Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The one with... totally random..

Penyakit malas dan mengantuk semakin menjadi2 sejak akhir2 ni.. sigh.

Malas betul nak buat segala benda, termasuk lah untuk update blog.

Hmm.. tapi ni gagahkan diri gak.. Coz I need to be seen as staring at the laptop and produce the typing sound.. Sounds keji but give me a break.. Its near lunch hour and I’m fasting today.. huhu.. As always, last minute rules ! :D

Oh ye, I would like to extend my best wishes to 3 of my friends who just bagged the title mother… Congratulations to Abot with her newborn baby boy Dhia Rizqi, Narqes with her newborn baby boy Muhammad Rayyan, and recently my dearest friend Farah, with her newborn baby boy Hadzim Faeiq.. Glad that all of you and your little bundle of joy are safe and doing just fine… Again, many congrats !!!! :)

There are more joining the bandwagon soon.. Hana.. Aimie.. Kunut.. to name a few… Chaiyok chaiyok ! =)

I went to visit Narqes last weekend, together with Ida and Kunut.. Adoiii I felt so out of place lah.. (Narqes and Ida are a mother of 1 and Kunut is expecting).. But its good, I get to learn a lot of things.. Not that I’ve never heard such pregnancy and giving birth stories before.. but now that I’m married, lets just say, I appreciate those facts far better now… :)

The recent Monday marked my 1st month wedding anniversary .. The past 1 month has been nothing but a total bliss, Alhamdulillah.. :) I love my husband more and more with each passing days, looking forward to many more lovely years to come ! xoxo

Oh and just so happened, finally we bought our washing machine and fridge, yeay !! So I’d like to think that as the 1st wedding anniversary gift for both of us.. ;) Hmmm.. now we can start buying raw materials to stock up and I can start cooking other dishes! Oh talking about dishes.. Please lah, I put up the pictures of sardines and eggs previously not to scream that we are now running low with budget post-wedding, to the extend we have nothing else to eat but those two pitiful dishes..

I mean, first thing first, those are not pitiful dishes.. and second, cut us some slack will you please, can or not ? We had no fridge yet not because we don’t have the money to buy.. If we were to just settle down with small fridge, simple washing machine, small sofa, small TV, etc etc etc we are far more than capable of doing that.. But no, we have our own target and our own ideas when it comes to our home living, so we are taking our own sweet time to have the best we can afford to have.. it is just a matter of time. So please stop questioning our state of living and give us some pitiful remarks.. Bah! Now I don’t need to brag about what we want and all, do I ? So I’d better stop before being labelled as snobbish. Coz I’m nothing like that. So ok I’m a bit defensive. That’s all, period.

Oh not wanting to end this entry with an angry tone, here's a happy note -- we've gotten our wedding pictures already... yeay! :)

OK lah.. I guess that's all I have for now.. Till later~* :)


  1. farah dh bersalin ehh? alhamdulillah.. send my regards to her will u?

    and babe, tak salah kalau u dengar citer ibu-ibu ni, it's a good lesson, hehehe..

  2. i love sardine and omellette...and if I can eat everyday i would.Pitiful ke?Pitiful ke makanan favourite aku???

    sangat tak okeh. Abaikan mereka.


  3. sardin mmg sedap sehingga menjilat pinggan! :P

    and aku suka perangai "keji" ko yg buat typing sound mcm tgh beria buat keje tp sebenarnya......coz it's sooooooo like me! hihih

  4. for me, sardin and telur goreng is NOT pitiful at all. kalau boleh nk makan hari2... hehehe... :D in fact, kalau makan nasi kosong, telur goreng plus kicap, pergh! sedap dah tu... some people just have different view of life than us. ada yang kata kalau makan daging goreng pun cam bagi kuli makan. huhuhu...

  5. aku suka makan sardin ngan kicap. sangat sedap... tapi najib tak suka. makan memilih...

  6. i am so happy for you sis.

    yeah need to say it one more time....I'M LOST.

  7. thanx for the wish! :)

    me nk response for ur ramblings but still in recovering mode & blur utk berfikir ..............

  8. tina dearie -- will do! though i think she would have read your comment by now.. :) tina, i will call you tomorrow k...

    kak zue -- kan? kan? makan ngan kicap and nasik panas2.. terbaek ! :)

    iyma -- haha tu lah.. memang keji.. and memang menjilat pinggan... :D

    Sya -- tu lah kan.. tapi kot ye pun kan.. haihh laa. abaikan je.. anyway yes, agreed with you.. nasi putih panas2+telur goreng+kicap=SEDAP :)

    yannie -- kalau suami sendiri yang mengomen tuh, tak dapek den nak nolonggggg :P najib memilih ek... hehehe..

    pweety -- don't be lost for so long... please come back to the right track! hugs.

    ibu hadzim faeiq -- its ok.. take your time to rest well.. as you need the energy to take care of your little one ! :) hey it was great to see you earlier.. will do update nanti k... kiss hadzim for me.. and picitkan bibir dia tuh.. hehe.