Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The one with... cuti cuti Malaysia.. :)

If the 5 working days were to be apportioned into a percentage form, now I've gone through 50% succesfully (I've managed to tick-off most of my to-do list -- pat on the shoulder) and left with another 50% to go through before weekend....

Which means, 50% left before my trip to.... Redang Island, weeeee~* =)

It's the wedding present received from my Pak Lang and Mak Lang, so yes... can say it's our 2nd honeymoon trip laa... ;) I know it's said to be a rainy season now (?) but what to do.. It's a gift from others, takkan nak lebih2 question this and that pulak kan.. We are staying at the Berjaya Redang Spa Resort.. Has anyone stayed there before ? Or been to any other part of Redang Island for that matter.. Care to share your experience ? Both Kerol and I have never been to Redang before...

Can't wait to go for snorkeling and will update my current scorecard after returning from the trip mid next week:

1. Pulau Perhentian in Terengganu
2. Koh Tao & Koh Nangyuan in Samui
3. Pulau Mamutik + Manukan + Sapi in KK
4. Pulau Pangkor in Perak (don't bother)

Redang ? We'll see.

Most important, can't wait to have a good R&R even if its mean just by sleeping in and eating a lot of junk food.. =)

Working hard for now it is, till later~*

*pictures are from Berjaya Hotels & Resorts official website..


  1. I had my honeymoon in Berjaya Redang. It's a private beach, so nothing much there unless you wanna take a taxi boat to Pasir Panjang where all the other resorts are. But if you wanna to get away from the hustle bustle of the city, this is a perfect place to enjoy your private and personal time together...Enjoy!

  2. Has honeymoon kat sana kot... tanyer lah dia...

  3. best nyer redang!! i've been there on 1995 kot..masa form 1 with my family..hahah..masa tu pon dah seronok, skrg mesti lg best!

    Enjoy the honeymoon & take care! :)

  4. i've never been to redang errr, can i come?pllleaaaaaase. bet i can double as a flotation device.(read : perot saya besar macam nak explode)

  5. cruel.....kejam....cruel......kejam.....

    in the middle of the week, a post on a 2nd honeymoon and its a beach retreat???!

    i hope u'll have a great time in redang!!
    take lotsa of pictures!!! ;D

    *sambung buat keje sambil mimpi2 nak pi redang jugak!!*


  6. waaaahhhh... cuti lagi. best nye!!!! nk kirim anak boleh x? huhuhuhu....

  7. hornymoon lg ke? syoknyeeee

    selamat bersuka ria :)

  8. syioknyer..tak penah snorkeling..uwaa..terhingin..terhingin..

    can't wait for ur post on ur 2nd honeymoon wif da pics n elobaration.suka!

  9. x pernah gi redang, tapi perhentian is not bad. enjoy ! :)

  10. farina -- thanks for the tips and well wishes... :)

    oya -- thank you sebab bagitau, dah call dah.. tapi last minute.. hehe :)

    iyma -- thank you ! nanti aku update... =)

    aimie -- baru ingat nak bawak as pelampong.... tapi bila dah kate nak explode tuh, tak jadi lah.. hehehe.. :) you take care and make sure have enough rest k! and makan banyak2 kasik perot lagi besar.. nanti time pantang takleh makan best2 dah... hehe.

    dayana -- alalala... anggap je lah this entry as a counter to your boracay trip, of which i was so jealous at too !! hehehe... thanks for the well wishes, i sure did have a jolly good time.. ! nanti aku update k miss D!

    YaNNie -- kirim anak ?? hehehehe gelak je boleh ? :)

    fRh -- thank u! ko abes pantang bile nihhh ?

    irna -- ouhhhh sile pergi snorkelling trip cepat2 before ada 'isi' lagi! :) nanti aku update k...

    ~liza~ -- thanks dear!

    encik alan -- i'll let you know my thought on perhentian VS redang in my next entry k! :)