Thursday, 6 August 2009

The one with... celebrating birthday this year in style :)

(guess that Redang post can wait for a while yah?)


So exactly 7.10am this morning, I've officially turned 27... :)
I felt a lot better today, thank God and thanks so much to all of you well-wishers. Appreciate that so so much.

On my birthday this year... I wish for nothing else except for more of God's blessings, plus more and more prayers and well wishes from the people around me... not only for me, hubby and our marriage... but also for..









the lil one who's going to continue our legacy =)

of whom you can see, from a tiny weeeeeny littttle dot....

has grown into a small flesh with heartbeat and developing parts such as the fin-alike hands and roundish legs.. happily swimming inside me...


I couldn't ask for more...

Wish us luck!!


  1. congrats korang!!! yeah yeah ada baby....! best2

    hope semua nya ok, ko n baby sehat2 selalu ye.... bertambah lagi baby kurinam... hihihihhik

  2. good luck!!!!!!!! mmg tunggu je press conference dari ko ni..hehe.. meaning dah lama la ye?? tahniah tahniah..happy for you :)

  3. oh congrats babe!!!that is such a good news!!!!!!i wish u all the best, and nanti baby shower sila jangan lupa jemput saya!!!hahahaah!!!

  4. kerol junior!!!

    tahniah to both of u!! yeay \:D/

  5. owh im so jealous of u..

    congrates anyway.. wish u all the best!

  6. can't wait to hear your lil' wonder calling me aunty pweety (pretty) and calling liana aunty weet! (sweet)!


  7. congrats lia & happy birthday
    all the best

  8. OMG...Congrats....syukur....happy for you

  9. blah laaaaaaaaa
    lambat bgtau ..
    nak kene ajak kawan2 kau ni boikot kau .. hehe
    next week siap laa aku kronyok kau ..

    anyway congrats. take care.
    sgt happy utk kau.
    tahniah kerol sbb terbukti sudah .. ghagahgha

    owh sungguh poyo aunty erin .. hahaha

  10. lilia!!!

    ooo pandai ek diam diam jer simpan.. anyhoo, happy birthday and have a blast being pregnant!!

  11. yeay!! sampai umah je aku terus bukak blog ko..yeay!!! baby aku dapat tgk geng dia dah!! :D and they said hi to each other (haha...poyo jer aku)...

    oh..and sori x reply ur aku kena barred..lupa byr bil da...

  12. congrats...tu la bila li@ kata demam, zie macam dah agak, tapi tak nak ask u for it.

    Congrats!!! by the way, how far are you?

  13. congrates...dah agak dah bila jatuh sakit so jeles. u r the lucky.its not easy to get pregnant.not all people will get the same lucky like u.take care ok

  14. So happy for u both lia...oh i still cant believe ur pregnant! guess i still cant imagine it until ko jalan bawak perut boyOT...hihihi!

    take good care of urself...lotsa things to catch-up abt ur pregnancy since u've been keeping it all the while! cant wait to meet up n chitchattttttttt!!

    Happy Birthday Dearest!!

  15. happy birthday and congratsss!!! ;) take care of urself n the lil one.enjoy pregnancy :)

  16. Congrats Lilia, I knew first from Oya.. Hehe..

    No wonder you caught the flu.. I pun flu gak a week before I tau..

    Probably your immune response a lil bit down at that point of time explaining the flu..

    Take care ok!

  17. happy birthday n congratulation kak lilia..

  18. dearest Lia..
    again Congrats!! you know im excited for you and when i see the picture of your little one swimming in you..lagi excited!!! ;D

    Aunt D

  19. Happy Birthday Lia..& Congratulations to you!! Do take care of yourself k..:)

  20. congrats dear, we r so happy for u:) Hope the pregnancy is catching up well with you. Maya pun dah tak sabar nak ade kawan ni. then we can have mummy & baby's day out, hehe best. take care okie!

  21. aaaaaaaaaaaa....

    salute babe becos u can keep such a big news to urself for months! hehehe... am very happy for u.. what a way to celebrate a birthday huh?

    anyway, u take care.. hope all goes well.. am saying that to myself as well, haha.. yeayy, mika ada banyak kawan baru! :)

  22. liaaaaa....

    congrates.......kegembiraan berganda ye...

    happy beday to......

  23. lia....congrats !!

    welcome to the club :D

  24. yannie -- hehehe thank you thank you… :)

    dalie daling -- thank you dear !! hope your turn will come soon, can be my batchmate! :)

    kak zue -- thank you kak zue… so whoever yang akan organize baby shower for me, sila take note to invite kak zue k!! :)

    nikman -- :) bila boleh dapat mrs nikman nihhhhh…

    yantie -- don’t be dear…. just have your faith in tact, am sure your time will come soon ok! thank you by the way .. :)

  25. erin -- haha we shall see !! :)

    iema -- thanks iema !

    fana -- yeah alhamdulillah… thank you dear !

    farah -- hahaha.. well macam kau cakap everyone is equal, semua pun baru tau semalam :) sila jangan marah saya! next week jumpe aku collect tips lagi ok! haritu collect tips secare sembunyi2… :D

    anyway thanks! i know you are happy for me.. mana bleh nak marah kannnnn … :)

    abot -- hehe diam2 ubi berisi kata orang… :) thank you dear….

  26. iyma -- hehehe yeah finally ! :) and of course they said hi to each other :)

    zie -- thank you… hmm demam tuh bukan ke orang kate masa mula2 nak pregnant?

    hmm how far am i ? well as far as i’m married :)

    eehan -- thank you eehan… insyaAllah your turn will come soon k… be sure to have faith !

    alin a.k.a aunty elle -- thank you alin !!! i can’t believe myself either! :) and yeah, can’t wait to meet you girls to share my side of the stories … miss you lin!

    farah foxy -- thank you dear… nak anak comel macam farell jugak! :)

  27. farina ouhhh good news travels fast ey? :) hmm yang pasal flu tuh, aku tak sure plak.. coz normally they said it happens before you were about to get pregnant kan.. wallahu’alam….

    anyway thanks! :)

    peeja -- thank you peej! ;)

    seben a.k.a aunty D -- thank you dear !!!! :) you getting excited makes me feel it even more! :) can’t wait to meet you soon to chitchat… xoxo.

    syiera -- thank you dear… :)

    mummy arissa -- wahhhh!! my pleasure to have you commenting in my blog… !!! :) blog mummy arissa ape cerita ye ?? haritu bukan ke kate dalam process nak create ? hehe..

    anyway thanks dear.. you know i’ll keep on looking for you if there’s anything i need to know kan.. hehe tu lah sape soh advance lagi dari aku… :)

  28. tina -- hehehehe haruslah biarlah rahsia sampai dah betul2 stabil insyaAllah…. thank you babe, all the best to you too ! :)

    wan hasmat -- thank you thank you !! :)

    bibi -- thank you thank you.. and congrats to you too! wah tak sangka jugakkkkk :)))))

  29. ohoo aren't u sneaky!!!a very happy 27th & congratulations on the pregnancy!oh and to kerol too!have a smooth sailing ahead inshaAllah!=)

    warm regards;
    me & zarir pensebok

  30. aimie and zarir -- thank you !!! :) aimie, nanti i tanye tips ape2 yang patut ok... ;)

  31. congrats lilia!! :) do take good care of urself...

  32. lia...mmg diam2 berisi so happy for u dear..still cant believe that u r now carrying a baby in ur tummy...mesti ko excited gile kan..lets see how cute u gonna be..with ur tummy hehehe..
    its double celebration on ur bday..happy belated bday dear..sorry lambat wish..was on leave last week till wednesday..
    harini baru baca blog ko ni...
    take a gud care of urself key..still long way to go...enjoy the moments coz every moment of pregnancy is a beautiful n precious..cheers!!!

  33. mylife -- thank you.. and will do ! :)

    yanti -- hehe thanks dear.. kalau kau tak percaya, aku laaaaagi feel like this is so unbelivable.. huhu.. ape2 pun alhamdulillah, rezeki Allah nak kasi... and yes, i definitely will 'grow' cuter and cuter... huhu.. skang dah takleh nak diet2 lagi dah.. :)

    again thanks dear for the well wishes...... nanti wazif ada ramai junior... hehe