Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The one with.. 8 June - 14 June 2009 -- honeymoon trip day 3

Hai adik adikkkkk.. Kembali kita ke rancangan “Adoiiii bila la entry pasal honeymoon trip ni nak abesssss..” :)

OK hari ketiga adalah hari berjalan2.. If you must know, one of the places-to-go in Samui includes Namuang Safari Park. And the place offers all sorts of activities including jungle trekking whatsoever. So you must know what you want otherwise you’ll be ended up taking up a package that includes activities you don’t want to do.. which means paying for more. As for us, they didn’t have a package of our likings, so created our own package with (we think) a good deal.. We went for Unique Animals Show + Elephant trekking..

Ok here’s my take on those 2 activities.

As for the elephant trekking, mula2 I felt so gayat like that.. then once I got the rhythm, I started to feel kesian for the elephant… :( Dah la elephant yang bawak kitorang tu baru 5 years old, named Young Lady.. *tSk* It’s a 30-minute ride, I enjoyed it first half way and the final half I was already feeling so pitiful for the Young Lady… boleh? But all in all it’s an experience I had together with hubby, so that’s alright…

Young Lady gave her frustated act... boleh?? hehe..

The animals show consists of Elephant show, Monkey show, Crocodile show, Birds show and Snakes show.. Of all, only elephant show and crocodile show are worth watching.. Yang lain2 tuh, hmmpphhh asal boleh je ! Crocodile show yang paling.. how to say.. I was like whoaaa.. biar betul dia masukkan tangan.. biar betul dia masukkan kepala.. There’s one time, the crocodile snapped riggght after the guy took out his hand out of its mouth -- scary !!

After that we were sent back to our hotel, and we took the scooter to go to Big C -- a place akin to Makro and Tesco.. Bought food to stock up and went to town to get ready for Muay Thai show ! :)

Cubaan untuk take picture while Kerol was riding the bike.. and all the time I memang sat in front.... Weeee... :)

Oh.. terjumpa accounting firm, so teruja sikit.. hehe..

Ok for the Muay Thai, the tix is a bit expensive.. the cheapest being THB1,000 (RM100).. But I haven’t seen such show before, so we went for it.. It was supposed to start at 9pm but got delayed to 10pm.. sheesshh.. There were 6 pairs altogether with one pair fighting for 5 rounds.. Things ended sometime past midnight time.. Some audience left half way, but we stayed throughout.. just because I actually enjoyed the fight :) They had kids fighting, girls, and also adults.. I thought those were cool..

Ok lah.. I think that’s all for today ya ! Will continue with the rest tomorrow.. Sila jangan bosan pretty pleaseeee……


  1. bagus!! aktiviti byk giler .. mcm ni laa honeymoon .. bukan aktiviti dlm bilik jek..!

    mana gamba kau dlm mulut boye tu? xde dlm mulut boye real, mulut boye jantan (kerol) pn jadik laa..
    apa siut ;)

  2. giler kan pegi smapai 7 that byk benda bleh menarik gile..puas! lps ni mmg nak gi mana2 plan g 7 hari gak lah!! heheh..idea yg bagus utk diikut!

    p/s: aku pon nak tgk gmbr ko dlm mulut boye jantan tu..keh keh keh :P

  3. oh..aku lupa nak ckp..aku suka Young Lady buat aksi frustrated tu..soo cute! korg berat sgt kot kan, sbb tu dia mcm tu.. :P (gurau..gurau..jgn amek hati..)

  4. hahaha ape korang merepek nihhhh pasal boye jantan nihhhhh LOL..

    anyway farah -- kalau dok bilik je kat kl pun bolehhhh ye tak ? hehe..

    iyma -- memang boleh spend 7D6N for holiday, but be prepared for the wallet damage at the end of the day lah! huhu.. and comel kan Young Lady tuh.. hampes betul buat pose macam tuh.. hahaha.. tu lah sape soh diorg kasik gajah kecik.. bukan kitorg yang berat lah.. hehehe defensive !

  5. Lia yang berat.. tiap2 hari ajak aku makan nasi lauk tomyam-udang-sungai-yang-fresh....

    :) aku ringan jer...