Friday, 31 July 2009

The one with... random.. random.. random..

  • I was back in KL on Tuesday midnight, was still on leave on Wednesday, and came back to office only on Thursday.. before I knew it, eh it's Friday already ! I like.. :)

  • And it's Sleepy Friday yaw! sheessshhh..

  • What's more with the 'salary increase is minimal and that bonuses will be on a modest scale' day... *siGh* It's a poor financial performance year, but... Well, ok but at least there's something than nothing aite.. And for that, I'm thankful.. (though it does hurt everytime looking back at the figures again and again hoping I actually read it wrongly, ouch! *wishful thinking*)

  • Lapar... tapi taktau nak makan apa... Sick of the food around this KL Sentral area lah... *bluwek*

  • Feel like watching movie tonight.. Hmmm.. Which one should I go for eh ? Public Enemy ? or The Proposal ?

  • I want to update about my trip to Redang.. but pictures are in Kerol's laptop... perhaps this weekend I'll do just that k... Stay tune! :)

  • Next week I'm turning.... 27! Gosh I don't even feel like 26 to even start with... Total case of perasan muda.. hehe. But whatever it is, I'm glad I've achieved my dream of getting married before 27 :) And guess what, it has been a blissful 2 months already...!

  • Next month is puasa month, I seriously can't imagine how's life would be.. what with Kerol jenis yang bangun sahur to eat rice with dishes and I'm like the otherwise.. huhu..

  • And after puasa month, it'll be raya month... I'm wondering will my house ever be in a visit-able condition by then.. ? Huhu.. *Fingers crossed, hope it will..*

Okie dokie, I think I've blabbered enough for now.. Feel so sleepy I wish I can just go home and hibernate... Huhu.. Till later~*


  1. 1. Amboi2..mentang2 honeymoon lg..tetiba lupa dah friday ek..nyampah! :P aku gak duk kira hari bila nak frday..and's FRIDAY!! yeahuu!! :D (paham2 la kan..heheh)

    2. 'salary increase is minimal and that bonuses will be on a modest scale' ~ least ada bonus..aku ni x tau la dpt x..mcm x je sbb gomen senyap je..ish :( huhu..hopefully bonus husband akan cukup utk raya, insurans 2 bijik kete & BABY :D

    3. Sila bwk bekal kalo dah x lalu nak mkn kat area ofis.. :P

    4. Watch the proposal!! tgk the making dia last weekend..hmm cam menarik :) :) ( i looove romantic of coz la aku suka kan..)

    5. Ye, sila hupdet mengenai Redang trip.. :P

    6. I'm already 27!! and i hate it when people asked me about my age..sometimes tersasul nak sebut 25 tp selalunya sempat remind diri, weh dah 27 ok.. Oh, aku plan nak kawen by 27 aku dah kawen & dah nak ada anak dah pon..adoi la.. :P

    7. Puasa...huhu..aku sedih :( 1st time puasa as husband & wife, tp still x leh nak rasa sahur & buka sama2, i mean as normal husband & wife la kan..zmn dating2 dulu Lilia, sila jgn komplen kena bgn pg masak nasik & apa2 yg kerol nak mkn.. SILA JGN KOMPLEN! (pergh..mcm emo lak) :P Beli je dah..hehe

    8. Kalo dah boleh visit-able, sila lah buat open house ye.. :)

    Aku pon ngantuk la jgk..heheh

  2. Lia dearest we'd be honoured to be ur raya guests! with ur tummymummy's fully undrstood, atleast u have the courtesy to invite us over...Me Likey!.

    Takyah nak masak semua...kita buat RAya PotLucK!. Its the company that matters most..n i love ur house! I feel so at home..biarlah u guys belum sempat furnish sgt lagi. Lg2 dgn ur pregnancy n busy-ness @ work...simple2 is fun! kalau rumah proper furnish beriya bagai kang...tak feel la mcm rumah newlyweds..mcm dh 10 thn kawin and segan pulak nak melepak. hehehe :)

    Selamat menyambut puasa bertiga!

  3. oh ya...ape2 hal toilet seat cover aquarium ke biru-biruan ada seashells, seahorse, nemo fish semua in ur toilet tu...mmg menjadi pOjaan hatikuUU...

    tak sabar nak ada rumah sendiri...I want one toO! :D