Friday, 12 June 2009

The one with... 30 May 2009 -- the solemnization day.

It's been 14 days and I am still in a state of bliss.. Both Kerol and I still macam tak percaya je that we are happily married now, Alhamdulillah... :) Looking back, it was such a beautiful day despite the fact that we both were tired from doing all the last minute preparation one week before that very day -- 30 May 2009. We even had small arguement here and there over little2 things, but that was it. Things didn't get prolonged whatsoever. We were too happy to sweat over small stuff..

My sister Liana was back already from Indonesia, and so did my other bestfriends -- Parveen & Ryan from Beijing, Alin from Singapore, Tazz from Perak.. And my colleague too -- Jean from Vietnam. Oh I can't feel more blessed having all these people around me during my big day.. *tSk*

The night before the solemnization day, my besties Dayana, Alin & Tazz came over to my house to help out with the last minute preparations, if there's any. Turned out, there was... and these girlfriends came very handy.. *grin* =)

And then that very day came... =) Guess I'll let the stories flow through the pictures k...

Bilik pengantin..

Dayana, Farah and Tazz menyibuking while I'm getting ready.. :)

Make-up was nicely done by Kak Shaz..

At the same time, Kerol himself was getting ready too at his house..

And.. Kerol & his rombongan sampai dulu kat surau... huhu..

Suasana dalam surau.. Mase ni I haven't reached yet.. Check out what my GFs were doing to kill the time.. *hehe*

Dah sampai.. My bridesmaid Alin did a very good job throughout the event ! xoxo.

Kerol's bestman -- Nikman..

Kerol -- in front of the Tok Kadi..

And I was looking at him fondly from afar... :)

THE moment.. Alhamdulillah, with one lafaz, we are officially husband and wife...

Upacara batal air sembahyang..

Kerol's friends -- Nikman, Azidi, Zarir, Acap, Bani, Najib, & Hadi (not in picture -- the other Gombak friends..)

My friends -- Alin, Dayana, Abby.. (not in picture -- Farah, Muni+Famie+Maya, Tina & Tazz).

Ni masa Tok Kadi buat lawak.. :D

After everything was done and deal with, there was lunch held at my house.. with varieties of good food.. (and so most people said lah.. coz I was too happy to eat.. huhu what a miss..)

Erin's friends...

And here are some other pictures taken thereafter....

With Kerol's family.. (yang tinggi2 belaka.. :P)

With Famie, Muni & Maya...

With my childhood bestfriend, Farah.. who came with her 9 months old baby in her tummy!

From L to R: Abby, Nikman, Dayana, Tazz, Us, Farah, Tina, and next in line -- Alin & Will..

Posers on the loose! :)

With my lovely sisters Liana & Erin.

My lovely family.

And finally..... :)

Adehhh.. penatnye susun gambar.. Will do the credit speech to so and so later lah k.. Till then! :)


  1. lilia dear,

    wishing you a blissfully happy life together.

    ps: abot juga nak amik Kak Syaz dulu.. tapi dier dah fully booked so kene subcon kat 'akak andam' yang lain..


  3. wah gamba second last paling class.
    penuh dgn intimasi.. haha

  4. gamba smua lawa2 .. esp yg 2nd last nih .. :), pastu dgn the sisters, n dgn aku jugak .. thehehhe

    mantap noks

    :) :) :) tumpang senyum jugak

  5. aku pon suka gmbr 2nd last.. ;)

    seronok nyer tgk org kawen......and..i want mooooore pictures! :P

  6. lia dearie,
    looking at the pictures i have all the warm and happy feelings again!!

    upload more pictures!! ada lagi gambar sweet2!! hehe

    n pictures koh samui plzz esp adegan vroom..vroom.. ;)


  7. lilia n kerol,
    congratulations!! kerol aku kena jumpa ko.. nak tanya pasal koh samui hehe

  8. lilia laling,
    gambo 2nd last manyak manja horr...hehehe..beli bulu2 tak, free 2 gari? ehem ehem..

  9. Abot –- thank you dear :) ohh abot kenal kak shaz jugak eh??

    Missy farah -- thank you thank you ! =))))

    Nikman -- amboi3…. ayat kemainnnnn… hehehe.

    Farah -- hahaha.. tapi tu lah.. cantik kan the pics? i love them all.. susah gile nak pilih which one to upload.. anyway aku pun asyik tersengihhhh je tengok gambar2 kawen.. suka !!

    p.s. mak kerol cakap kau tak kenal dia masa kau datang dewan aritu.. dia tegur kau tapi kau menonong jer… hehee.. :P

    Iyma -- hehe will upload more later k… blogspot tengah bengong nenong nenong..

    Dayana – hehehe.. i like your excitement :) will upload nanti k.. gambar kawen banyak sangat lah.. poning kepala nak pilih.. huhu

    Azidi -- thanks !! hmm nape nak kena jumpe kerol je untuk tanya pasal samui ??? *raising eyebrows* :P

    Dalie daling –- haha manja jangan tak manjaaaa… its not just a pose, its natural… wahaha.. hmm bulu2 ? gari2 ? well, biarlah rahsia…. ngeh3x.

  10. adoih...tersangat banyaknyer gambar nak tengok..sume nyer so sweets...

    congrats lia n so happy for both of romantic la all da pics..wish u all da best...tak sangka ko dah jadi bini orang akhirnya...

    enjoy ur journey as a husband n wife..make it better n better everyday as marriage is process of loving each other for rest of ur life n learning all da gud new things...