Monday, 1 June 2009

The one with... 1st entry with the new status :)

I am beyond-words-happily married yaw !!! :)

It still feels so SO surreal... huhu.. :P

Hmmmm banyak benda nak update yet I do not know where to start.. Internet connection at home sucks big time I didn't have the chance to write ever since I was off for my long leave.. Ni pun kat rumah *ahem* MIL, won't be long though.. Kang type panjang2 tapi takleh nak abeskan pun tak syok jugak kan...

Oh well. Must bug Erin to fix the internet connection at home.. or worse come to worst, must bug Kerol to bring me out to a free wifi place so that I can update blog in peace.. *hehe*

As for now, do go and take a peek of the pictures from my Wedding day (30th & 31st May) at Hana's blog ya :)

Signing off for now, till later~*


  1. huk alohhh .. tu jek ke..?

    haha korang mmg suke pose mcm tu eh? haha.

    ok nnt aku update mine. saba.

  2. congratulations lilia!!



    my take on the pictures..not great but oh well..

    u looked gorgeous tat day..enjoy ur honeymoon!

  4. alahai..pendek nyer update..

    a/way enjoy your honeymoon..jgn lupa amek gmbr byk2 k..pastu upload byk2 gmbr nyer honeymoon!! :) and i can't wait for our next honeymoon..(yeah, again) this coming july!

    p/s: ok..ok..aku tau aku dah menyebok cite pasal aku plak kat blog ko..sori k.. ;)

  5. congrate lilia
    u looks soooooo hepi
    cute meh

  6. jap22 lilia,
    we share a same color during recep & akad
    yang best baju melayu kerol..flower2 sama ngan hubby kita

  7. a big congratulations to you Mrs Lilia. :) -btw i am erin's fren and i was there on ur wedding day huhu.. u r so cute and kerol r so macho.. ewah ... semoga berkekalan hingga ke ahkir hayat..insyaAllah..

  8. congrats!!! u look so lovely...sape make up artist u? :) enjoy ur honeymoon!

    -not-so-silent reader ;p

  9. lia,

    congratulations....sorry tak dpaat datang..walaupung bersungguh-sungguh nak datang..u know why kan...

    u look so gorgeous la dear...memang pengantin very berseri masa tuh....tak payah mekap pung....memang semulajadi cantik...

    enjoy ur honeymoon...

  10. congrats again lia,

    cepat2lah upload gambar byk2
    tak puaslah tengok

  11. thank you each and everyone of you for the well wishes and compliment.. :)

    will do the update if time permits.. gambar dah memang banyak dah ni.. hehehe :P

    salam from Samui..