Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The one with... 8 June - 14 June 2009 -- honeymoon trip day 1

I won’t be getting the pictures captured on my wedding reception (which was held on 31 May 2009) anytime soon, so guess I’ll skip that first and move on with writing the entry regarding my honeymoon trip :)

After much deliberation, Kerol and I chose Koh Samui as our honeymoon destination though it’s a second trip for Kerol to the island.. Had a good 7D6N stay over there at 3 different hotels and I must say, that was the best holiday I’ve ever had! I mean, not that I purposely want to state the obvious.. *rolling eyes* :P All I’m trying to say is, by comparison, I can put things into perspective now on how those normal 3D2N or 4D3N holiday can actually be such a hectic trip as one needs to race against time to make sure one covers at least some, if not all the must-go places & must-do things & must-eat food within such a period of time.. Plus, one also has to bear in mind the travelling can really eats up the time as well. But ok la fine, not all places really require such a long holiday period kan.. (Adoiii apesal laaa membebel plak ni…..)


So yes, really (singing) we had joy, we had fun, we had season in the sun (stop singing) at Samui.. :P

Here goes our whereabout on Day 1:

We boarded Firefly to go to Koh Samui. Departed from Subang Airport at 10am and the journey took 2 hours. Timing at Koh Samui is 1 hour behind Malaysia, so we reached at 11am local time (which is 12noon Malaysia time) -- save 1 hour ! :) Oh ye naik Firefly adalah scary apabila langgar kepul2 awal closer to the island... kecut perut !

For the first day, we stayed at this hotel -- Baan Hin Sai Chaweng Noi Boutique Resort which is located quite near to Chaweng, the busiest and happening place in Samui. We took the Sea Front Chalet room and was assigned to a room with a nice view and well-decorated for honeymooners. Haha. When we first entered the room I couldn’t help it but to laugh and feel shy at the same time.. All the while tengok gambar je kan.. :D

The hotel was ok la.. has a superb view and quite secluded.. But I don’t really like the idea that the hotel is located in a jungle-like.. Everything is kayu-kayan based..

Upon arrival, we memang planned to do nothing but to catch up our sleep.. Still penat and had lack of sleep from the majlis bertandang Kerol’s side the day before our trip.. Towards evening baru bangun and start planning our to-do’s throughout the trip. Lunch was Gardenia’s butterscotch bread and Maggie mee brought from Malaysia. Hari first jer dah perabiskan the food stock.. :D Then we took a stroll around the hotel to take pictures, and mandi swimming pool…

Malam pulak, we rent a scooter and Kerol brought me for a tour around the island … I enjoyed it so very much ! Felt like I was one of the the local people plus I get to see the night life at Samui, especially at Chaweng… :) It’s busy yet not as hectic in KL.. So I felt so relaxed… Very carefree.. Oh, sewa motor / scooter is about THB150 – 300 satu hari, i.e. around RM15 – 30.. If rent from hotel, mahal la THB300.. But tepi2 jalan can get THB200. If rent for more than 1 day, can bargain for THB150.

Dalam pusing2 tu, we stumbled upon the one and only Muslim restaurant.. It's located opposite to Bangkok Hospital Samui near Chaweng.. Ape lagi, dan dan tu jugak lapor nasik! Hehe..

The food was nice and reasonably priced. And the owners -- a pakcik and a makcik can speak in Malay, but Kelantan dialect.. Tomyam adalah sedap and udang adalah banyak, fresh and terbaekkkk... :) In total we were charged THB310, i.e. RM31. Not bad!

Lepas tu sambung pusing2 town and close to midnight we stopped by at this pancake stall for supper. In Samui, in fact I understand it’s a Thailand thing -- so even in Phuket or Bangkok, you’ll see a lot of pancake stalls around. Kerol cakap kalau stall ada tanda bulan & bintang means the seller is a Muslim.. Not sure how true.. But they don’t sell pancake with meat.. So only with peanut butter / nutella / banana / different types of jem flavourings.. This particular stall we went to is called Happy Pancake and is owned by a nice man called Pakcik Idris who can speak Malay :) I’ve tried his banana+peanut butter pancake, the verdict -- heaven!! :)

Ok.. that's all I have for now.. Nak pergi lunch ni.. Will continue to write about the rest of our days in Samui hopefully later k!


  1. hornymoon sampai 7 hari .. mmg ahh jadik "the best holiday i ever had"!!! melampau tau!

    bilik itu agak mengiurkan .. patut laa boleh tido sampai petang .. (blah laa kau, padahal bukan penat sbb wedding, tp......... sbb bilik itu nampak selesa & cantik kan?) (bluekkkk haha)
    owh, gamba posing atas katil dgn uniform ke gari ke xde ke? private aku ok? ;)

  2. lilia,

    cepat laa update..
    best best..
    excited nak baca..

    ehh kalau private farah, please private me too.. lalalalalal~

  3. hye there..selama ni jd silent reader jek..
    congrats lia..semoga bahagia selalu.. =)

  4. aku setuju dgn kwn ko farah tu..kalo dah 7 hari, mmg lah terbaek... :P

    bestnyer honeymoon!! and bilik korg tu mmg "menggamit" betulll! :P ko x suka kayu kayan aku rasa cam cool je..lain dari yg lain....heheh

    p/s:jgn lupa private aku jgk ;P

  5. eh eh gf gf ku nehhhh.. ape private2 ??? hahaha lawak la korang.. :D sume pun dah been there done that kan.. ape ade kesahhhhh.. :P

    Farah -- weh budussss.. aku memang penat dowh.. malam before majlis tuh kitorang dok kat dewan sampai pukul 3 pagi kotttt.. pastu majlis tuh lagi.. bukak2 hadiah lagi.. penat dowwwhhhh.

    Abot -- will try to do my best.. :) rasa terharu la abot suka baca..

    s0uLz -- ape ehem2 .. ? ;)

    f.i.e.z.a -- hello there ! thanks for reading and for saying hi.. and also for the well wishes… =)

    iyma -- a;ah tak suka kayu-kayan lah.. bau tak best.. anyway semua honeymoon pun adalah terbaek even 1 hari pun… kan kan :)

  6. oh..sbb bau dia..haha..mengganggu ek?? :P yeah..wpon sehari, honeymoon mmg best!!! aku harap aku bleh honeymoon lg! ;)

  7. bestnye..mcm baca love story pulak..anyway...mmg bestlah lilia buat full story mcm ni..

  8. iyma, -- hahahaha takde kaitan ok menganggu ke takkkk.. :D well everyday is a honeymoon day.. hari madu.. bulan madu.. tahun madu.. hehe itu lah yang tok kadi aku dok cakap, tu yang ingat tuh..

    wan, -- hehe ye ke.. thanks1000x, rasa flattered sangat to know you enjoy reading it :)

  9. lia...sgt2 suke tgk pool 3 tingkat tuh!!! mcm menarik jer....

    agak2 kalau terlepas jatuh tu trus jatuh laut ek? hehehe

    very very informative nyer entries ni....bole pinjam bt trip pg koh samui