Friday, 10 July 2009

The one with.. sharing is caring..

It's 1.30pm and office is still empty.. I have no mood (or rather no friend) to go out for lunch.. *tSk* I mean, I did go out for a quick lunch, with the secretaries.. But.. Come on.. It's Friday.. And bosses are not around the whole day.. It could have been one of those fun days where we can plan to go for a long lunch.. But what to do.. Everyone has their own lunch plan already, at a very last minute.. *siGh*

Boring.. Boring.. No mojo to do work.. I'll just have to bear the next 4 hours, and then off I go for a date with hubby! =) He sent me off to work today.. SuKe!! And he's picking me up, then we plan to go for dinner, anddddd.. watch Transformers at GSC Signature... Can't wait..! I really hope that all the hypes created by the public won't fail my expectation.. We'll see..

Hmmm.. I've been meaning to share this piece of advice I received from Kerol’s auntie when we were at the dewan doing the final preparation before our wedding day.. Bukan nak tunjuk baik, after all it's not coming from me.. Just merely sharing it here.. for the benefit of everyone, hopefully.. Hmm.. not sure how to put that in writing, but I’ll try..

Here goes.

We were in the midst of talking about marriage stuff, like how these days relationship and marriage seems to be so overrated whereby divorce appears to be so common in society.. and affairs and infidelity.. I told her, those things really scared me.. I used to not believe in marriage.. Simply based on my own experience.. and based on observations from close friends around me..

And that’s when she told me.. (I’ll continue this in BM, or Manglish.. it’s easier.. ).. Kita ni orang perempuan… Para isteri.. Silapnya selalu satu je.. Kita terlalu nak jaga suami kita, sampai lupa nak jaga hubungan kita dengan Yang Satu.. Kita sibuk nak belajar masak.. Kita sibuk nak kurus.. Nak cantik.. Nak perform di bilik tidur.. Nak ada rumah cantik.. Padahal, yang menganugerahkan perasaan kasih sayang dan cinta suami itu kepada kita datangnya daripada Allah.. Yang meminjamkan suami itu kepada kita adalah Allah.. Untuk sementara di dunia.. Once He commands ‘Kun Fayakun’, maka jadilah ia.. SehendakNya.. Kalau Allah tarik perasaan sayang tu.. Buat la macamana pun dengan suami kita, dia akan tetap pergi juga dari kita.. Tak kira lah betapa how deeply in love he was with us once.. Ye betul, hubungan dengan suami memang perlu dijaga.. Tetapi hubungan dengan Allah itu jangan dilupa… Whenever things go wrong, whenever bad things happen, we all know the ultimate resort is to turn to Him, the Almighty.. Kita sibuk risau suami kita pergi mana.. Buat apa.. Ada affair ke tak.. Tapi kita tak risau langsung Allah marah tak dengan kita, sebab kita acuh tak acuh dengan Dia..

Same goes to si suami.. Sibuk risau pasal nak cari duit nak provide kesenangan kepada si isteri.. Takut isteri tak sayang lagi…Tapi, tak sibuk risau pulak pasal nak jaga Dia, the Almighty..

Isk. (=_=')

I can elaborate more, but I guess by now you get the gist of it aite.. I tell you when she told me all that, I couldn’t help it but to have goosebumps all over me and my eyes became teary.. I felt so.. so.. small.. It really opened up my eyes…...

Hmm.. Ok lah.. That's all I have for now.. Renung2kan.. dannnnn, selamat beramal.

Till later~*


  1. thanks for sharing.

    betul jugak kan.

  2. oh lilia.. thank u so much for sharing :) really appreciate it!

  3. too, have the the goosebumps bila baca advice tu..really...isk...kdg2 kite lupa kan....

  4. That's why jgn lupa solat & bersyukur. Dah kawin nie, lagi lah. Jgn lupa solat, bayar zakat (pendapatan & emas), kumpul duit untuk menunaikan fardhu haji. Bukan mahal sgt kalau nak dibandingkan dgn gaji yang semestinya melebihi RM5k setiap bulan, wang simpanan, perkahwinan yang grand, baju, beg, make up mahal-mahal, kesempurnaan di rumah, kesenangan dunia.
    Tambahkan kekayaan dan keceriaan itu dengan solat lima waktu yang khusyuk dan sempurna. Dan jgn jua hanya bersolat ketika bulan ramadhan.

  5. yantie -- my pleasure... :)

    ~LIZA~ -- you're welcome dear... :)

    Dils -- as the title suggests, sharing is caring :)

    iyma -- itu lah kan.. sama2 lah kita..

    anon -- thanks, hope you are doing the same just as you preach..

  6. Thanks Lia for sharing. Insaf I sekejap.....

  7. ya betul!sgt2 setuju..hehe..padahal ko da bgtau aritu..baca gi skali..:)

  8. huhu...insaf byk dah rasanyer bila baca...waaaa...hopefully khaleel baca this entry...hahah khaleel ada gurau wit our baby..he said " Aliq, baba dah kena byr zakat utk 3 org dah thn nie..." hahaha

  9. *gulp*... mmg meremang... and rasa nak nangis puler...

    good advice there... TQ

  10. zie -- sama2 learn from it.... :)

    irna -- good good.. =)

    lynn -- haha betul jugak tuh.. zakat for 3 persons dah kan.. :) ouhhh aliq sangat tembommmmm, gerammm nak gegetttt!

    farah - my pleasure.. =)

  11. opppss tertinggal lagi satu...

    mylife -- hi! lama tak nampak you around in the blogworld... :) anyway, you are most welcome...