Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The one with... random ramblings..

  • I have put on weight ever since I got married... :(

  • Fried macaroni was well-accepted by my neighbour *phew* :') .. and this morning when I was about to enter my car, I saw neighbour was watering her plant.. So I gestured a morning chit-chat with her, and then she said, "Malam ni datang makan kat rumah sini yer.. Ada masak lauk lemak cili api.." Weeeee~* :)

  • Tapiiiii... Just now at about 3 something boss came and drop the bomb -- "we are having an internal meeting later at 5.30pm.." Ngaaaa... Hopefully it won't last long, jussssstttt when I wanted to go back on time huh.. Sheessh.

  • Tak tengok Transformers lagiiiiii.. *tSk* Nak tengok! Nak tengok! (Kerol, sila take note pleaseeee.. :P)

  • Hmm tiba2 teringin nak makan nasik ayam mancongkam lagi lah... (Kerol, yang ni pun please take note ye.. hehe)

  • OK lah.. I'd better go and start preparing for the meeting later.. Tengok gaya boss macam bad mood je.. TTFN !


  1. aku pon dah put on weight..biasalah kan.........

  2. u put on weight lepas kawen?? u r not alone, lilia.. u r not alone.. hahahahahaha!

  3. since married... a lil weight is fine :P

  4. ~liza~ -- hahahahaha indeed... :)

    zewt -- yeah.. i hope it remains under the definition of 'a lil weight'.. ;)