Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The one with.. gatai tangan....

pergi click2 all the other soon-bride-to-be's blogs..

resulting in me feeling....

(unnecessarily?) PRESSURE & NERVOUS!

1. mainly because it makes me feel intimidated by comparison.

2. and of course, it takes me away from doing my work.



  1. oh dear..don't make any u won't feel that bad.. ingat x ko pernah kata kat aku, every wedding is unique on its own..lg pun, apa yg kite rasa the best maybe bkn the best utk org lain..bkn senang nak bg sumer org puas x pe, as long as kite happy & jgn pressure2 ok :)

    ahh..i'm just sharing thought..aku ckp thru pengalaman yg x seberapa tu :)

  2. iyma -- itu lah.. tanak compare.. tapi TERbuat jugak kan.. *marah kat diri sendiri* anyway yup yup every wedding is unique on its own, will plant that into mind :)

  3. lilia,
    don't be nervous....
    seriously, just be calm and make sure no last minute's preparation...

    and, tak payah nak compare2...
    as long as kita happy, our own wedding will be the most glamorous event ever......:)

  4. i know..slalu kita pikir nak simple..
    tp bila tgk wedding org yg best..rasa mcm nak mcm tu jugak..n boleh emo n depress ok..

    heheh..saje je sibuk.padahal bukan nak kawin pun ;p

  5. kak reen -- hi! thanks for the words of advice. yang part not to be nervous tu, boleh handle lagi... tapi part last minute preparation, hmmm.. susah nak cakap.. coz it depends on a lot of outside factors.. huhu.. but whatever it is, of course i am trying my best and hoping for the best :)

    itu lah, tanak compare dah.. huhu.. :P

    peej -- ya betolll! that's exactly how i feel. i want things to be simple, tapi bila tengok orang lain punya preparation, rasa nak macam tu jugak :P tapi skarang dah tak rasa macam tu dah... :)