Monday, 8 June 2009

The one with... wedding post.. not yet!

Huhu thought I'd be able to write few entries re my W day, but things got so hectic for the past 2 weeks.. and now here I am at the Starbucks in Subang Airport with Kerol waiting for our flight to Koh Samui.. :)

Will be back only on Sunday, so I guess this is all I have for now!

.... and a pic or two :)

Till later k!


  1. happy honeymooning lilia and kerol!

  2. hahha have fun! i heard its 7 nites! plenty of exploring

  3. mak aih lama gile hornymoon!
    anyway selamat ber-horny-horny moon babe!

  4. mak aih, 7 hari 7 malam.. hehehe bawak tak gari, bulu2 ayam (boa), thong tu ke semua noks?

    wakaka (gurau je)

    lilia sangat pretty to the max :)

  5. tina -- thank you thank you !!!

    joe -- haha yeah will do.. it's 7D 6N btw..

    farah -- i wonder whether your baby has popped out by now??

    iyma -- hehehe.. 6 nites... JER ! :)

    dalie -- hahaha .. dush dush.. sini banyak bapok doh... cun gile plak tu... (motif bagitau? :P)

    thanks dalie, everyone looks pretty on their wedding day !

    eehan -- hehe thanks.