Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The one with... mood rajin nak update blog :)

It’s only my second day in JB and surprise surprise, I have the mood to update my blog lah! :) Weeeee~*

Mungkin kah kerana berada di JB selama 2 hari ini tanpa kemudahan internet telah mengajar erti rindu terhadap blog?


Atau, mungkin kah kerana sekarang ini adalah sangat pemalas untuk membuat kerja memikirkan cuti kahwin yang bukan seminggu, bukan dua minggu, tatapi TIGA minggu panjangnya itu sudah mampir tiba?



I am in my company's JB office now to do some work & to retrieve my emails - something I can't do at the client's place. Maka apa lagi, sambil menyelam minum air lah kita ye...

Anyway, being far from office and from life in KL did not spare me even a bit from getting a headache from all the dramas I would have to face if I were in KL. The fuss about work, about wedding-related, about my life -- when will this ever stop why oh why?? Memang sampai ke lobang cacing agaknya all these stuff are gonna chase me. *siGh* Life is full of drama huh? Or quoting Susan Mayer from Desperate Housewives -- Am I addicted to drama? God knows.

Biasalah.. Banyak dugaan in between the post-engagement and pre-wedding period, darah tengah manis tuuuu.. and so they said.

Whoever created that saying, I loathe you.

Takpe lah, what does not kill you makes you stronger. And ignorance is bliss. And finally, like really, FINALLY.. kad kahwin dah berjaya di post kan. Better late than never ho yeah!

Selingan -- menyampah la dengar iklan coca cola nyanyian anak ND Kepah itu.. “ohhhh Jamilah Jamilah.. Hidup kita Jamilahhhhhh… Coca cola… Harmonika… Suasanaaaa...”

I am like, what the heck? OK, so it was actually "Camni lah.." But I swear it sounds so freaking like Jamilah to me. And, harmonika tu bukan ke alat musik? Haihhh talking about memperkasakan bahasa ibunda huh? Itu belum dengar lagi cara dia promotekan about Juke Box. I swear it sounds just like….. nevermind.

OK selingan dah abis. And idea pun tiba2 takde dah.. Boleh?

Oh, ok.. I finally have in possession some pictures from my last Sunday’s fun activity as mentioned in my previous post.. As a teaser, presenting.... :

I love it LOVE IT the outcome !! :) If you like it too, let me know.. If you don’t, ever heard that certain things are better left unsaid? So hush hush will you thank you very much.

By the way, it was our pre-wedding photo session at Taman Metropolitan tempat main layang2 on Sunday morning recently. Mula2 nak bertemakan main layang2.. tapi ntah macamane ntah tak jadi. Nevertheless thanks so much to Shah yang baru nak berjinak2 (of which however makin improved) in photography. He is my sister’s friend. So what happened was Erin pandai2 offer to Shah to do a pre-wedding photo shoot for Kerol & me, FOC. Untuk practice katanya, win-win situation -- Shah will get to expand his portfolio and sharpen his skill, and we will get, well our pre-wedding pictures! So there you go, a business deal was sealed.. *hehe* Padahal tak plan pun nak ada all these pre-wedding photo shoot stuff.

Anyway, thank you Shah (or nama komersialnya Halmus Rihzan) and his sifu who came along that day - Pak Ajong. I will link them once their URL comes into light. And of course, thanks to you adikku Erin kerana sudi be there for me... :)

OK tiba2 idea ada balik so I’m gonna continue this.. (Work can wait sekejap I suppose? :P)

My W day is so near now it’s less than a month to come. I am still feeling all jittery. What with risau about the perjalanan majlis and also the life after the event -- I just can’t imagine what is there waiting ahead of me.

I mean, seriously I can’t even imagine how my W day would look like. What’s wrong with me? Is this normal? All I have in mind is a picture of me, Kerol, my baju, the empty dewan, the faces of our families, decoration, everything -- but all in isolation. Like I can’t freaking put things and everyone together in one place, i.e. at my W day. I can’t also picture the suasana and whatnot. Adoiii.. why la? Am I just very suck at imagining?

And.. life after the W day. My, I can’t imagine lah how would I ever to do the ironing for two? And preparing breakfast for Kerol... That, is completely di luar jangkauan pemikiran.. :D (Lunch & dinner takpe -- lunch sendiri2 kat work place, dinner can tapau hehe). Anyway for some reasons, I managed pulak to have a picture of me fixing a tie for Kerol, just like how it’s potrayed in a drama about a life of a typical working husband with his domestic goddess wife.. Haha.. What gives??!

Perhaps that’s a hint I am meant to pursue with my ultimate dream of becoming a full time housewife who gets to spend? YOU WISH !!! :P

Ok lah. I’d better stop now and continue with what I'm supposed to do..

Till later~*


  1. yea..yea..update.. :D

    cuti ko adalah 3 minggu??? aku sgt jeles!! aku nak jgk cuti lama cmtu...huwaaaa!!

    dugaan tu dtg bila2 je..sblm (masa darah tgh manis) and selepas (masa ni darah SGT2 manis) kawen..byk2 sabar, and jgn bg ada communication breakdown...ok :)

    anak si kepah tu aku mmg x suka..haha..x tau la..sian dia x bersalah kat aku pon..bila ko ckp dia sebut jamilah, aku pon dgr cam jamilah td...oh, sian kak jamilah kerani kat opis aku..hahaha :P

    Gambar ko tu sgt sweettttt!!! aku suka..aku nak jugak!!! aku baru plan nak buat fotoshot utk 1st wedding anniversary kitorg...gila poyo kan..baru kawen 4 bln dah plan 1st anniversary..ngeh ngeh ngeh... aku plan nak buat gaya romantik (dan gatal..lalala) ala2 gmbr ko tu la..ko dah buat dulu plak..sungguh jeles!! tp really..aku adore gmbr tu..muka ko sgt happy and senyuman tu x fake langsung...sama mcm ko senyum (& sengih) time engagement ko dulu.. :D muka bahagia tau!

    Oh..ko jgn la imagine bkn2 ok..aku rasa husband skarang dah x mcm dulu2 which is semua benda wife kena buat.. dulu aku takut gak, tp bila dah lalui, sumer nye ok2 saja :D Cuma kena korban tido la..ko kena bgn awl la bikin bfast and dia akan sedap2 tido lg..xleh buat apa la tu...sabar je byk2 k.. :) dpt pahala tau! Iron baju, kalau dia bleh buat sblm ni, sekali sekala ko kena mintak dia tlg..buat2 bz hal lain..mintak tlg dia..seronok tau buat keje sama2.. :)

    Fulltime housewife and get to spend to the max!! oh idaman kalbu! tp husband aku selalu ckp, kalo x keje, nnt otak x berkembang..ok...mcm la otak aku berkembang mekar skrg kan...

    amek ko..sape suh malas update..kan pjg berjela sekali aku komen.. :P

  2. nak kawen gakkk...huuuu.....

    akakkkkkk!!!pic tu bestttt!!!!!!sweeettttt!!!(^-^)

  3. love the picture! so sweet T___T

    p/s: gorgeous sheos ! :)

  4. frH jeles sbb xde pre-w-photo shootMay 06, 2009 8:53 am

    pehhh syok gile cuti 3mg!!! sgt melampau okeh?! hehe. aku dulu cuti kejap jek, majlis side aku, pastu sempat naik keje dulu, pastu boy's side, naik keje blk, pastu honeymoon. damnnnn xsyok ... :(

    apa cerita setem kad kahwin kau nih..?

    owhh aku sgt benci iklan jamilah tu .. kalau tukar salamah lg sedap rasanya.

    aku dah tengok photo2 pre-wed kau ni kat fb. sangat chantique!! :)berbaloi xjadik jumpe aku aritu sbb photo shoot ni kan .. (blah laa)

    dont think too much bout ur w day. tp life lepas wedding tu ... hurmm mmg ambil masa sikit. but time will help u to learn & improve :) best of luck :)

    p/s owhh aku sampai skrg xpernah ikatkan tie wan ... sbb aku mmg xreti ikat tie ponggg ... haha ;)

  5. the mind is running wild eh..

    nice pic there..saw somemore in fb too..

    i m on hol mood too!!! going hol tmmw!!!

  6. Lilia! aku pon dengar jamilah jamilah! hahah btw, loving ur shoes and red top!

  7. iyma,ye.. agak panjang di situ reply kau.. tapi takpe.. aku suke! :)

    harus la cuti lama.. risau banyak benda nak kena buat!! *isk*

    about the dugaan, yup.. i agree.. before ke.. after ke.. hidup ni memang pun penuh dengan dugaan ye tak.. hope all the dugaans will make us stronger…
    actually.. aku pun personally memang tak suke si anak kepah tuh.. haha.. taktau apesal.. something is just so wrong with her.. tak baik kan aku nih.. erkkk. takpe lah.. tanak kacau dia dah.. :P

    about the picture, hehe thank you thank you.. anyway to do a photo shoot for your 1st wedding anniversary is such a brilliant idea!  haruslah bersemangat kan plan dari sekarang.. ntah2 masa tuh perut dah buncit, who knows?? ngeh3x. anyway, pose itu adalah pose generic i think, so you are entitled to come out with a similar pose, or even better! wehh kalau nak ikut sape buat dulu kau LAGI lebih dari aku weh… banyak benda kau dah buat dulu compared to aku ni.. hahaha. anyway, glad to know that you can see how i was really happy in the photo.. yes, i was smiling from the heart, feeling so smugly happy counting days to my own W day. tak paham macamane lahhh ada orang boleh cakap aku punye smile is fake?? haihh.

    about all those house chores i need to do for two, i’m hanging onto the words people keep on telling me -- things will come naturally! :)

  8. effi,

    sampai seru nanti, kawen la effi nanti, insyaAllah :)

    anyway, thanks !! akak pun suka that picture.. *hehe*

    s u r a y a,

    thanks dear.. :) and the shoes, never thought people would notice it.. hehe.. it’s from Vincci :)

  9. farah,

    ‘boy’s side’ ?? haha bapak laa awkward bunyik nya.. hahaha. lawak lah kau ni.. anyway syok tak syok pun everything happened for reasons kan.. :) as evident, lihat la perut mu itu!

    Pasal setem kad kawen, everything sudah settle.. huhu.

    hahaha nasib baik kau agree, betapa berbaloi nya aku tak jadik jumpa kau haritu … :P sorry la weh.. bila la boleh jumpe kau nih kan…

    about pakai kan tie tuh.. aku pun tak reti gak.. yang pastinya, kerol pergi kerja tak perlu pakai tie! hehe..

  10. Joe,

    wahhhh so nice !!! a well deserved holiday especially after the good news you told me last week ! :)

    have fun ya.


    Hahaha.. kan? kan? memang dengar macam jamilah… huhu..

    Anyway, thanks.. I don’t normally wear red, thank God it came out just nice on me.. :) shopping the top semata2 for the photo shoot.. hehe.. yang lain2 memang tersedia ada….

  11. nice photo u have there lilia :D

  12. ~LIZA~

    thanks! :)

  13. very long, but sweet and funny entry... hehehehehe... ai like it!!! y does it have to stop? ramble some more, u'll be more than welcome...

    and dear, i really really like your photo! sgt sweet je... semua nyer nampak kena... n kasut sgt cantik! share lah lagi gambor...

  14. Lilia,

    Luv the pre-wed pic..kak hanney x sempat pon buat all those out door. Tunggu kalau preggie nnti baru nak buat, haha..Btw, congratulations in advance kay..

  15. my life,

    you make me smile widely when you ask me to ramble more :) never thought my ramblings can be such entertaining for reading purposes.. i am very much flattered, thank you.

    anyway, i love the picture too :) gambar yang lain2 ada.. tapi simpan buat pekasam dulu k.. nanti dah lepas W day baru i share gambar banyak2! :)

    kak hanney,

    hi!! :) thank you so much for the compliment. saya pun tak terpikir nak buat outdoor pre-wed pics. just kebetulan jer. takpe kak hanney, nanti ade banyak lagi moments to be captured kan? :)

    and thank you for the wish.