Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The one with... 30 May 2009 -- the hantarans and my end note..

Alritey, this is gonna be the last entry regarding my solemnization day…

Both of our hantarans (9 trays from Kerol and 11 trays from me) were done by Kerol’s mother.. She dislikes all this deco that’s too elaborate and overstated, hence the simple yet nice arrangement done.. Here goes:

Duit mas kahwin

Hantaran from Kerol:

Sirih Junjung

Duit hantaran


Bunga rampai



Perfume + Make-up set

Handbag + Kasut (dalam kotak)


From me:

Sirih Junjung

Al-Quran + Sejadah


Bunga rampai

Cupcakes (nicely done by Daalia from Mama Lea Oven)



Pen + Belt



Kasut (dalam kotak)

All in all, both Kerol and I are so happy that the event went well.. Though I reached quite late that day, but at least I was no later than the Tok Kadi *phew* Well in my defense, I came just ON TIME.. it was Kerol who came early.. *grin*

I felt so happy.. and felt so SO surreal I didn’t eat lunch that day.. :P

I would like to express my gratitude to Allah for His blessing -- without that, things won’t happened the way they were on that very day.. (-_-;) I know I know not everyone reads my blog and it’s impossible to spell out each name… But of course first and foremost many thanks to each and everyone who’s involved.. Especially my Mama and Erin who helped out a lot to arrange things such as the food, room deco and melayan tetamu.. Papa and Ajim.. Jiran2.. Relatives.. my little sister Liana who came all the way from Jakarta the day before, right after her class.. and others who came such as Parveen & Ryan from Beijing.. My colleagues -- Ruben & gf Yvonne.. Farah & her daughter Yasmin.. My girlfriends -- Alin (good job bridesmaid!), Dayana, Tina, Tazz, Abby and Farah.. our Gombak friends.. Erin’s friends.. Liana’s friends.. Kerol’s familes, relatives & friends.. Tok Kadi.. the photographers from Pixelmedia, and all other guests who came that day.. Kerol and I feel so blessed we can never feel thankful enough… :)

The solemnization ceremony was ended with a lunch session at my house.. and on that very night, we had a kenduri doa selamat held at our new rented house ..

OK I guess that’s all for now.. :) Will be posting entry about my honeymoon trip soon, so stay tune! (matila harini kerja tak efisyien.. :P)


  1. dah dapat cincin, dapat kawen, 10 hari puasa pon boleh .. otomatik kenyang .. thehehe.

    bertuahnya kerol dpt tepon itew .......

  2. x mkn? haha..adakah semua pengantin perempuan begitu masa hari nikah? x lalu nak mkn sbb happy sgt.. ;)

  3. farah, -- haruslahhh kasik tepon kan... dah kate aku dapat duit hantarannnn ngeh3x ($_$)

    iyma, -- itu lah.. i think its normal..