Friday, 15 May 2009

The one with.. poor Mother Nature..

when the weather is hot, it's super blazing fiercing hot.

but when the weather is cold, again it's at the extreme side -- super freezing cold.. *brrrr*

Mother Nature must be getting very sick nowadays... :(

but i rather not complain, i prefer cold than hot. though am sleeping very sleepy now, wishing that i could just go back home and do nothing but getting myself tucked inside and wrapped by the warmth comforter...... ahhhhh, that would be VERY nice!

okeyyyyy i've just proof-read my writing above -- 'sleeping very sleepy' ??? hahaha.. i must be that sleepy hah? :D

time for coffee, that's it!

oh talking about mother nature, here's how i celebrated the recent mother's day..

ciao for now~*


  1. haha i was reading that 'sleeping very sleepy' n wonder..does the sentence exist??mcm x make any sense..then i think again, ' oh dia ni pandai..maybe betul la kot..maybe pepatah ke'..haha..
    rupanya kes mmg sleepy betul..

  2. hahaha... confirm tak wujud ye such sentence.. :P

  3. Aku baca sekali lalu cam ko tulis "feeling very sleepy".. Aku pun sama sleepy la kot.. ;)