Friday, 21 August 2009

The one with... pregnancy blues... (?)


Life has been same old same old, except... when (good) thing happens so fast without you expecting for it.... yes, the title says it all.. Day in day out once in a while I'll feel that...

  • my tummy is bulging out with each passing day (duh?).. I've shopped for some maternity pants already, but not the clothing though.. Wearing the maternity clothes would put me into the position that I'm shouting to the whole wide world "hey I'm expecting yaw!"... I mean, its not the time just yet.. So I'm happy to just settle down with my loose outfits for the time being.

  • i'm constantly thinking about all the pregnancy-related what if's despite the readings i've been doing and queries i've been throwing to those who've been there done that.. siGh. period.

  • there's this oneeee tiny fine line i can't distinguish when it comes to how to behave just like myself.. like, am i feeling that certain feelings because the pregnancy hormones are doing their roles on me OR because i am just a plain spoilt brat ? you know.. the laziness.. sleepiness.. sensitiveness.. wanting for more attention.. headache.. nausea... hungry all the time.. and the list just goes on and on.. siGh.. i don't want to use this pregnancy as excuses when it comes to certain things, but at the same time I AM feeling what i feel... so it's very tiring sometime.. it's like i'm fighting with myself all the time on how to behave... like having a conflict identity perhaps? one morning when we were getting ready to go to work i looked at Kerol and muttered, "i can't imagine how is it like to be you, or any other guy for that matter, having to layan a pregnant woman like me... *sniff*" And Kerol said, "haaa tau takpeeeee" with a comforting smile..... ah, i owe him, and heart him so much..

  • sometime i doubt myself am i fit enough to carry on with the pregnancy, go through the pains during labour, become a mother and take care of the baby?

Hmm... despite all the blues, I'm glad that I have great cheerleaders teams all around.. my beloved husband especially.. my family.. Kerol's family.. and our friends... Thank you so so much... :') My next check up is this coming Sunday, can't wait to see how fast the lil one has grown to be! =))))

Ok lah.. that's all for now I guess.. Need to go get my lunch..

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan to all my Muslim friends and readers, hope we'll get to gain all the good things offered during this holy month.. Despite the differing opinions, I would love to make sure that I get to complete my puasa this year.. But then, as long as it doesn't give any harm to the lil one in me, that is...

Till later~*


  1. me got pregnancy symptom from you. like lazing around right after meal..gosh! hahahahaha
    keep me updated ok.
    tcare of urself sis.
    *kiss* on ur tummy.only.not u.

    -aunty pweety!-

  2. oh remind me to lend you some of my clothes. nak sexy kind of baju or granny one? i hv both for you, adorable mum! and i hv stracth pants too, mama yang bagi idea smalam...i'll collect all this weekend. anything else you want to order?
    your wish is my command!

  3. ala..rilex la lia..awal2 mmg rasa semua tu..once dah masuk 2nd trimester (like me :D) ko dah x malas dah..jalan pon laju..mood pon baik...

    enjoy the pregnancy moment.. :) jgn risau2.. (everybody that have gone thru it said to aku ckp kat ko plak la)

  4. babe...

    ur feeling tuh normal. Hanya lelaki yang sabar (hubbies off course)..kena layan. and summore we are carrying his child rite?

    normal tuh babe...I dulu kan..rajin giler tolong MIL kat dapur, tapi masa I pregnant...I bantai tidurrrrrrrr je....MIL i plak dgn sporting nyer cakap.."tuh ngandung anak pompuan tuh"...ha ha ...betul la plak tuh...

    tapi kan....after deliver pung i still malas...macam mana tuh??

    on the other note - the 1st trimester - memang tough la. I ingat lagik masa tuh dengan malas nyer - I hanya bangun utk makan sahaja okay....and I leave all work (masak kemas rumah and jemur kain lipat kain ) to my hubby.

    Not to forget all the crankiness, moody , cepat merajuk...owh..itu semua normal..

    Eh panjang plak I tulis..sowee.....

    Lia tak mengidam ker?

  5. babe,

    of course u can do it okkk! hehehe.. biasalah.. mula-mula je mcm ni.. by the 4th month okay la kot..

    chechewahhh, look who's talking.. i skrg punyalah malas ya rabbi.. sehari masak satu lauk je, hahaha.. tak suka masuk dapur! :D

  6. jgn byk2 pk .. mudah2an dipermudahkan smua .. nasib baik dpt husband mcm kerol yg bkleh tahan dgn kau .. kan kerol kan .. hihihi.

    selamat berpuasa penuh thn ni .. aku pn harap aku pose penuh thn ni (period lambat dtg n breastfeeding bleh buat aku lapa 24/7) huhu

    take care.
    xsaba nk jumpe kau raya nnt!!

    owh thanks lepak umah aku lama aritu .. best gile dpt lepak lama2 mcm tu .. :) owh dan cup cake sgt sedap .. tqvm!!

  7. hoho...jgn risau misau..enjoy the malas2an..lagipun, bila lagi kan jadi malas dan masih dilayan macam puteri raja..hoho..yg penting masa pregnant..kita mesti HAPPY!

  8. just like others commented and just like how i've been telling u over the phone, dont worry too much okie. I'm very sure u can do this as that is why God is giving it to u :) nex coming month should be much easier and happier for me heheh.:)

  9. aunty pweety -- hahaha ape kes kau pun ade pregnancy symptoms?? :D and thanks for the pants… and the visit.. and the care… :)

    iyma -- kalau masuk 2nd trimester but still malas pun camno?? haha.. anyway, yup i am enjoying every single second of this moment.. you too k! =)

    zie -- tu lah.. glad to know that its normal to feel all that.. Cuma biasalah kadang2 tuh risau and emo tak bertempat kan.. huhu..

    wah terernye your MIL ! :) anyone wants to take a guess on mine? hehe..

    so far takde laa teringin ape2.. cuma time pregnant nih asyik laaa nak makan something with cili api.. huhu which is not good! teringin tak teringin kene laaaa control…

    tina banana the hot mama -- thank you thank you… :) yeah i can do this!! *semangat!!!*

    well at least you still masak ye… sangat lah mithali youuu… ;)

    eehan -- count each of your blessings, you are lucky too in ways you never thought you are :)

    farah -- aminnnn… :)
    ko boleh puasa ke farah sebab ko still BF kan ? sila jangan paksa diri ok…
    tu lah tak sabar nak jumpe lagi.. mesti hadzim dah besar, and so do i !!! :D

    you too take care…

    irna -- thank you irna.. tu lah, aku pun hari2 cakap kat diri sendiri kena sentiasa happy and positive!!! :)

  10. btul tu lia...i guess semua mom-to-be will go through the same phase coz ape yg lia tulis is what exactly bb rase mase mula2 dulu...sejibik la!!

    cume skang tgh face problem nk pakai baju pg keje....sebesar2 baju kurung pun dh x muat.....nk beli baju mengandung pulak mcm gabak2 pastu design mcm mak mak plak tu (perasan lg tu...padahal dh nk jd mak hehe) nk la design mcm org x mengandung kan kan

    anyway....slamat bpuasa & take gud care of ur baby mase puasa ni...minum susu byk2 so dat x lapar...

  11. mummy arissa -- huhu tu lah.. thanks to you for the continuous support!! muahmuah. bukan untuk ko, tapi untuk arissa. hehehe.. ;)

    bibi -- if bb agree dengan ape yang lia rasa, lia pun nk bgtau yg lia agree sangat2 dgn that problem about the baju.. !!!hari2 takde mood nak pergi keje or keluar because takde baju yang best.. macam bb ckp, baju mengandung memang agak gedabak and design tak best -- ketat kat breast pastu kembang kat bawah with ribbon to be tied at the back.. macam nampak benor pregnantnye.. (statement tak sedar diri.. hehe)..

    thanks bb for the well wishes.. you too take care.. takleh bayangkan lah bb mengembang.. hehe ke tak mengembang except tang perot?? ape2 pun selamat berpuasa to you too!!

    take care..

  12. Lia..kalo dah 2nd trimester pon malas, tu bkn pembawakan budak dah..tu ko sendiri..hahah :P

    ala..kan org pregnant cpt penat, normal la kan nak malas sekali sekala, dua kali dua kala.. :P