Friday, 22 May 2009

The one with... in one week to come..

Kerol sent me to work this morning... on a very day I'm coming to work carrying a 'single' status, that is :)

Half way through the journey, I looked at him and said, "Kita nak kawen dowh minggu depan..."

And he looked back at me and said, "Tu lah.. Kawen tuuuu.. "

Pastu masing2 pandang depan, remained speechless and got drawn into own's deep thoughts...

I feel giddily happy I can't stop smiling at work =)


  1. best tau kawinnnnnn hehehe

    got ur card oredi, so c u! semoga bahagia till the end of time and let the journey begins!

  2. frh pn sibuks senyum-senyumMay 22, 2009 2:31 pm

    hari last keje as a single dihantar oleh bakal suami

    aku pun tumpang senyum baca entri ni :) :) :)

  3. ouh...nak kawin jugek...nk diantar oleh bakal hubby jugek...nak rase mcm tu jugek!!!!!! byknye 'jugek'...

  4. hari ni dihantar bakal suami..after 3 weeks, dihantar oleh suami.. laaaagi seronok! :)

    Biasa la a few days b4 kawen mmg rasa mcm2..semua org yg dah kawen dah rasa..excited nervous semua ada..enjoy the feeling..lepas ni x dpt rasa dah.. :)

  5. dalie -- thanks dalie daling for the well wishes :)

    tina -- sweet ?? hahaha ye ke.. aku tak sangka plak this entry give such impression.. :P

    farah -- kau pun same think that is sweet ? hehe.. :)

    fana -- when the time comes, it'll come ! :)

    iyma -- hoho lepas 3 weeks pergi kerja dihantar oleh suami?? nehi mungkin... kitorang tempat kerja jauh la iyma.. JARANG2 dapat berhantar.. huhu..

    anyway, yup i'm enjoying every moment of my singlehood nih.. :)

    hey you take care k.. !

  6. oh..i will :)

    sekali sekala boleh je SUAMI hantarkan :)

  7. Hi Lia.. Didn't notice that your big day will be arriving soon until I saw that countdown clock.. Anyway, you must be really busy at the moment.. Congrats!! and hope you enjoy your wedding life...

  8. oh wpun akue baca ur blog after u got still touchd by this entry. so sweet n meaningful..may u both live happily ever after!

    wedding korang sgt best pengantin pun cantik n comel food best gler n pelamin cantik sgt :))))