Thursday, 25 June 2009

The one with... married life so far..

Hmmphhh.. ingat kan it’s easier to do work when office is almost empty, i.e. most people are outside having meeting or field work.. butttttt… sangkaan adalah meleset sama sekali.. Nak buat kerja pun takde mood.. Nak type blog pun takde mood.. Buat marketing call, takde orang angkat pulak.. Call client to chase for payment, pun client tak angkat.. Only one thing left to do, which I’m holding myself hard from doing -- balik rumah..

(Tengah bersabar lah ni, it’s another 3 hours to go I know..)

So percubaan untuk tulis blog setakat ni berjaya.. dah perenggan ke-3 ni.. Not bad aite… :)

Baiklah, teruskan.. (perenggan ke-4, weeee~*)

Hmm so how’s married life? -- that’s somehow the one million dollar question always being directed to me these days.. Oh, ada lagi satu one million dollar question, but yang tu nanti2 lah elaborate kat next entry.. (kalau rajin)..

Well, of course life has never been better :) Paling obvious, takyah pening kepala nak fikir time and place to meet up.. Sekarang ni hari2 boleh jumpa :) Except, of course when one of us is working outstation lah kan.. Lepas tu, dah takde curfew dah ! Title reporting officer telah bertukar tangan from mama to encik husband yang sporting (bodek sikit.. :P).. Like last week alone, on Friday I managed to pujuk rayu Kerol to go out for a midnight movie.. and on Saturday, we hang-out at mamak with our Gombak friends until wee hours of 2am.. BIG DEAL !! :)

Tapi tu lah.. sekarang ni dah jadi isteri, tak boleh lah nak buat perangai macam masa single dulu kan.. Like balik rumah from work, rasa nak melepek je atas katil takde buat pape taknak tukar baju tengok siling sementara nak tunggu mandi.. (yeah I do that.. :P) Or taknak buat ape2 but to bermalas2an depan TV or depan laptop layan TV series back-to-back sampai lebam bijik mata.. Or malas nak iron baju the day before and choose to bangun kelam kabut pagi besoknya cari baju untuk pergi kerja.. You know, all those kind of things lah.

Anyway, nak kata sekarang ni banyak sangat tugas nak buat pun takde lah lagi kan.. Kerol awal2 before married dah agreed, I don’t have to cook during working days… Only masa weekend je.. I know I know of course I want to improve to be a better wife kan, so I WILL start cooking during working days.. It’s just a matter of time, I know that.. (Kena laaa be defensive sikittt.. :P) Basuh kain, lipat kain -- that, I don’t have a problem to do.. Iron baju lah macam ada masalah sikit.. Sebab Kerol jenis biasa baju dia ber-ironed siap2 for the rest of the week / month.. I, on the other hand, my baju is ironed on a daily basis.. Takpe lah, slow2 we are creating our own ‘system’ at home.. Who does what and when… Where to put this and that.. House rules.. Brands of the household items.. etc... In terms of cleaning, agak penat jugak laaa menyapu satu rumah on a weekly basis.. But oh well, a wife’s got to do what a wife’s got to do aite… :)

Barang2 rumah pun, of course tak lengkap lagi.. Again, slowly we are completing the household necessities checklist..

Above all, the great thing is, though how incomplete the house is.. how imperfect the way we do things.. All these, are not as bad as it may sounds, as I get to go through it together with my lovely Kerol…. :) It’s the experience, the hard work, the effort, the accepting-and-giving.... that matters the most.. Like, makan nasik berlaukkan telur dadar and sardin, bersila atas karpet, and berlapikkan surat khabar pun was like the best dinner I've ever had...

That, makes everything seems so complete and perfect.. =)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The one with... nothing much..

Nak update blog.. tapi.. ketandusan masa.. dan idea.. dan semangat.. sebab tak banyak komen, though letak entry banyak2 previously.. haha dah pandai demanding.. :P yang kasik komen tu, thank you banyak2 .. sangat2 appreciate that...

Ohh.. ade kene tag ngan tina & dalie daling.. hmm tapi.. maybe besok lah kot update blog ni.. besok boss kecik, boss besar.. sume takde kat office..

So I guess till then ya..!

Friday, 19 June 2009

The one with.. 8 June - 14 June 2009 -- honeymoon trip day 6 and 7!

It’s the final entry already alrighttttt.. regarding my honeymoon trip la that is.. :)

Day 6 was the day we had to check-out from Prana Resorts *sob*sob* So early morning we woke up to take a ride around the hotel area and Bo Phut area for a clickclick session.. Oh ye, saya adalah memakai baju yang sama dipakai pada malam candle light dinner.. ;P

Then lepas dah settled down and packing, we checked-out from Prana and went to another hotel – Impiana Samui Resort & Spa.

Hmmmm I thought that the hotel was.. well, normal. Of course they have a nice view, and entah.. somehow I felt like the hotel was too city-like, i.e. something I can stay here in KL you get what I mean ?

Lepas dah letak2 barang we went out for… makan ! Again, went back to the same restaurant for the last time *tSk* Knowing that we were going back to Malaysia already, the Mak Cik prepared a NICER meal for us… Sedapppp !! And it costed us only THB320 ..

Lepas tu we went to take a ride around Chaweng area and stopped by at this place called Look Out Point or something to take more picturessss.. *hehe*

Nothing much to be done already so we went back to hotel to take some rest. Plus, Impiana ada TV.. So macam jakun sikit laaa dapat tengok TV.. ngeh3. Malam tu we’ve planned to have another massage at the same place before going back next day. That time around we took the Aromatherapy Massage. Costed us THB400 only per hour for the whole body and my take on that -- heaven !! I felt so relaxed and nicely pampered..

Lepas tu keluar2 from the massage place, my eyes rested on this one area opposite to it. Hari2 lalu kat situ tengokkkk je dari jauh.. Tak berani nak datang dekat.. Alang2 dah last day -- Kerol looked at me, I looked at him -- off we went to watch the…. Drag Queen Cabaret Show.. huhu ! What an experience.. :P Entrance was free, but you have to order drinks / food. The performance was really something something.. They looked (awkwardly) beautiful.. heh.

The show took 1 hour, by the time it ended it was already 11.45pm.. And Pakcik Idris’s Happy Pancake stall was already closed….. =(((( I told Kerol tak kira, nakkkk jugakkk.. So pusing2 jumpa la this one pancake stall that has bulan and bintang.. Butttt.. pancake dia adalah tidak sesedap Pakcik Idris punyaaaa… :(

The next day, nothing much to talk about.. Our flight back to KL was 11am, so awal2 lagi dah nak kena pergi airport.. Didn’t get to do much pun.. Anyway of all things we planned to do in Samui, only 2 to-do's did not materialised -- to play football golf & tailor baju kerja.....

We’ve reached home sweet home safely in one piece, feeling happy and refreshed, mixed with rimas and sedih because baju banyak tak basuh lagi we didn’t have washing machine yet and… the next day adalah back to work day !

There you go, that’s all I have..! Think I’ll give some space to the blog lah for now ya.. Never have I updated this many entries within the span of 4 days.. Huhu..

Hope you guys enjoy reading them! :) Till later~*

Thursday, 18 June 2009

The one with.. 8 June - 14 June 2009 -- honeymoon trip day 5

Ok ok this is going to be my second last entry regarding my trip.. promise :)

It was on day 5 I had my first sigh -- thinking that the trip was about to reach to its end soon.. Huhu.. Anyway, cherishing every moment of it the husband declared it’s a free-and-easy day.. ! :)

We first went to Chaweng town to shop for souvenirs. Personally, I felt like there’s nothing much to buy from there. I mean, they were all pretty normal just like those any others you find at holiday place of an island -- t-shirts, slippers, keychain, shorts, swimsuits, etc etc. If there’s one thing, it would be their carvings and paintings. But those stuff has either human prints on it, animals especially elephant, or patung Buddha.. And it’s hard to bargain there as compared to how we did it in Bali. Nevertheless, I bought t-shirts for families, fridge magnet, cushion cover for mama, sling bag for Erin and yup.. that’s it. We found a place that sells a good quality t-shirts that have ‘Koh Samui’ prints at a good price of THB150 each. I didn’t take the picture of that place, but it’s a proper building called JasonSamui. Kedai tepi2 jalan pun ada jual t-shirt harga THB150 or cheaper but design tak cantek sangat and material tak best. Yang JasonSamui tu siap ada fitting room lagi.. Not bad la..

And Kerol, being suami yang prihatin, telah mencadangkan untuk melepak di tempat yang ada wifi… Weeee~* Hence the time spent at Starbucks. But Starbucks kat Samui doesn’t have free wifi lah, sheeshh. We bought the card whatsoever anyway for the wifi and ended up lepaking there until night.. hehe.. I used Kerol’s laptop and he’s surfing the net using his iphone..

In between (we went to Starbucks 2 times with a meal break.. hehe), harus lah lapar kan.. So we went to the Muslim Halal restaurant again to eat the nasi and tomyam…. nyamnyam… :) Sambil2 tu sempat singgah hotel kejap to take charger and adaptor... :P

That night we were charged THB280 for our food -- 2 nasi putih, tomyam udang yang sedap, telur dadar and paprik ayam.. Murah pun murah, yang penting sedapppp... And I managed to take picture with the owner MakCik Limah (ok I didn’t get her name actually.. Anggaplah nama dia tu k.. :P). Told her that I want to promote her kedai makan to my Malaysian friends… :)

Kerol -- in his attempt to nakkkkk jugak sirap limau ais to the extent he went to the kitchen and explain.. hehe

The Mak Cik yang sangat baik dan attentive to your request :)

Hmmm... OK day 5 ni nothing much to story mory .. will continue with day 6 and 7 shortly; which is gonna mark the end of my honeymoon trip saga ya !! :)

The one with.. 8 June - 14 June 2009 -- honeymoon trip day 4

OK now it’s time to cover day 4 -- comment laaa sikit.. baru ada semangat nak tulissss :)

On day 4, awal2 lagi kitorang dah bangun to be picked-up by a van at 7.30am to go to jetty. We took the island hopping + snorkeling package. OK for snorkeling, you can either go to Ang Thong National Marine Park or to the nearest islands Koh Tao & Koh Nangyuan. I am not sure which one is better, but somehow we chose to go to the 2 nearest islands. Also again be sure what types of activities you want to do. Most packages have canoeing, kayaking and mount climbing -- not my cup of tea :P So we arranged for only snorkeling activity.

I had fun -- the beaches were private, hence so clean, beautiful and water adalah crystal clear.. We didn’t take that many pictures sebab Acap & Hana takde (so takde camera underwater *hehe*).. And the package we took was worth paying for.. The tour guide was very attentive, we had a free-flow carbonated drinks and the lunch was delicious! Bukan cikai2 letak dalam bekas polystyrene whatsoever but a proper table set-up with makan hidang at a nice restaurant. Cuma itu lah.. Kerol & I telan air liur je lah tengok diorang makan ayam goreng.. Huhu..

Anyway, so far here’s my current scorecard when it comes to snorkeling:

1. Pulau Perhentian in Terengganu
2. Koh Tao & Koh Nangyuan in Samui
3. Pulau Mamutik + Manukan + Sapi in KK
4. Pulau Pangkor in Perak (don't bother)

We were back at the hotel around 5pm and continued mandi swimming pool kat hotel..

Rehat2 and then it was time to get ready for… candle light dinner for two! :)

When we checked-in on day 2, upon finding out that we are newlyweds the hotel’s owner named Bruce or something was kind enough to offer us to arrange for such dinner… That time in my heart I was like jumping with joy because that was what I’ve imagined how a honeymoon should be.. A romantic dinner… Weeee~*

So when we got out from our room we can see from afar that a table has been set up by the pool.. I couldn't help it but to smile sheepishly.. *hehe* And the moment we reached at the table, there was one lady came and said that she was the person in-charged for that night…

As I mentioned, the hotel only serve vegetarian food. We have pre-approved the menu first the day before. Food was super delicious (except for the tomato thing), ambience was nice, staff was friendly, and I had a great time! :) Only if we had it during sunset...... :P

After finished with the dinner, we went to town for massage… Dah kata siang tadi snorkeling kan, so kulit adalah sangat kering and burnt.. (perangai vain ini adalah jangan harap and tidak akan dilayan oleh Kerol if it wasn't because we were on a honeymoon.. hehe :P).. We went to the same place (i.e. My Friend) and chose Aloevera Massage.. It was only THB500 (RM50) for one hour, one whole body.. Nice !!!

Lepas tu ingat nak pi melantak pancake, tapiiiii.. kedai adalah sudah tutup… Balik tidur sudah….. huhu...

Okie dokie, it's lunch time !