Friday, 31 July 2009

The one with... random.. random.. random..

  • I was back in KL on Tuesday midnight, was still on leave on Wednesday, and came back to office only on Thursday.. before I knew it, eh it's Friday already ! I like.. :)

  • And it's Sleepy Friday yaw! sheessshhh..

  • What's more with the 'salary increase is minimal and that bonuses will be on a modest scale' day... *siGh* It's a poor financial performance year, but... Well, ok but at least there's something than nothing aite.. And for that, I'm thankful.. (though it does hurt everytime looking back at the figures again and again hoping I actually read it wrongly, ouch! *wishful thinking*)

  • Lapar... tapi taktau nak makan apa... Sick of the food around this KL Sentral area lah... *bluwek*

  • Feel like watching movie tonight.. Hmmm.. Which one should I go for eh ? Public Enemy ? or The Proposal ?

  • I want to update about my trip to Redang.. but pictures are in Kerol's laptop... perhaps this weekend I'll do just that k... Stay tune! :)

  • Next week I'm turning.... 27! Gosh I don't even feel like 26 to even start with... Total case of perasan muda.. hehe. But whatever it is, I'm glad I've achieved my dream of getting married before 27 :) And guess what, it has been a blissful 2 months already...!

  • Next month is puasa month, I seriously can't imagine how's life would be.. what with Kerol jenis yang bangun sahur to eat rice with dishes and I'm like the otherwise.. huhu..

  • And after puasa month, it'll be raya month... I'm wondering will my house ever be in a visit-able condition by then.. ? Huhu.. *Fingers crossed, hope it will..*

Okie dokie, I think I've blabbered enough for now.. Feel so sleepy I wish I can just go home and hibernate... Huhu.. Till later~*

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The one with... cuti cuti Malaysia.. :)

If the 5 working days were to be apportioned into a percentage form, now I've gone through 50% succesfully (I've managed to tick-off most of my to-do list -- pat on the shoulder) and left with another 50% to go through before weekend....

Which means, 50% left before my trip to.... Redang Island, weeeee~* =)

It's the wedding present received from my Pak Lang and Mak Lang, so yes... can say it's our 2nd honeymoon trip laa... ;) I know it's said to be a rainy season now (?) but what to do.. It's a gift from others, takkan nak lebih2 question this and that pulak kan.. We are staying at the Berjaya Redang Spa Resort.. Has anyone stayed there before ? Or been to any other part of Redang Island for that matter.. Care to share your experience ? Both Kerol and I have never been to Redang before...

Can't wait to go for snorkeling and will update my current scorecard after returning from the trip mid next week:

1. Pulau Perhentian in Terengganu
2. Koh Tao & Koh Nangyuan in Samui
3. Pulau Mamutik + Manukan + Sapi in KK
4. Pulau Pangkor in Perak (don't bother)

Redang ? We'll see.

Most important, can't wait to have a good R&R even if its mean just by sleeping in and eating a lot of junk food.. =)

Working hard for now it is, till later~*

*pictures are from Berjaya Hotels & Resorts official website..

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The one with... yang penting, rupa tu ada.... :)

- Kari ikan merah -

- Sambal telur goreng -

- Kacang buncis goreng with ikan bilis -

Verdict -- The title kinda says it all.. hehehe.. Oh well, there's always room for improvement.. ;)

Monday, 20 July 2009

The one with.. my bestfriend's engagement..

Exactly one week ago, my bestfriend Alin was officially engaged to her other half -- Yohann @ Wil Yap Wei Sin.. It was such a beautiful event altogether.. Despite her busy schedule, she managed to pull it off very very well ! :) What mattered most, close friends, who have known each other since we were in Form 1, were all there to celebrate Alin’s special day.. How time flies huh.. Dayana, Tazz, Rozie, Abby -- you guys are next ! *wink* oh and Munir too, your turn's next.. ;)

We -- being Munir, Alin, Dayana and myself -- had a pre-engagement outing the day before the actual day.. Went to teman Alin to have her manipedi done at The Curve.. It was such a quick, yet a fun moment.. I can't recall exactly when was the last time we hang out together, hmmm must be quite a long time ago.. The four of us used to be so close once, and I'm glad the friendship remains given how time has passed us by... Kalau tengok gambar2 masa form 1 dulu mesti teringat all the good old days I used to have at MRSM Tdk... Zaman budak2 lagi waktu tu.. Ahh I miss those days!

At night, we went to 'crash' Alin's house just to have a look around, see whether Alin needed any helping hands.. Turned out everything was in a perfect order.. The dais was lovely done, so were the hantaran trays.. Munir didn't join that night, but Tina was there with her goody goody boy baby Mika ! That was the first time I held Mika and played with him... He's such a darling... ! Oh, Kerol was there joining us too.. :) And Tazz came not long after that and joined us as well..

We left Alin's place around midnight time, had a supper at Old Town White Coffee near Alin's place and called it the day.

It was a perfect day of a Sunday evening on 12 July 2009, the engagement was scheduled to start at 3.00pm and by 2.30pm we girls were already there at Alin's house.. I was so happy to get to meet Nasal after 13 years ! We last met in 1997 and haven't been in touch ever since..

Tina's Mika was such a good boy, he didn't create any scene at all when the engagement ceremony took place.. Awww such a good sport lah ! Hehehe.. He's definitely the apple of everyone's eyes that day, and onwards.. ;)

By 3.45pm or so, Alin was officially Mrs. Yap-to-be ! :) Was so extremely happy for her.. Dayana, Tazz and myself almost shed tears in joy seeing Alin from afar.. *sniff*

- Alin and Yohann -

- The girls giving a pose while waiting for Alin to layan her other guests... -

- Bridesmaids war between Munir and Dayana.. :D -

- Happy.. Happy.. Happy.. -

- Kerol and I with the newly engaged couple.. -

- The couple, having their outdoor photoshoot -

- From Yohann's eyes... ;) -

Finally... a picture (which was taken by Hilmi Jaafar) I loved the most... :

- A picture that captured THE moment.. and these are the people I've known since 1995.. Memories.. Memories.. -

To Alin and Yohann, congrats !! :) Here's to wishing you guys all the best and have fun preparing for the BIG day, can't wait... !

To Alin, I am so truly happy for you.. *sniff* You should see how Dayana, Tazz and me broke down to tears (light2 only laa.. except Dayana *gRin*) at NZ after we got back from your engagement ceremony.. :) The event was so lovely, and you looked stunning on that day.. xoxo.

Okie dokie, till the next post~*

Friday, 10 July 2009

The one with.. sharing is caring..

It's 1.30pm and office is still empty.. I have no mood (or rather no friend) to go out for lunch.. *tSk* I mean, I did go out for a quick lunch, with the secretaries.. But.. Come on.. It's Friday.. And bosses are not around the whole day.. It could have been one of those fun days where we can plan to go for a long lunch.. But what to do.. Everyone has their own lunch plan already, at a very last minute.. *siGh*

Boring.. Boring.. No mojo to do work.. I'll just have to bear the next 4 hours, and then off I go for a date with hubby! =) He sent me off to work today.. SuKe!! And he's picking me up, then we plan to go for dinner, anddddd.. watch Transformers at GSC Signature... Can't wait..! I really hope that all the hypes created by the public won't fail my expectation.. We'll see..

Hmmm.. I've been meaning to share this piece of advice I received from Kerol’s auntie when we were at the dewan doing the final preparation before our wedding day.. Bukan nak tunjuk baik, after all it's not coming from me.. Just merely sharing it here.. for the benefit of everyone, hopefully.. Hmm.. not sure how to put that in writing, but I’ll try..

Here goes.

We were in the midst of talking about marriage stuff, like how these days relationship and marriage seems to be so overrated whereby divorce appears to be so common in society.. and affairs and infidelity.. I told her, those things really scared me.. I used to not believe in marriage.. Simply based on my own experience.. and based on observations from close friends around me..

And that’s when she told me.. (I’ll continue this in BM, or Manglish.. it’s easier.. ).. Kita ni orang perempuan… Para isteri.. Silapnya selalu satu je.. Kita terlalu nak jaga suami kita, sampai lupa nak jaga hubungan kita dengan Yang Satu.. Kita sibuk nak belajar masak.. Kita sibuk nak kurus.. Nak cantik.. Nak perform di bilik tidur.. Nak ada rumah cantik.. Padahal, yang menganugerahkan perasaan kasih sayang dan cinta suami itu kepada kita datangnya daripada Allah.. Yang meminjamkan suami itu kepada kita adalah Allah.. Untuk sementara di dunia.. Once He commands ‘Kun Fayakun’, maka jadilah ia.. SehendakNya.. Kalau Allah tarik perasaan sayang tu.. Buat la macamana pun dengan suami kita, dia akan tetap pergi juga dari kita.. Tak kira lah betapa how deeply in love he was with us once.. Ye betul, hubungan dengan suami memang perlu dijaga.. Tetapi hubungan dengan Allah itu jangan dilupa… Whenever things go wrong, whenever bad things happen, we all know the ultimate resort is to turn to Him, the Almighty.. Kita sibuk risau suami kita pergi mana.. Buat apa.. Ada affair ke tak.. Tapi kita tak risau langsung Allah marah tak dengan kita, sebab kita acuh tak acuh dengan Dia..

Same goes to si suami.. Sibuk risau pasal nak cari duit nak provide kesenangan kepada si isteri.. Takut isteri tak sayang lagi…Tapi, tak sibuk risau pulak pasal nak jaga Dia, the Almighty..

Isk. (=_=')

I can elaborate more, but I guess by now you get the gist of it aite.. I tell you when she told me all that, I couldn’t help it but to have goosebumps all over me and my eyes became teary.. I felt so.. so.. small.. It really opened up my eyes…...

Hmm.. Ok lah.. That's all I have for now.. Renung2kan.. dannnnn, selamat beramal.

Till later~*

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The one with... random ramblings..

  • I have put on weight ever since I got married... :(

  • Fried macaroni was well-accepted by my neighbour *phew* :') .. and this morning when I was about to enter my car, I saw neighbour was watering her plant.. So I gestured a morning chit-chat with her, and then she said, "Malam ni datang makan kat rumah sini yer.. Ada masak lauk lemak cili api.." Weeeee~* :)

  • Tapiiiii... Just now at about 3 something boss came and drop the bomb -- "we are having an internal meeting later at 5.30pm.." Ngaaaa... Hopefully it won't last long, jussssstttt when I wanted to go back on time huh.. Sheessh.

  • Tak tengok Transformers lagiiiiii.. *tSk* Nak tengok! Nak tengok! (Kerol, sila take note pleaseeee.. :P)

  • Hmm tiba2 teringin nak makan nasik ayam mancongkam lagi lah... (Kerol, yang ni pun please take note ye.. hehe)

  • OK lah.. I'd better go and start preparing for the meeting later.. Tengok gaya boss macam bad mood je.. TTFN !

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The one with... jom main masak-masak :)

Ok, mengikut permintaan ramai orang yang meminta, here’s the recipe for the fried macaroni Kerol and I cooked on last Sunday.. (huhu macam tak percaya je I'm finally at the stage of life whereby I'm actually sharing a recipe with others.. *tSK*)


  • Bawang putih 4 ulas
  • Bawang besar 2 biji
  • Cili kering yang diblend dalam 2 ½ sudu besar (ikut la if nak kurang pedas, letak lesser and if nak pedas, letak more)
  • Macaroni yang bentuk comel tu (dalam separuh paket)
  • ½ cube of chicken stock
  • For the isi -- sukati nak letak apa.. Normally letak minced beef / chicken.. But the other day Kerol and I wanted something with seafood.. So kitorang beli sotong, lala, crabstick, and udang.. Nak carik mussels, tapi takde pulak..
  • Sayur -- sukati jugak nak letak ape.. I like something yang ada effect ‘kruk krak’ when you eat the macaroni goreng.. So I was looking for carrot, tapi carrot dah abes.. Hence the kacang panjang. Boleh letak mixed vege, or cendawan butang, or.. ape2 je lah yang rasa sesuai :)
  • Serbuk oregano
  • Cheese yang dah siap digiris .. Ntah ape ke ntah term nye.. Available kat cheese section in the supermarket..
  • Gula
  • Garam

Cara2 masak

  • Rebus macaroni
  • Rebus bahan2 seafood (kalau minced beef or minced chicken tak payah rebus dulu)
  • Panaskan kuali, masukkan minyak
  • Tumis bawang putih and bawang besar
  • Then masukkan cili kering yang dah diblend tu, gaulkan everyting together
  • Dah naik bau, letak isi (i.e. the seafood or minced beef / chicken) together with the ½ cube of chicken stock
  • Agak2 dah masak (won’t take long), masukkan macaroni yang dah direbus tadi, then gaulkan until sebati
  • Then masukkan sayur, campak gula, garam, serbuk oregano and cheese secukup rasa
  • Gaul2 kan until semua sebati
  • Siap!


If you were to google for the fried macaroni recipe, you’d notice there are a lot of variations out there, so the above is my version.. I mean, me Mama’s version.. To which I found to be just nice.. Up to you if nak modify here and there based on your cooking knowledge k!

Senang je kan ? Selamat mencuba..! Ingat, if Lili@ can cook this dish, everyone else also can! :D (Coz I'm a lousy cook like that.. :P)

Till later…

The one with... baby boy boom, baby!

Was it just me, but really lately within my social network in Facebook and blogging world I noticed that a lot of my friends / friends of my friends gave birth to baby boy.. Kan? Not that I’m complaining -- it’s just merely a sharing of what I have been observing.


Farah, my childhood bestfriend is one of the cases in point. After being pregnant for 40 weeks plus or so, her waiting came to an end when she (finally) gave birth to a cute 3.04kg baby boy last week on 30 June 2009. Alhamdulillah. The healthy baby was named Hadzim Faeiq. (Farah, tak sangka nya kau yang tomboy dulu dah kahwin and ada baby !!! :P)

Kerol and I went to her house in Bukit Mahkota to pay her a visit on the recent Sunday.. Farah was recovering though she looked healthy as ever (she had to deliver via a c-sec) and the baby is so cute and adorable.. Especially part bibir, sangat mungil rasa nak geget! :)

Farah to Hadzim -- "Bangun la.. Bangun la.. Auntie Lili@ datang ni.. Nak masuk blog ni..." -- I'm not making this up, seriouly it's what Farah really said to her baby.. Haha.

Hadzim masih cranky. Taknak bangun. Hehe. So cute!

Finally, a pose from the baby.. Nampak frustttt je.. Hehe but thank you Hadzim! Goooood boy.. :)

After that Farah's mom took over the role of overseeing the baby while Farah + husband went to entertain us at the meja makan.. Seperti biasa, sessi sharing of experiense pun bermula... Huhu..

Sleeping like an angel after bath.

Merengek lapar.

Tidur kekenyangan... :)

Tengok la fesyen rambut tu, taknak kalah.. :P

Back to sleeping like an angel.. Ahhh.. Baby and his own problem-free world..

To Farah and Hafdzuan, congrats again! Enjoy the parenthood world... :)

Sunday, 5 July 2009

The one with... a promise is a promise..

As granted by hubby, I am allowed not to cook during weekdays... but come weekend, kena laaa make sure dapur tu berasap jugak kan.. Ye la, melampau la pulak kalau tak masak langsung.. :P But past few weekends, it was kinda hard for me to start cooking sebab takde fridge lagi.. Masak pun benda2 simple je.. Like the sardine and omelette, sosej, burger & scramble egg, etc..

But this weekend, I have excuses no more sebab fridge baru dah sampai.. Oh actually ada, Kerol tak bawak pergi do the marketing lagi... *gRin* So, yesterday tak masak coz during day time I had a lunch session with my girlfriends - Muni + Maya, Irna and Oya at KLCC.. Then during night time, I had a hang-out session together with hubby and our Gombak friends..

Siang tadi pulak, we had a wedding to attend... So I had only Sunday night left to keep my words to hubby.. Fikir punya fikir ape laaa yang best nak masak kan.. Nasi2 taknak lah sebab dua2 dah makan banyak siangnya.. Sekali tiba2 teringat macaroni goreng.. And Kerol was ok with it..

Seperti biasa menggunakan talian hayat yang ada, I called Mama to ask for the recipe (well I know it's darn simple, but hey must keep in mind, it's ME the subject matter.. You should know how unfriendly I am with the kitchen.. :P).. So ajak Kerol pergi Carrefour to buy the necessary, and off I went to bersilat at the kitchen..

Well ok la must give credit to Kerol as well, we did the cooking together2... =)

Bahan2 dah upgrade.. No more just sardine and egg... :)

The verdict -- sedap !! :) I mean, not bad lah kan for a beginner.. Dah abes masak tu terus rasa, best jugak masak nih... Part preparation and cleaning tu sebenarnya yang leceh... Hmmmmmm.

Yang penting, masak dengan kasih sayang, confirm husband suka... hehehe.

Ok la.. better end now.. geli ngan entry sendiri.. jakun bebenor gayanye... :P

Good night, 'enjoy' Monday blues tomorrow.. and.... till later~*

p.s. Macaroni still banyak lebih.. Kerol cakap boleh panaskan buat breakfast for tomorrow.. anddddd.. boleh kasi jiran sebelah sikit.. Sebab haritu jiran ada pass karipap sedap yang dimasak sendiri maka intinya adalah banyak daging.. And we haven't returned the favour yet.. So I was excited with the idea at first.. but... tiba2 rasa tak confident pulak.. Maybe.. Just maybe.. What if I was in denial, macaroni tu takde lah sesedap mana pun.. just sesedapkan hati je.. Huhu.. We shall see how, hopefully my confidence is at its highest tomorrow morning.. :P

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The one with... totally random..

Penyakit malas dan mengantuk semakin menjadi2 sejak akhir2 ni.. sigh.

Malas betul nak buat segala benda, termasuk lah untuk update blog.

Hmm.. tapi ni gagahkan diri gak.. Coz I need to be seen as staring at the laptop and produce the typing sound.. Sounds keji but give me a break.. Its near lunch hour and I’m fasting today.. huhu.. As always, last minute rules ! :D

Oh ye, I would like to extend my best wishes to 3 of my friends who just bagged the title mother… Congratulations to Abot with her newborn baby boy Dhia Rizqi, Narqes with her newborn baby boy Muhammad Rayyan, and recently my dearest friend Farah, with her newborn baby boy Hadzim Faeiq.. Glad that all of you and your little bundle of joy are safe and doing just fine… Again, many congrats !!!! :)

There are more joining the bandwagon soon.. Hana.. Aimie.. Kunut.. to name a few… Chaiyok chaiyok ! =)

I went to visit Narqes last weekend, together with Ida and Kunut.. Adoiii I felt so out of place lah.. (Narqes and Ida are a mother of 1 and Kunut is expecting).. But its good, I get to learn a lot of things.. Not that I’ve never heard such pregnancy and giving birth stories before.. but now that I’m married, lets just say, I appreciate those facts far better now… :)

The recent Monday marked my 1st month wedding anniversary .. The past 1 month has been nothing but a total bliss, Alhamdulillah.. :) I love my husband more and more with each passing days, looking forward to many more lovely years to come ! xoxo

Oh and just so happened, finally we bought our washing machine and fridge, yeay !! So I’d like to think that as the 1st wedding anniversary gift for both of us.. ;) Hmmm.. now we can start buying raw materials to stock up and I can start cooking other dishes! Oh talking about dishes.. Please lah, I put up the pictures of sardines and eggs previously not to scream that we are now running low with budget post-wedding, to the extend we have nothing else to eat but those two pitiful dishes..

I mean, first thing first, those are not pitiful dishes.. and second, cut us some slack will you please, can or not ? We had no fridge yet not because we don’t have the money to buy.. If we were to just settle down with small fridge, simple washing machine, small sofa, small TV, etc etc etc we are far more than capable of doing that.. But no, we have our own target and our own ideas when it comes to our home living, so we are taking our own sweet time to have the best we can afford to have.. it is just a matter of time. So please stop questioning our state of living and give us some pitiful remarks.. Bah! Now I don’t need to brag about what we want and all, do I ? So I’d better stop before being labelled as snobbish. Coz I’m nothing like that. So ok I’m a bit defensive. That’s all, period.

Oh not wanting to end this entry with an angry tone, here's a happy note -- we've gotten our wedding pictures already... yeay! :)

OK lah.. I guess that's all I have for now.. Till later~* :)