Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The one with... 8 June - 14 June 2009 -- honeymoon trip day 2

On day 2, we checked-out from Baan Hin Sai hotel and booked a cab to go to the main hotel we were supposed to stay in during our honeymoon trip. It’s a new hotel called Prana Resorts & Spa located in Bo Phut. We booked this hotel via our Sunway Vacation Club membership. It’s a very very nice hotel, with a very very friendly and attentive staff.. The hotel has this “vital energy” concept, so the facilities there are very eco friendly.. The restaurant offers only vegetarian food and there’s no TV in the room :) But fret not you can get it upon request.. (We knew this only when we got back :D)

So as usual the first thing we did was exploring the hotel area and took some pictures.. We got the room facing the beach, it’s very nice! I love it.. There’s even a private balcony attached which is big enough to place the beach chair..

After arranged for the scooter rental, we then made move to one of the tourist places called Big Buddha.. Nothing fancy -- think Batu Caves. Took some pictures and then made our move to this interesting tourist place called Hinta Hinyai or in Samui's own translated English -- Grandpa and Grandma Rocks :D

We had some pictures taken with the rocks but so shy lah to put them here.. Tengok gambar kat display board diorang udah la yer.. Plus gambar yang ditangkap adalah merupakan pose yang merepek2.. :P

Then kitorang took our own sweet time riding the scooter exploring Bo Phut area, and not bad, they even had Makro and Tesco. Ahh I love my honeymoon trip so much.. I feel very so carefree like there’s nothing in the world to worry about.. :)

Dah penat pusing2, Kerol brought me to this place called Muslim Village.. it’s really a perkampungan orang Islam Koh Samui because you’ll see there’s a big mosque in the middle of the kampung and all the women there are in tudung.. The men are all working as nelayan, whose great great great grandparents believed to be originally coming from Kelantan.. hence the dialect they have.. Dapat laaa makan nasi ayam haritu.. nyamnyam :)

Lepas tu we went to Chaweng and arranged our activities with the tour agent for the next few days -- Muay Thai, Elephant trekking and Island hopping + snorkeling. After all was done, we went for a massage -- nice and very cheap!! I’m talking about THB200 (RM20) per hour here.. Best.. !! There are lots of massage and spa places, we chose this one place called My Friend.. purely because they are very attention-drawing.. With the staff’s fluorescent orange coloured uniform, who would have missed them from afar?? :D and plus, they have few branches here and there across Samui. So nampak gah sikit laaaa.. :P

After being Thai-massaged krrruuuukk kraaakk kruuuukkk kraaakkk, we went to…. again for Happy Pancake! *hehe*

Till next entry -- please bear with me k !! All this honeymoon trip related entries can serve as a reference for me later in the future...


  1. wow...lilia, all your so-called 'wedding entries' nih bole buat reference la ..hihi:p

  2. whoa!! hotel tu mmg tersangat best!! aku cam terlopong gak la nye.. :)

    Granpa & Granma rocks?? Hahaha..aku rasa aku pernah dpt emel pasal batu ni..menari..menarik.. ;)

    eh..koh samui ngan krabi lain2 ek? (aku malas surf..hehe)

  3. lia...
    i ssooooo love your hotel!!!! sangat canteeekk!!!

    n pic u and kerol naik vespa and round2 satu island sanggatttt roomaanntiiik!!!!!!!!!! vroom..vroom... with love.....


  4. pae, -- hehee.. refer jangan tak referrrr.. :)

    iyma, -- krabi and samui bukan tempat yang sama laaa cik adik! :) kerol has been to krabi, but i have not :( ko planning nak pergi ekkkk...

    granpa and granma rocks itu memang sangat menarik yer.. hehe..

    seben, -- hehehe.. kalau kau suke, aku laaaaagi suke.. :D lovelove.

  5. hotel kau mmg mengiurkan .. damnnn

  6. yeah..plan nak ke krabi..harap2 boleh la..kalu aku pregnant mmg burn ah ticket tu..sah2 aku tgh sarat masa tu..uwaaaa!!!! :(

  7. mrs lilia..nice photo u n the scooter..anyway ur trip ni mcm reference plak utk we all yg belum penah pegi..keep on travelling babe

  8. farah, -- alhamdulillah.. dapat hotel cantik.. :)

    iyma, -- ohhh ye ke.. dah beli tiket ehhhh.. takpe insyaAllah takkk.. k? plannye nak pergi bulan bape ni ? end of the year eh..

    wan, -- thank you thank you ! i'll be more than flattered to know my entries can be used for reference to others.. :)

  9. Lia,

    my heart goes to Young Lady.. bukan apa, i always have this soft spot for elephants.. they are so comel.. :)