Monday, 20 July 2009

The one with.. my bestfriend's engagement..

Exactly one week ago, my bestfriend Alin was officially engaged to her other half -- Yohann @ Wil Yap Wei Sin.. It was such a beautiful event altogether.. Despite her busy schedule, she managed to pull it off very very well ! :) What mattered most, close friends, who have known each other since we were in Form 1, were all there to celebrate Alin’s special day.. How time flies huh.. Dayana, Tazz, Rozie, Abby -- you guys are next ! *wink* oh and Munir too, your turn's next.. ;)

We -- being Munir, Alin, Dayana and myself -- had a pre-engagement outing the day before the actual day.. Went to teman Alin to have her manipedi done at The Curve.. It was such a quick, yet a fun moment.. I can't recall exactly when was the last time we hang out together, hmmm must be quite a long time ago.. The four of us used to be so close once, and I'm glad the friendship remains given how time has passed us by... Kalau tengok gambar2 masa form 1 dulu mesti teringat all the good old days I used to have at MRSM Tdk... Zaman budak2 lagi waktu tu.. Ahh I miss those days!

At night, we went to 'crash' Alin's house just to have a look around, see whether Alin needed any helping hands.. Turned out everything was in a perfect order.. The dais was lovely done, so were the hantaran trays.. Munir didn't join that night, but Tina was there with her goody goody boy baby Mika ! That was the first time I held Mika and played with him... He's such a darling... ! Oh, Kerol was there joining us too.. :) And Tazz came not long after that and joined us as well..

We left Alin's place around midnight time, had a supper at Old Town White Coffee near Alin's place and called it the day.

It was a perfect day of a Sunday evening on 12 July 2009, the engagement was scheduled to start at 3.00pm and by 2.30pm we girls were already there at Alin's house.. I was so happy to get to meet Nasal after 13 years ! We last met in 1997 and haven't been in touch ever since..

Tina's Mika was such a good boy, he didn't create any scene at all when the engagement ceremony took place.. Awww such a good sport lah ! Hehehe.. He's definitely the apple of everyone's eyes that day, and onwards.. ;)

By 3.45pm or so, Alin was officially Mrs. Yap-to-be ! :) Was so extremely happy for her.. Dayana, Tazz and myself almost shed tears in joy seeing Alin from afar.. *sniff*

- Alin and Yohann -

- The girls giving a pose while waiting for Alin to layan her other guests... -

- Bridesmaids war between Munir and Dayana.. :D -

- Happy.. Happy.. Happy.. -

- Kerol and I with the newly engaged couple.. -

- The couple, having their outdoor photoshoot -

- From Yohann's eyes... ;) -

Finally... a picture (which was taken by Hilmi Jaafar) I loved the most... :

- A picture that captured THE moment.. and these are the people I've known since 1995.. Memories.. Memories.. -

To Alin and Yohann, congrats !! :) Here's to wishing you guys all the best and have fun preparing for the BIG day, can't wait... !

To Alin, I am so truly happy for you.. *sniff* You should see how Dayana, Tazz and me broke down to tears (light2 only laa.. except Dayana *gRin*) at NZ after we got back from your engagement ceremony.. :) The event was so lovely, and you looked stunning on that day.. xoxo.

Okie dokie, till the next post~*


  1. weh...lain nye nasal...of cos la kan...dh jadi mak budak n so on...hehehe....

    alin look stunning....canteekkkkkk....she always do look beauty kan...ahaakss...

    congrates alin.....

  2. Thanks babe...and thanks Lia for such a wonderful entry! So nicely wrapped with pictures that tell it all! Mmg seronok bertunang..tapi paling seronok to see all the bestfriends and ppl who mean so much in ur life turns up one after another...its the best moment!

    Glad u enjoyed urselves that sorry didnt get to spend that much time (like always). Padahal dalam hati rasa mcm nak semua naik my room bawak food then kita port borak gelak2 mcm hantu like always...!

    I love u all so much! :D

  3. dear Lia,
    you wrote beautifully!!
    a heartfelt post........
    sniff..snif... everything was so beautiful and perfect that day!!!
    cant wait for Lin's big day!!! sniff..sniff.. *tears of happiness* ;)


  4. wan, -- lain eh ? aku nampak sama je.. :) she's still the funny and cheerful her as always .. dah ada 2 kids but maintainnnn je...

    alin, -- we all love you too! :) tak sabar nak tengok kau kalut time nak prepare for your big day nanti.. hehehe.. anyway you know how to reach me aite if anything... i surely will be there for you! muahmuah.

    dayana, -- cepat2 laaa come your turn, i want to write about you pulakkkk.. *wiNk*

  5. owhh alin dah tunang .. congrats to her!

    alin tunang sama hari dgn wedding aku last year ;)

    ehh dah sethn dah mak kawen..?