko k :)

  5. hahahaha. kau ni byk pikir laa .. tu laa sape suruh x amik bio dulu .. kan dah mengarut ..

    doa biar sihat & sempurna ok dah tu, tu yg penting. kalau hemsem mcm kerol, chomei mcm kau dah bonus tu :)

    xpe lia, next year kau pregnant no 2 terus, bole potong aku ;)

  6. Lia darling,

    My girl- Aisya ikut sebijik cam I. Kalau pakai spek - leh panggil Zie kecik dah. Unfortunately - hidung kemek daddy aje yang dier dapat. he he he.

    So, do not fret kay - apa-apa pung mesti cute nyer - sebab korang pasangan paling comel Zie pernah tengok.

  7. Aduyai lia..ape la ko mengarut ni..tu la..x amek bio dulu2 (cam la aku amek kan.. :P)..x betul kot teori korg tu..sbb buktinya, aku tgk kakak sulung aku lgsung xde ikut bapak aku pon..dia sebijik mak aku..gebu & putih..aku plak muka dah muka mak tp kulit plak amek bapak aku..hitam lah aku & adik pompuan plak paling kesian sbb muka dia sebijik bapak aku dgn hidung kembang cam lelaki :P tp still lucky sbb putih melepak cam mak aku...x betul la teori ko & kerol tu...

    kalo x larat puasa, buka je la..x baik seksa diri..kang makin sakit plak...

    take care!


  8. make sure its twins..1 boy n 1 need to think so much abt gender d..haha!

    r u sure headache is linked to ur puasaing or u got a real headache tat required meds ar?..

  9. yaNNie -- huhu ni muntah2 sebab perut masuk angin…. muntah2 terkena buatan orang tuh dah start lama dah… :P anyway aku pun not a fan of asam2 or jeruk2.. so the way to combat rasa nak muntah is to make sure perut tak kosong… i.e. makan makan and makan.. hoho berat sudah bertambah dengan mendadak like nobody’s business :)

    f.i.e.z.a -- amiiiinnnnnn :) tu lah the other factor kalau boleh i nak baby boy dulu sebab nak dia jadi leader to adik2.. but then again, itu seperti mendeny status sendiri sebagai anak sulung… :) anyway, sila keep on berangan yer, itu hak kita semua as individu.. hehehehe. me included!

    tina banana -- kan ? kan ? my i’m ok with the girl ikut kerol, cuma worried if baby boy ikut i… hehehe.. if i were you pun i would want a girl by now, bestnye dah dapat a pair.. memang perfecto! and dun forget, your baby girl can join any of our hanging-out sessions too… wah berangan tak hengat…!

    oke doke nanti i bagitau k… keep on guessing! :)

    dalie daling -- hahaha serious??? ok but like you said, it’s not scientifically proven kan… :D anyway thanks for the well wishes, amiiinnnnn..

    farah -- ahaha amek bio ke tak amek bio ke, dah memang that’s my trait – thinking too much! :) aku aminkan to your well wishes, but the part when you said aku pregnant no 2 next year… hoho… lek lu weyhhh.. anyway, aku ade banyak masa lagi pun nak potong kau… hehehehe.. :P

  10. zie -- hehehe thank you for the compliment.. *bLushing* ;) and hopefully when you get baby boy nanti (insyaAllah one day ….) he will follow you hubby’s plak… confirm perfecto! :) aisya ikut u, baby boy ikut hubby....

    iyma -- hahaha biase lah…. aku memang suke think too much.. pastu emo sorang2.. :D tapi aku ikut bapak aku and adik aku ikut mak aku.. tu yang aku ada such idea tuh.. hehe :P

    tu lah, aku memang bukak puasa pun .. and harini pun tak puasa.. hopefully besok leh puasa balik after 2 days break.. ko plak so far cemane ? strong and steady eh ?? good good… keep it up… but then again, same advice goes to you, if tak larat make sure you don’t proceed with your fasting k.. kesihatan diri is one thing, kesihatan si kecik is another :)

    u too, take care! xoxo.

    joe -- hahaha not happening lah, though that’s ideally what i wanted ! :) what’s more the twin genes are in the family.. anyway last check up confirmed memang got only one heart beat …

    no lah, headache came from puasaing, got angin or something.. yest and today i’m not fasting, no headache…

  11. hehe..aku ingat aku je suka think too much pastu aku x emo sorg2 sbb aku suka drag husband aku sekali..oh such a mengada2 x hengat la kan..hahaha..sib baik dia layan kan je... :D :D

    oh, so sudah buka lah ye..aku plak so far so good..cuma angin mmg byk la..asyik sendawa je ni...but alhamdulillah, xde plak muntah or agak monyok & penyek je la muka aku sbb letih..hopefully dpt puasa penuh thn ni since yg thn lepas x sempat ganti abes..huhu

  12. lawaklah lia ni but i guess, one cannot escape the part yg if and what if nih... hehehehe...

    tp yg paling penting, sihat, sempurna segala sifat, soleh dan solehah... ;)

  13. iyma -- haha sama la kita.. husband will get the spill over effect.. :P

    ouhhh bagus bagus.. teruskan usaha untuk puasa penuh k..! aku so far dah tinggal 2 hari.. hmmmm...

    mylife -- tu lah kan.... hehehe :) anyway yup, hoping for yang baik baik aja, insyaAllah....