Thursday, 18 June 2009

The one with.. 8 June - 14 June 2009 -- honeymoon trip day 5

Ok ok this is going to be my second last entry regarding my trip.. promise :)

It was on day 5 I had my first sigh -- thinking that the trip was about to reach to its end soon.. Huhu.. Anyway, cherishing every moment of it the husband declared it’s a free-and-easy day.. ! :)

We first went to Chaweng town to shop for souvenirs. Personally, I felt like there’s nothing much to buy from there. I mean, they were all pretty normal just like those any others you find at holiday place of an island -- t-shirts, slippers, keychain, shorts, swimsuits, etc etc. If there’s one thing, it would be their carvings and paintings. But those stuff has either human prints on it, animals especially elephant, or patung Buddha.. And it’s hard to bargain there as compared to how we did it in Bali. Nevertheless, I bought t-shirts for families, fridge magnet, cushion cover for mama, sling bag for Erin and yup.. that’s it. We found a place that sells a good quality t-shirts that have ‘Koh Samui’ prints at a good price of THB150 each. I didn’t take the picture of that place, but it’s a proper building called JasonSamui. Kedai tepi2 jalan pun ada jual t-shirt harga THB150 or cheaper but design tak cantek sangat and material tak best. Yang JasonSamui tu siap ada fitting room lagi.. Not bad la..

And Kerol, being suami yang prihatin, telah mencadangkan untuk melepak di tempat yang ada wifi… Weeee~* Hence the time spent at Starbucks. But Starbucks kat Samui doesn’t have free wifi lah, sheeshh. We bought the card whatsoever anyway for the wifi and ended up lepaking there until night.. hehe.. I used Kerol’s laptop and he’s surfing the net using his iphone..

In between (we went to Starbucks 2 times with a meal break.. hehe), harus lah lapar kan.. So we went to the Muslim Halal restaurant again to eat the nasi and tomyam…. nyamnyam… :) Sambil2 tu sempat singgah hotel kejap to take charger and adaptor... :P

That night we were charged THB280 for our food -- 2 nasi putih, tomyam udang yang sedap, telur dadar and paprik ayam.. Murah pun murah, yang penting sedapppp... And I managed to take picture with the owner MakCik Limah (ok I didn’t get her name actually.. Anggaplah nama dia tu k.. :P). Told her that I want to promote her kedai makan to my Malaysian friends… :)

Kerol -- in his attempt to nakkkkk jugak sirap limau ais to the extent he went to the kitchen and explain.. hehe

The Mak Cik yang sangat baik dan attentive to your request :)

Hmmm... OK day 5 ni nothing much to story mory .. will continue with day 6 and 7 shortly; which is gonna mark the end of my honeymoon trip saga ya !! :)


  1. 1. Haha..kerol sgt kelakar..minum je la air yg ada..hish.. :P

    2. Aku terpk, ko suruh sape ek amek gmbr korg?? Huhu..the passerby? kami dulu malu gile nak mintak tolong org amekkan gmbr..tolak2 sape kena ckp, last2 aku amek gmbr dia, dia amek gmbr aku.. :P

    3. Confirm makanan sgt sedap sbb licin mcm x payah basuh dah pinggan tu! :P

    4. Makcik tu sgt comel..aku suka.. ;)

  2. tomyam tu sungguh mengujakan la...hehe.. =)
    msti lagi sedap dari msian punya kan?ke sama jek?

  3. perangai "nak jugak sirap limau" sampai masuk dapur tue sanggattt laa familiar.... spa yer perangai mcm tue jugak....

    ohh... Pn.Lilia... sebegitu jugak... hahaha

    sehati sejiwa laa korang ;)


  4. iyma, --

    1. hehe.. sebab boring lah asyik minum air masak.. or air gas.. tu yang nak air sirap limau tuh.. :)

    2. slalu kitorg set self-timer, or menggunakan khidmat tangan kerol yang panjang itu untuk tangkap gambar sendiri.. hehe.. tapi kalau kat tourist places, memang kitorg mintak orang lain tangkapkan lah.. sebab lepas tu kitorg akan offer untuk tolong tangkapkan gambar orang tuh plak... hehe..

    3. ouhhh memang sedappp... :D

    4. hehe a;ah dia memang sangat comel and sangat baik ok...

  5. f.i.e.z.a, -- i can be bias or what, but personally i rasa memang lagi sedap dari malaysia.. sebab isi sangat banyak and udang sangat2 fresh... :)

    seben, -- hahaha banyak laaa kauuuuu... :D