Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The one with... baby boy boom, baby!

Was it just me, but really lately within my social network in Facebook and blogging world I noticed that a lot of my friends / friends of my friends gave birth to baby boy.. Kan? Not that I’m complaining -- it’s just merely a sharing of what I have been observing.


Farah, my childhood bestfriend is one of the cases in point. After being pregnant for 40 weeks plus or so, her waiting came to an end when she (finally) gave birth to a cute 3.04kg baby boy last week on 30 June 2009. Alhamdulillah. The healthy baby was named Hadzim Faeiq. (Farah, tak sangka nya kau yang tomboy dulu dah kahwin and ada baby !!! :P)

Kerol and I went to her house in Bukit Mahkota to pay her a visit on the recent Sunday.. Farah was recovering though she looked healthy as ever (she had to deliver via a c-sec) and the baby is so cute and adorable.. Especially part bibir, sangat mungil rasa nak geget! :)

Farah to Hadzim -- "Bangun la.. Bangun la.. Auntie Lili@ datang ni.. Nak masuk blog ni..." -- I'm not making this up, seriouly it's what Farah really said to her baby.. Haha.

Hadzim masih cranky. Taknak bangun. Hehe. So cute!

Finally, a pose from the baby.. Nampak frustttt je.. Hehe but thank you Hadzim! Goooood boy.. :)

After that Farah's mom took over the role of overseeing the baby while Farah + husband went to entertain us at the meja makan.. Seperti biasa, sessi sharing of experiense pun bermula... Huhu..

Sleeping like an angel after bath.

Merengek lapar.

Tidur kekenyangan... :)

Tengok la fesyen rambut tu, taknak kalah.. :P

Back to sleeping like an angel.. Ahhh.. Baby and his own problem-free world..

To Farah and Hafdzuan, congrats again! Enjoy the parenthood world... :)


  1. best nye jd baby..tido.. tido.. tido... x payah bgn pg2 g keje..haha.. :P

    congrats to farah (wpon aku x kenal dia) dia sgt comel!! :)

  2. tu lah.. best jadi baby ni kan.. takyah nak pening2 fikir masalah dunia.. huhu.


    am sure farah will read your comment once she's able to log in.. ;)

  3. hahha thank u for this special post .. ehh kita xamik gamba kita eh?? duh.

    owh anyway thanks utk iyma kawan kau di atas ni :)