Thursday, 18 June 2009

The one with.. 8 June - 14 June 2009 -- honeymoon trip day 4

OK now it’s time to cover day 4 -- comment laaa sikit.. baru ada semangat nak tulissss :)

On day 4, awal2 lagi kitorang dah bangun to be picked-up by a van at 7.30am to go to jetty. We took the island hopping + snorkeling package. OK for snorkeling, you can either go to Ang Thong National Marine Park or to the nearest islands Koh Tao & Koh Nangyuan. I am not sure which one is better, but somehow we chose to go to the 2 nearest islands. Also again be sure what types of activities you want to do. Most packages have canoeing, kayaking and mount climbing -- not my cup of tea :P So we arranged for only snorkeling activity.

I had fun -- the beaches were private, hence so clean, beautiful and water adalah crystal clear.. We didn’t take that many pictures sebab Acap & Hana takde (so takde camera underwater *hehe*).. And the package we took was worth paying for.. The tour guide was very attentive, we had a free-flow carbonated drinks and the lunch was delicious! Bukan cikai2 letak dalam bekas polystyrene whatsoever but a proper table set-up with makan hidang at a nice restaurant. Cuma itu lah.. Kerol & I telan air liur je lah tengok diorang makan ayam goreng.. Huhu..

Anyway, so far here’s my current scorecard when it comes to snorkeling:

1. Pulau Perhentian in Terengganu
2. Koh Tao & Koh Nangyuan in Samui
3. Pulau Mamutik + Manukan + Sapi in KK
4. Pulau Pangkor in Perak (don't bother)

We were back at the hotel around 5pm and continued mandi swimming pool kat hotel..

Rehat2 and then it was time to get ready for… candle light dinner for two! :)

When we checked-in on day 2, upon finding out that we are newlyweds the hotel’s owner named Bruce or something was kind enough to offer us to arrange for such dinner… That time in my heart I was like jumping with joy because that was what I’ve imagined how a honeymoon should be.. A romantic dinner… Weeee~*

So when we got out from our room we can see from afar that a table has been set up by the pool.. I couldn't help it but to smile sheepishly.. *hehe* And the moment we reached at the table, there was one lady came and said that she was the person in-charged for that night…

As I mentioned, the hotel only serve vegetarian food. We have pre-approved the menu first the day before. Food was super delicious (except for the tomato thing), ambience was nice, staff was friendly, and I had a great time! :) Only if we had it during sunset...... :P

After finished with the dinner, we went to town for massage… Dah kata siang tadi snorkeling kan, so kulit adalah sangat kering and burnt.. (perangai vain ini adalah jangan harap and tidak akan dilayan oleh Kerol if it wasn't because we were on a honeymoon.. hehe :P).. We went to the same place (i.e. My Friend) and chose Aloevera Massage.. It was only THB500 (RM50) for one hour, one whole body.. Nice !!!

Lepas tu ingat nak pi melantak pancake, tapiiiii.. kedai adalah sudah tutup… Balik tidur sudah….. huhu...

Okie dokie, it's lunch time !


  1. me love perhentian too! water is so clear kan? and i hope they remain it.kalau commercial kan,habisla.btw,thanks for all the travel log :)

  2. honeymoon mmg xlengkap kalo xde snorkeling .. aktiviti wajib tu :)

    shorts adalah sama .. sweet gitu ;)

    waaa terasa dengki aku tengok romantic dinner korang .. aku masa honeymoon xde romantic dinner sbb tak kisah psl makanan, tp sibuk dgn aktiviti jln2 .. huhu

    aktiviti urut mengurut aku ada gaks, tp sesama sendiri laa .. free of charge. ghagahghaghga :P

  3. aku pon dengki tgk romantik dinner.. hahaha..

    arghh best nya horny moon ko, dah la 7 hari 7 malam noks..

  4. uishhh.....kan main lgik...dulu aku snorkeling kat pulau kapas..not bad lahh....wahhh...cun seh pulau tuh....

    candle lite dinner gitu...bravo bravo...hahaha...

  5. wah.....bestnyer...

    patut la dalam fb hari tuh...rindu kfc...ha ha ...

    awakla org pertama yang saya dengar honeymoon 7 hari 7 malam...

  6. wahey!7 days 7 nights?!am officially jealous!in a good way though.but the thing is,am most probably be lying about the good part cos am staring at all your photos with the evil eye and am desperate for you to finish your honeymoon entry so that i can complete my ritual so beware.heehe kidding!!this is what i wanted to say for real now,mashaA your honeymoon looked simply sublime and i love the riding on the bike photo!looking so sweet together!awwwwww ;) XO

  7. 1. Aku suka dress masa candle lite dinner u..sweet.. :)

    2. Beach tu mmg super duper cantik! samui dah masuk dlm wanna-go-list aku..hehe

    3. Best ar mknan masa candle lite dinner best! Aku dulu, sumer perfect, tp mknan x sedap lgsung! huhu..maybe bkn taste kami..

    4. I still love ur SALLY t-shirt ;)

  8. cantek sangat beach dia..nak pegi jugak la samui ni..

  9. Missy Farah, -- kan kan? Perhentian adalah sangat cantik … and thanks dear for liking my traveling entries :)

    Farah, -- itu lah.. but depends jugak kan.. kalau pergi city places, camno nak snorkeling ?

    ohh.. short adalah TERbeli di Samui itself.. hehe.. and yang aku punye tu adalah for men yer.. sebab kalau for women, mak aiiii pendek kemain.. dah macam rupe boxer dah.. hehe.

    kami berdua adalah food lover.. jadi aktiviti makan adalah wajib .. hehe.. lagipun like i said, it was the hotel owner yang kasik suggestion.. so kitorang was like, why not kan.. especially aku laa kan.. tergedik2 nak.. :D

    hahaha aktiviti urut mengurut kau adalah terbaekkkk.. tapi i bet musti tak sempat sampai one hour kan.. hahahaha..

    dalie daling, -- hehe.. :) hornymoon 1 hari pun tetap best key…. 7 hari mungkin adalah mencecah tahap melampau.. :D

  10. wan hasmat, -- oh ye ke.. ok nanti aku check it out pasal pulau kapas k.. :) your time to have candle light dinner will come, i’m sure.. ;)

    zie, -- hahaha a’ah.. sebab kfc kat sane non-halal… *isk* tapi dah selamat bedal dah bile sampai kat malaysia.. :P

    hehe.. ye ke.. orang pertama eh.. saje la kan.. take a longer R&R break.. penat keje.. penat buat wedding preps lagi kan.. so memang mengrewardkan diri sendiri .. :)

  11. aimie dearie, -- hehehe alalala don’t laaaa like thatttt .. :) thanks for the compliment sis.. and fret not am done with the entries already ! :D


    1. dress itu adalah kepunyaan adikku Erin.. SO not me ye.. hehe..
    2. ohhh sila put that into your list k ! :)
    3. oh ye ke… takpe.. yang penting it’s the experience you gained kan.. and that you went through it the loved one… =)
    4. hahaha.. aku memang nak kene carik baju lain lah untuk aktiviti pantai.. sebab kalau tidak memang t-shirt sally je lah aku belasah… :P to Kerol, please take note ye.. muahmuah.

    f.i.e.z.a, -- ouhhh sila pergi k ! :)

  12. Regarding T-shirt Sally :

    Suro pakai bikini takmo..!!! Hahahahaha....

  13. lar..apesal la ko xmo pakai bikini..kerol dah bg tu.. :P :P

    dress itu nmpk sesuai utk ko :)