Thursday, 13 August 2009

The one with... (finally) my trip to Redang :)

I am back in office today -- after being in JB for the past 3 days that is... and I feel very much better day by day.. I must say, this is the longest time ever I need to take to recover from fever.. Though my body temperature has gone back to normal, but my cough and flu didn't improve much.. and I feel so weak I just want to rest and sleep all day long..

Maybe because doctor can't prescribed me with any strong medicines and antibiotics given my condition... So I'm recovering at a much slower rate.. Oh well, yang penting, I am recovering -- that matters the most aite... Alhamdulillah..

So it's about time to start writing about my trip to Redang .. :) The memory is still fresh in mind, and given choice, I would love to go there again ! =)

As a wedding gift, my Pak Lang and Mak Lang have booked for us a 4D 3N stay at the Berjaya Resort in Redang... Check-in was on Saturday and check-out on Tuesday.. Initally, we planned to make our move by driving on Friday night itself and have an overnight at Kuantan, then make move to Kuala Terengganu the next day. But, I wasn't feeling so well that Friday... so we started our journey only on Saturday early morning... all the way to Kuala Terengganu.. and reached there just in time to board the 3pm ferry to Redang Island... Ferry charge is RM100 per person for a return trip and it took almost 1 hour and a half to reach the island..

We didn't do much search before we went there, and hence were caught by surprise to find out that the Berjaya Resort was the one and only resort available there.. Like what friends have told us, it's a private beach and private area... So tempat tu tak happening and nothing much to do except to fully utilise all the facilities provided by the resort, which is as expected can be quite pricey.. The meal especially.. We even had to pay RM4 to use their game centre (to play pool and ping pong) and the big bottle of mineral water costed us RM9 !

By the time we reached the resort and settled down, it was already almost 6pm... The hotel has a very breathtaking view, which I love so much.. but the hotel room was only so-so given the rate they are charging.. and it's not our luck, we didn't get the sea-view room.. Nevertheless, we didn't have to pay a single cent for the room, so we shouldn't be complaining right ? =) (Though we did actually attempt to upgrade our room, tapi when we were told that we need to pay an extra RM300, takpe lah thankyouverymuch je lah ye...)

Upon reaching, we took a stroll around the resort.. And went outside to see what other options we have in term of food... We found this one and only eating place (by walking laa.. kalau naik motor pergi further rasanya ada kedai2 makan lain kot..) called Alma's Cafe or something, and decided to have our early dinner there...

The food was reasonably priced and taste wise, ok lah... Boleh diterima tekak la.. They served those normal asian type of dishes like rice and dishes, and all the goreng2 stuff like mee, kuew teow and such.. Western food tak ingat pulak ade ke tak...

After having our dinner, we went straight back to the room as there was nothing much to do there.... Hmmmm... Nak taknak, layan cerekarama sudah......

Day 2, we went for... snorkelling! :) It was the service arranged by the resort, costed us RM95 per person covering 4 islands.. of which the name I couldn't recall as of now.. Ouhhh we love it love it... The water was crystal clear, and the view under the sea was superb! It was as almost beautiful as the Perhentian... (tak banyak tangkap gambar coz we didn't have the underwater camera.. and we were busy enjoying our snorkelling session..) ;)

The only bummer was, they put a restriction on the timing to snorkel.. We were given only 30 minutes je at every island we went to... ! :( When the 30 minutes reached, they will called us all up to the boat, and move to the next island.. Haishhhh tak puas la! We were already back at the resort around 1pm... Hmmmphhh.

Went for lunch again at the Alma's Cafe, and had a great time relaxing and taking nap at the beach chair enjoying the cooling beach breeze... In between, we took some time to mandi laut, and went back again to dry ourselves at the beach chair... Ahhh very nice... Thank God the weather was not fiercing hot, it was just nice....

That night, we were so tired and lazy to walk out for dinner.. So we decided just to settle with the hotel food.. Went to their restaurant, and found out they provided a buffet dinner.. Comparing the price if we were to go for ala-carte, we thought might as well we went for the buffet.. The food was nice la... but the price? RM70 per person!! Huhu.. Takpe lah.. Kerol said sekali sekala bercuti... :P

Tengok lah.. Tak sanggup nak order air warna warni.. Air suam je yaw! ;P Then after that we spent time playing pool and ping pong.. Sangap laaa jugak kan, but oh well, it's the company that matters :)

Day 3 - we decided to go to the happening part of the Redang Island.. i.e. Pasir Panjang a.k.a Long Beach.. which is accesible via boat (20mins or so).. or jungle trekking (45minutes or so -- no way!).. The only thing was, the boat service provided by the resort was only up untill 6pm, i.e. we have to be back at Berjaya resort by 6pm.. We thought that was rather too early given that we planned to have dinner at the Long Beach.. So the resort staff suggested to us to use the service provided by the local people.. which was ok by us, but we had to wait until 2pm for the availability...

To kill the time, we went lepak at the jetty feeding the fish.. Which we regretted doing that coz it was so freaking hot that day! We both feel so dizzy after a while, so we went in to the restaurant to lepak and have a drink... We were all ready then, that's why we were so lazy to lepak in the room.. Nanti malas nak keluar dah...

Around 2pm or son, a van came to pick us up.. Well, the thing about using the service by this local people, they charge you per boat... So if there are more people (maximum 6), you can divide the costs among yourselves... Since there was only 2 of us, we were charged RM150... dang!

Butttttt... we came to a conclusion that the price was worth paid for after all... You see, going with the local people means you get to explore more.. He brought us to the areas not covered by the resort and he was very friendly! He even offered to bring us for snorkelling, to which we agreed right away.

We first asked him to bring to see the turtle.. and we did! And then we said we wanted to see and snorkel with baby shark, again, our wish was fulfilled.. I mean, you name it, he will layan... Besttttt !!!!! He even brought us to snorkel at the area where there was no other people, and a lot of colourful fishes of different sizes...... We enjoyed it so much !!!

And that was when we have revised the snorkelling scorecard:

1. Redang Island
2. Pulau Perhentian
3. Koh Tao & Koh Nangyuan in Samui
4. Pulau Mamutik + Manukan + Sapi in KK
5. Pulau Pangkor in Perak (don't bother)

After puas snorkelling, we reached the Long Beach finally... It was more happening in the sense that there were about 13 ~ 15 resorts altogether in one stretch.. So a lot of cafes opened, pubs, souvenir shops, beach games, etc etc.. And we were told a lot of whites who stays at Berjaya Resort will come here at night to party and drink...

We went to this kopitiam place and had our tea break... Both the burger and keropok lekor we ordered were delicious!

Then we did nothing much, jalan2.. enjoy the scenery... mandi laut... took pictures... and finally had our dinner...

Final day, as always there's nothing much to do.. Upon reaching back at the jetty, we shopped for all the different types of keropoks.. and then went to Losong to buy the fresh keropok lekor... Yummy!

During the last day, Kerol wasn't feeling so well.. So I took over the driving task half way.. and I must say, it was so challenging to drive at the Karak highway there !! Some more it was at night, and it was raining all the way...

Hmm Dayana, if you read this, no way am gonna allow you to drive after 7pm anymore from KL ok .. ! Whenever we lepak, you must drive back to Temerloh before dark... tau.. tau...

So okie dokie.. Guess that's all I have for now... All in all, we had a great time snorkelling at Redang.. with the little one busy 'snorkelling' in me... =)


  1. uhh .. redang mmg mahal ..
    tp kalau byk benda lain org dah org dah sponsor, bleh jek nk spent on other things kan ..

    baju baggy siut .. haha

  2. aku suke gile snorkelling in redang!! it was so nice...even kat tepi2 beach nampak byk ikan..

  3. dearest Lia..
    reading your post on Redang buatkan aku nak pi laa jugak!! the next time we meet u need to tell me more and yess definitely details on the little one that is snorkelling inside u as well- sweet nyer ending post tis time *sniff sniff*

    err.... balik before dark?? ermmm... practise makes perfect Lia ;D
    then again sangat terharu u were thinking about me..
    I heart YOU!!! and the little one as well.. (nak kata heart kerol kang ko dush2 aku laks) hahaha
    cant wait to see you!!

    dayana @ Aunty D

  4. Lia,

    I'm glad that you put up Redang as the best snorkeling place cos I didn't go to anywhere else other than Redang.Now that I know, I'm so happy that I chose Redang for my honeymoon. Yes, Alma restaurant is the only restaurant dekat situ.. Got one more,down the road towards the jetty but I think that's a coffee shop :)

    Oh, I pun pergi lepak Kopitiam tuh makan2 snack :)

    Oh, for the cough and flu, I suggest you to take green apple and orange everyday as many as you can.. I stuffed myself with 3 apples and 3 oranges one night, the next morning my cough was gone, like vanished completely

    Take care the tiny little ones, happy die gi snorkeling jugak :)

  5. :)

    teringin nak pegi, tp mmg x bleh selagi "dia" x keluar & x besar lg...hmmmmmmmm...

    aku suka ending entry ni! :D

  6. farah -- hahaha mana ada... baju yang sedia ade je kotttt... ;) weh bile ko nak pergi redang wehhh snorkelling... =)

    niesa -- exactly !! :)

    dayana -- hehehe.. yeah can't wait to meet you, hopefully the soonest possible.. there's a lot to catch up!

    of course la teringat kat hang.. signboard temerloh dok bersepah2 kat highway tuh... ;)

    farina -- hehe tu lah.. memang aku enjoy gile snorkelling kat redang... but, that's my personal opinion.. other people might beg to differ... if you have the chance to go to other places for snorkelling, you can do the comparison yourself too :)

    ouhhh best kan food kat kopitiam tuh... snack yang sedap2...

    i've read some forwarded emails about taking the green apple and orange.. but i thought its not advisable for a preggy to eat sourish stuff like those 2 types of fruits (?).. ape2 pun i do take other type of fruits.. for both health and pregnancy purposes... hopefully i'll be healthy all the way thru my pregnancy... aminnnn...

    hehe about the little one, yeah will do! :)

    iyma -- well.. nak pergi skarang boleh jer... eh tapi kau ni fragile jugak kan.. takleh beraktiviti sangat lah! so memang nak kene tunggu si kecik keluar dulu.. :)

    aku pun suke ending entry aku nih.. haha boleh ?

  7. aku nih bila la nak bersnorkeling2..tak penah woo..huhu..

    lia, nak menge'teb'..ko preggie ni dah naik baper?tgk gambar redang cam maintain jerk..baguih2..masa aku dulu, time2 3 bulan camni, dah banyak naiknyer..keke

  8. haha..betul lia..aku sgt fragile :P :p bkn aku baby..kalo aku buat keje lebih sket je let say cuci toilet, esok pg mesti aku bleeding...haih..
    yg malasnye sbb kalo bleeding kena jumpa doc..ish..malas! so, better duk diam2 & mkn jeeee... :P

  9. hmmm... you look rather familiar...

  10. hye lilia..

    ive been to pangkor n manukan n sangat2 nak pegi redang.but i guess i need to wait for a "company" dulu la then baru best g sana kan. =)
    i love reading ur blog and i'll link u ok..
    take care of urself n the lil one inside u..hehe

  11. exactly wat im lookin for when i go to krabi nxt mth..

    chill, sleep and eat..


  12. irna -- macam aku cakap, sila plan for one trip before you get preggy again! :) takyah gi jauh2.. dalam malaysia pun ok.. perhentian ke.. redang ke..

    haishhh kemain lagi nak mengeteb kat sini.. hehe.. naik wehhh sape kate tak naik... tapi haritu aku demam kejap, turun balik.. skang ni ada aura2 nak membesar bagai johan.. hoho.. in total dah naik dekat 3kg.. huhu

    iyma -- makan jangan tak makan... kasik naik sama macam aku jugak! hehehe.. anyway, since you are fragile, sila jangan banyak bergerak ok! :)

    zewt -- really? hope i'm familiar for something good.. :) anyway so funny.. last time when you commented here in my blog also you said about someone in the pic looking familiar to you...

    f.i.e.z.a -- hi there :) my pleasure to have someone to love reading my blog, so you are most welcomed to link it k! :)

    anyway, takpe.. takyah tunggu company dulu to go redang.. ajak la your girlfriends, sure boleh plan anytime soon before the arrival of your company :)

    and thanks for the well wishes k!

    joe -- have fun in krabi!! i've never been there but kerol had..