Friday, 12 June 2009

The one with... from Samui with love =)

It's our 5th day in Samui and as per our plan, it's free and easy day.. hence the time spent at Starbucks enjoying the wifi over frappucino.. Tapi Starbucks kat sini takde free wifi lah (very the lousy!) so ni tengah nak make sure kitorang fully-use the time limit we purchased. Kerol is surfing the net using his iphone and I get to use his laptop, wee hoooo~*

I've been having a really great time so far, in fact these three weeks have been nothing but heaven... =) Can't imagine life after my leaves are over is 2 days time.. *tSk*

Okie dokie.. Mahu pergi blog-hop and check FB..

Till later~*


  1. photo



    dan lagi
    8 lagi

  2. ye..lagi..lagi..dan lagi!!!

  3. dear lilia,
    stay kat hotel mana? magnificent nya view, subhanallah.. :)

    pasal cookies, hmmm..just how much a hundred bucks worth of cookies are we talking? hehe..sekilo? dua kilo?

  4. Pn. Farah & Pn. Iyma, -- bertenang.. bertenang... hehehehe :P will upload soon k !

    dalie daling, -- nanti aku cite in my honeymoon entry k.. anyway the cookies were prepared by the secretary from my department.. kau nak order tak ? aku bleh kasik details.. harga terbaekkkkk... :)