Friday, 19 June 2009

The one with.. 8 June - 14 June 2009 -- honeymoon trip day 6 and 7!

It’s the final entry already alrighttttt.. regarding my honeymoon trip la that is.. :)

Day 6 was the day we had to check-out from Prana Resorts *sob*sob* So early morning we woke up to take a ride around the hotel area and Bo Phut area for a clickclick session.. Oh ye, saya adalah memakai baju yang sama dipakai pada malam candle light dinner.. ;P

Then lepas dah settled down and packing, we checked-out from Prana and went to another hotel – Impiana Samui Resort & Spa.

Hmmmm I thought that the hotel was.. well, normal. Of course they have a nice view, and entah.. somehow I felt like the hotel was too city-like, i.e. something I can stay here in KL you get what I mean ?

Lepas dah letak2 barang we went out for… makan ! Again, went back to the same restaurant for the last time *tSk* Knowing that we were going back to Malaysia already, the Mak Cik prepared a NICER meal for us… Sedapppp !! And it costed us only THB320 ..

Lepas tu we went to take a ride around Chaweng area and stopped by at this place called Look Out Point or something to take more picturessss.. *hehe*

Nothing much to be done already so we went back to hotel to take some rest. Plus, Impiana ada TV.. So macam jakun sikit laaa dapat tengok TV.. ngeh3. Malam tu we’ve planned to have another massage at the same place before going back next day. That time around we took the Aromatherapy Massage. Costed us THB400 only per hour for the whole body and my take on that -- heaven !! I felt so relaxed and nicely pampered..

Lepas tu keluar2 from the massage place, my eyes rested on this one area opposite to it. Hari2 lalu kat situ tengokkkk je dari jauh.. Tak berani nak datang dekat.. Alang2 dah last day -- Kerol looked at me, I looked at him -- off we went to watch the…. Drag Queen Cabaret Show.. huhu ! What an experience.. :P Entrance was free, but you have to order drinks / food. The performance was really something something.. They looked (awkwardly) beautiful.. heh.

The show took 1 hour, by the time it ended it was already 11.45pm.. And Pakcik Idris’s Happy Pancake stall was already closed….. =(((( I told Kerol tak kira, nakkkk jugakkk.. So pusing2 jumpa la this one pancake stall that has bulan and bintang.. Butttt.. pancake dia adalah tidak sesedap Pakcik Idris punyaaaa… :(

The next day, nothing much to talk about.. Our flight back to KL was 11am, so awal2 lagi dah nak kena pergi airport.. Didn’t get to do much pun.. Anyway of all things we planned to do in Samui, only 2 to-do's did not materialised -- to play football golf & tailor baju kerja.....

We’ve reached home sweet home safely in one piece, feeling happy and refreshed, mixed with rimas and sedih because baju banyak tak basuh lagi we didn’t have washing machine yet and… the next day adalah back to work day !

There you go, that’s all I have..! Think I’ll give some space to the blog lah for now ya.. Never have I updated this many entries within the span of 4 days.. Huhu..

Hope you guys enjoy reading them! :) Till later~*


  1. lia you look very BEAUTIFUL in that blue dress!!!!! i tink you sure wear tis kinda dress more often!!! sangat canteeeekkkk!!!!!


  2. owh.... and that drag queen show was really sumting huh??? nanti citer kat aku weihh!!! *winkwink*


  3. yaa dayana .. betul tu. xpernah2 aku tengok kau pakai dress. auwwww

  4. auwww sweet pakai dress biru ..lalala~

    aku nak tgk gak drag queen nye show tu dulu masa kat phuket tapi si ridz ni homophobic..mmg tak dapek laa..dia takutttt..hahah

    tq lilia for the travel guide to koh samui..i enjoyed it and all the pics.

  5. miss seben, -- ohhh baju2 yang kelihatan seperti SO not me, i.e. any other than t-shirts and jeans, adalah kepunyaan adikku Erin.. :) so thanks to her... hehe.. anyway thank you for the compliment.. hehe shy lah ! will update you about the show when we meet up k.. if it's not anytime soon, it'll be during our pesta burger session! hehehe.. muahmuah.

    farah, -- refer to reply aku to dayana.. :)

    dalie, -- to be honest, i felt a bit.. uncomfortable wearing the dress.. hehe.. SO not me :P

    oh ye ke.. takpe.. you didn't miss anything great pun... :)

    wee hoo good to know you enjoyed my entries.. muahmuah.

  6. FYI,

    For the Cabaret Show Lia "SMILING ENDLESSLY" from start to finish looking at those drag queens.... pelik aku dibuatnya :P

    Siap ader moment accident lagi.... hahahaha

  7. if ada rezeki nak g koh samui nanti leh refer kat ur blog nak dudok mana n mkn mana. thanx for the infos..=)

  8. Ni last ke? Aku mcm still berharap more pictures & story pasal honeymoon ada lg pasni..seronok la tgk gmbr org honeymoon..especially org yg cipta rekod honeymoon 7 hari.. wow! :)

    Baju hitam ko pakai masa tgk drag queen tu pun sweet.. :)

  9. looks like its too late to reply to motivate u to blog faster..hahha

    really nice hotels..if anything i prob would spend all day reading n facing the sun..

    but first..must get sunnies definitely!

  10. akhirnya...

    im so bz today enjoying da pics n stories of urs...

    habisla kalu boz aku tau aku x wat kije harini.. hahaha..well monday's blue...x boleh productive sgt...

    neway...thanx for sharing all dis moments n experiences...aku balik nak wat plan baru ni so wana go to koh samui...betulkah eja tuh???wateva...nak g vacation jauh2 ni kena proper plan financially n timely..

    ok then...

  11. Encik husband, -- hahaha banyak laaaa... dush dush... :P

    f.i.e.z.a, -- my pleasure to share the info.. :)

    iyma, -- hahaha.. aku sendiri pun dah naik muak tengok entry pasal honeymooooon je.. ape ntah lagi orang lain.. ko adalah pelik... :D

    ohhh again, it's my sister's baju... ngeh3x.

    joe, -- oh well better late than never! :)

    yanti, -- hi !!! whoa rajin komen blog skang ?? bagus bagus.. aku suke ... hehehe.. and glad to know you enjoy reading the entries penuh ngan gambar aku & kerol je.. :)

    sile lah plan your holiday.. wazif pun dah besar kan.. senang nak bawak jalan2 !

  12. baju sister ko adalah cantik2.. :) aku minat..hehe