Monday, 24 August 2009

The one with... my puasa experience so far..

It's almost lunch hour now, but I am doing good so far... :) I've been fasting since day 1 and I'm glad things went well... Ada laaaa start rasa lapar came 5pm like that, but then thats normal kan?

Puasa this time around of course is A LOT different for me.. I'm married, staying on our own and expecting at the same time.. So far the challenge is to wake up early in the morning for sahur.. Not because husband is a sahur person and I'm otherwise, but because now I myself need to make sure that I eat well during this time of pregnancy so that my fasting doesn't give any harm to both myself and my baby...

Day 1, both Kerol and I woke up at 4.30am and started to cook benda yang simple2 je -- sambal sardin, fried chicken drumet & wing, and sayur kobis goreng with ikan bilis... And I took kurma and also soya bean as well.. Huhu I've never thought that I'd be able to eat that much so early in the morning, but looks like thing has changed now :) And thank God it was Saturday, the day went on just in a blink.. We first went for furniture hunting (*hapPy :)*) and came back to berbuka at my MIL's house.. Before that we stopped by at Pasar Ramadhan in Greenwood, but goodness, I couldn't stand the crowd lah! I felt so cranky and moody I didn't bother to browse from one stall to another like I used to, to keep myself open for options on the variety of food and kuih-muih offered.. The stall is just too near to one another that the pathway became very narrow.. Everyone had the tendency to bump into one another brushing against shoulder to shoulder.. urghhh.

Day 2, our sahur was based on the dishes we bought earlier on from the Pasar Ramadhan.. of which definitely there's always a risk that the food will turn out not as what you expected.. And so did the case... Huhu.. Tak sedap! Lucky my MIL's chicken rendang saved the day.. Had an apple + kurma + soya bean on top of the rice and dishes I had.. And that day again went on just in a breeze.. spent our Sunday on my check-up (*so happy to see how fast my baby has grown and developed*), continued with furniture hunting (*hapPy jugak*) and then grocery shopping.. On our way back to my mom's house (yup, 2nd day berbuka kat situ pulak ;p) thought of stopping by at the Pasar Ramadhan in Setiawangsa, but I was already a bit tired by then from all the walking we had.. So I got my dad to go instead to get for me my favourite popia basah... :) I had a great time spending my time there, I love especially the smell and the sight of my old small little room.. The living room, kitchen, and dining area brought back old memories... huhu.. I miss my then-house now 'kampung'! ;) As always, everyone was at home except Liana..

As for Day 3, which is today, we had our sahur based on the dishes given by the 2 mothers (1 from Kerol's mom and another one from mine) and I cooked rice + fried (again, need to habiskan stock :P) kobis with ikan bilis while Kerol fried his favourite chicken wing + drumet.. Not sure what will be our berbuka puasa plan, but one thing for sure I'm glad that my puasa experience has been nothing but smooth sailing so far.... Alhamdulillah...

Hope yours too! =) Till later~*


  1. best nye kerol tolong masak2 sekali. x der la boring masak sorang2 + sleepy...

  2. to me, ramadan is a bit tough just because i jenis tak sahur whereas ajib can only take rice for sahur.. haihhh.. berkungfu la i dlm dapur at 4am.. hehehe..

    nanti kita berbuka sama with the rest of the girls ehh babe? miss u loads!

  3. yaNNie -- hehe no komen... hopefully bukan sebab baru kahwin and aku tengah pregnant.. ;)

    tina banana -- sama laaa tina, i bukan jenis sahur and kerol jenis sahur nasi.. but since now i'm pregnant, i pun nak kene sahur nasi.. huhu...

    yup we better plan for something, dah lama tak jumpe ramai2 !

  4. lia..aku pon sama skarang..pg2 buta bleh selera mkn nasik byk2 & jadi vacum cleaner ratah lauk2 x abes..dulu2 jgn harap aku nak mkn...x lalu nak mkn berat2 pagi2 buta..

    and best kan sahur dgn husband..seriously bila dah bgn aku x ngantuk plak nak sahur..heheh.. dulu nak mkn roti 2 keping pon aku rasa smbil pejam mata je kot..ngantuk! hahah :P

  5. hi lilia,

    glad ur smooth sailing..aku ade muntah2 sket smalam, yuck!

    tp betulla, bgn gak makan sahur, kesian baby kan? dh takleh selfish dh skarang, kene pk si kecik.

  6. frh dah lama xsahur dgn laki diaAugust 25, 2009 10:57 am

    1 - selamat bersahur. haha. kalo dulu skipped sahur kan .. skang dah kene bangun.

    2- selamat bersahur bersama suami :)

    3 - selamat sediakan sahur utk suami. hehe.

    aku last year bangun prepare sahur sorang2 jek tau. cik suami bangun utk mkn jek ...

    thn ni baru sahur skali jek dgn cik suami. dah g korea for 8days!!! (ye aku dah nak jadik gile ni laki den tak call-call lg dah masuk hari ke-4 ni, waaaaaaaaaaaa)

  7. iyma -- kan.. tu lah aku dulu memang sahur tak bangun la.. kalau bangun pun setakat makan kurma and minum air..

    and about sahur with husband tuh, a’ah.. agreed with you :) main masak2 sama2 then makan depan tv sambil borak2… hehe

    niesa -- well well, not so smooth anymore! huhu.. started to get severe headache and vomiting yesterday night.. huhu.. hari2 masa bangun sahur i will tell the baby to hang in there, that i’m fasting for the day, and that if the baby cannot take it, please give mommy some hints.. amekkkkk… muntah2 terus.. huhu.. :)

    farah alahai kesiannye….

    1. tu lah.. skang siap bersemangat nak bangun sahur youuuuu…. ;)

    2. thank you.

    3. thank you jugak.. well, both of us do the preparation together2… sweet tak? hahaha.

    you hang in there k… little hadzim ade jadi peneman in the absence of encik husband… 8 days will pass by in a blink am sure… take care!