Friday, 8 May 2009

The one with... in less than a month to come..

So fast it’s weekend again.. and just like the way it was for the past few weekends, it’s not gonna be any less busy-er for me.

We have 3 weekends left (yikes!) before the big day and safely (I think) I could say that most of the main items in our W checklist have been ticked-off. It’s those small2 things now that need immediate action and we are in the midst of tying up some loose ends.


Cincin Kerol tak jumpa lagi.

And his final hantaran item too.

My tudung + veil to go with the nikah outfit.

Need to browse through the old pictures for the slides.

Finalisation of songs selection.



Ok I tell you what. Maybe I don’t need to list down to the detailed bit of all the to-do things. It makes me nervous. Huhu. Like seriously, suddenly my heartbeat is thumping at a faster rate now.

*Breathe in.Breathe out.*

Anyway, one of the things we are going to work on this weekend is -- spring cleaning of the house! *wink* I’ll reserve the details for now; will spill out once everything is confirmed and ready nanti ok.

Enjoy your weekend dear friends and readers. Till I write again next~*

P.S. Any tips or reminder for me now that the time is ticking towards the final countdown? Common things people tend to overlook? Small2 things yang people often forget? Any other things that I could possibly not aware of? That, would be very much appreciated :)


  1. What about the cooking class that u said
    u want to attend????


  2. owh kerol.... that is a good one!!! hahaha.. lia, cik abg tunang has spoken ;)

    babe, get more rest so that u have the xtra2 radiance on ur W day!!


  3. Lia,

    1.Things will no go as perfect as you expected.. Tapi cheer up and smile cos you don't wanna look horrible in the picture, although dalam hati tuhan saja yang tahu..
    2.I know it's impossible for a bride-to-be to sleep early before the big day, but try or else you will wake up dengan mata lebam.. 3. Don't put up your bunga manggar so early cos people may steal your bungga manggar or mat rempit mana tah buat dajal, like in my case.. 4. Prepare little2 stuff in advance macam jarum peniti,pin etc. in case mak andam lupe nak bawak/tak cukup.
    5. If it is possible, jangan jumpa/tengok Kerol for 1 week before your W day. Orang dulu lagi lah pantang 44 hari... As in my case, I could feel the difference. I only met Jai in the mosque few minutes before the solemnization after a week of hiding.Tahla rasa lain macam sikit and muka u akan nampak lagi berseri..
    6.And don't forget the ice thingy, it really helps!

    Good luck! I'm so sorry that I could not attend your wedding...

  4. s0uLz -- haha, funny. well dear, i thought you said it's ok, no need to attend? :P

    seben -- kau side siape ni sebennnnn.. mentang2 dah upgrade phone skang :P anyway bile nak datang tutorial wehhh.. xoxo.

  5. farina -- thank you so so much for the useful tips! i sure will take note of those.. :)

  6. Hi Lia!

    I strongly agree with Farina's petua not to meet kerol a week before ur wedding day. mesti rasa lagi best and excited and everything...everything...everythinggggg :)

    Good Luck Darling!

  7. alin -- hehehe ok ok. sudah diskusi with kerol.. one week off it is between us before 30 may :)

  8. lia..

    memandangkan ko buat hampir semua benda sendiri, aku rasa ko patut amek multivitamin from now.. aku dulu amek gak 1 month b4 the day, and alhamdulillah aku x pengsan masa sanding walaupun mlm tu aku tido kul 3 am kot...cuma kena marah dgn mak andam la coz mata sgt sembab..

    sblm sanding mkn ok..wpon sumpah ko x lalu nak telan apa2 a few hours b4 tu, tp paksa least alas perut..kalo x ko akan kebulur nak tgu mkn beradap..and jd cam aku masa mkn beradap yg lgsg x beradap sbb aku starving giler! hahah..ramai tegur aku mkn beradap x mcm pengantin.. ahaks..lapar, nak wat cmne... ;)

    lg satu, walau apa pun kurang masa majlis, jgn pressure.. biarkan jer sbb nnt akan ada je org tolong cover..time tu ko cuma kena ingat ko paling cun, ko paling vouge, ko paling ko kena senyum jer..

    so, selamat menempuh alam baru.. :) jgn stress2 nnt jerawat byk...

  9. iyma -- aku masa engegement haritu pun tak makan dari pagi coz memang takde selera.. dah petang2 tuh baru rasa lapar.. huhu.. tapi tu lah kan, engagement tak se hectic wedding ye tak.. so okie dokie i will take note of your reminder, thanks :)

    oh ye, memang tengah try tanak stress ye skarang.. tanak ada jerawat !!! *mintak dijauhkan..aminnnn*