Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The one with... if only I have 'the' remote control..

... to make sure that this week goes fast,

and next week to go reaaaaalllly slow.


things are just so tied this week at work. as always, whenever you're going for long leave.. they act as if you are resigning or something.. hand-over jobs and whatnot.. *sheeesh*

i've been working long hours since last week -- lack of sleep + coffee = not good ! pimples suddenly start to pop up on my face... :( so now i'm immediately adjusting back my life to making sure that i work hard during normal hours at work, and no more coffee please!

i am too busy with work i have no time to worry about my (very soon!) upcoming wedding .. YET. but rest assured my final weekend as a 'single' is already filled up with all the remaining things-to-do, so does during my final week nanti.. huhu.

i myself not sure how am i feeling now that the DAY is coming, like real soon.. like i said, too occupied for room to feel panic and nervous. we'll come back to this topic again next week, see whether i can be this calm or not :P

so sekian sahaja update dari saya, till later~*


  1. lilia,
    wedding adik ben will be on the same day as yours :( so i'm telling you in advance that i can't make it to your big day..

  2. it's ok... what to do :(

    takpe, just like what i told farah.. family comes first kan.. so, no worries!

  3. kerol's-S-i-LMay 21, 2009 9:38 am

    ko balik lambat aku tunggu ko balik nak bergossip! =(

  4. huh,...jaga mkn, get enough sleep, take rest.
    nanti during w-day..letih..
    Muka kena jaga..kalu naik pimples cam i, mak andam nk make-up pun pening.Yang penting masa ambik gambar, wajah kena ceria & bertenaga.
    Jgn jadi cam
    Ingat, sekali je seumur hidup utk jadi raja sehari.
    Take care dear...bykkan selawat

  5. beb,

    take care!
    tapi no worries.. most brides glow from happiness alone.. biarlah majlis tunggang langgang pun..

    anyhoo, biler start coti panjang nie?