Friday, 22 May 2009

The one with... in one week to come..

Kerol sent me to work this morning... on a very day I'm coming to work carrying a 'single' status, that is :)

Half way through the journey, I looked at him and said, "Kita nak kawen dowh minggu depan..."

And he looked back at me and said, "Tu lah.. Kawen tuuuu.. "

Pastu masing2 pandang depan, remained speechless and got drawn into own's deep thoughts...

I feel giddily happy I can't stop smiling at work =)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The one with... if only I have 'the' remote control..

... to make sure that this week goes fast,

and next week to go reaaaaalllly slow.


things are just so tied this week at work. as always, whenever you're going for long leave.. they act as if you are resigning or something.. hand-over jobs and whatnot.. *sheeesh*

i've been working long hours since last week -- lack of sleep + coffee = not good ! pimples suddenly start to pop up on my face... :( so now i'm immediately adjusting back my life to making sure that i work hard during normal hours at work, and no more coffee please!

i am too busy with work i have no time to worry about my (very soon!) upcoming wedding .. YET. but rest assured my final weekend as a 'single' is already filled up with all the remaining things-to-do, so does during my final week nanti.. huhu.

i myself not sure how am i feeling now that the DAY is coming, like real soon.. like i said, too occupied for room to feel panic and nervous. we'll come back to this topic again next week, see whether i can be this calm or not :P

so sekian sahaja update dari saya, till later~*

Friday, 15 May 2009

The one with.. poor Mother Nature..

when the weather is hot, it's super blazing fiercing hot.

but when the weather is cold, again it's at the extreme side -- super freezing cold.. *brrrr*

Mother Nature must be getting very sick nowadays... :(

but i rather not complain, i prefer cold than hot. though am sleeping very sleepy now, wishing that i could just go back home and do nothing but getting myself tucked inside and wrapped by the warmth comforter...... ahhhhh, that would be VERY nice!

okeyyyyy i've just proof-read my writing above -- 'sleeping very sleepy' ??? hahaha.. i must be that sleepy hah? :D

time for coffee, that's it!

oh talking about mother nature, here's how i celebrated the recent mother's day..

ciao for now~*

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The one with.. gatai tangan....

pergi click2 all the other soon-bride-to-be's blogs..

resulting in me feeling....

(unnecessarily?) PRESSURE & NERVOUS!

1. mainly because it makes me feel intimidated by comparison.

2. and of course, it takes me away from doing my work.


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The one with... "building the love-nest" is..

1. is super duper tiring.

2. is not easy.

3. is giving you the opportunity to learn about your partner better.. (cara2 nak mop pun can be conflicting ye.. sheeshh :P)

4. is costly.

5. but the end result is, satisfying -- beyond words to describe :)

Alhamdulillah, after much deliberation and contemplation on where should we stay after we are married (stay with parents VS stay on our own -- via renting, not buying (yet)), we've finally found a place to rent.. at a rental amount that is within our budget (below RM800). But things are not that straight forward, the house won't be immediately ready for us to move in now, not even on 30th of May. It would be ready only sometime later after that.


So if you were to ask us where are we going to settle down after the day we are officially declared as husband and wife nanti, I also have no answer to that question..... just yet. Huhu... :P

Okie dokie, till later~*

Monday, 11 May 2009

The one with... berdebar-debar.

Makin nak dekat, makin berdebar2.

Buatlah apa pun, sikit2 je terfikir about the day. And whenever the thought came across my mind, my heart is beating even faster. I feel a sudden pang of panic.

Sebelum nak tidur je, teringat.

Bangun2 tidur je, teringat.

Tengah buat kerja kat office, teringat.

Tengah gelak2 borak2 ngan officemate, teringat.

Tengah makan, teringat.

Tengah berdoa, teringat.

Tengah baca blog orang lain, teringat.

Haishhh, if only I can stop doing all the other things and just focus on this one thing until it is done and deal with... *wishful thinking*

Kerja banyak ni nak kena settle before the long leave, but still, susah nak focus. Haihhhh nampak sangat suck at multitasking. Ape ke lemah nye wehhh aku ni. *isk*

Agak2 organise sendiri punya wedding event boleh claim letak dalam CV tak?

Time management.
Communication skill - internal and external.
Able to work under pressure.
Research and marketing skill.
Able to work under minimal supervision.
Receive feedback and instruction constructively.
High people skill.
Willing to work long hours.
Work well in team.
Leadership skill.
Produce deliverable within the timeframe given.

Quite impressive kan? :P

I guess until the day is finally coming, you'll have to bear with me and my crappy W-related entries.... I know, orang lain pun kawen jugak kan, takde lah over macam ni.. But oh well, that's orang lain... kan?

Till later~* (see, rasa berdebar2 balik... *panicky mode*).

Friday, 8 May 2009

The one with... in less than a month to come..

So fast it’s weekend again.. and just like the way it was for the past few weekends, it’s not gonna be any less busy-er for me.

We have 3 weekends left (yikes!) before the big day and safely (I think) I could say that most of the main items in our W checklist have been ticked-off. It’s those small2 things now that need immediate action and we are in the midst of tying up some loose ends.


Cincin Kerol tak jumpa lagi.

And his final hantaran item too.

My tudung + veil to go with the nikah outfit.

Need to browse through the old pictures for the slides.

Finalisation of songs selection.



Ok I tell you what. Maybe I don’t need to list down to the detailed bit of all the to-do things. It makes me nervous. Huhu. Like seriously, suddenly my heartbeat is thumping at a faster rate now.

*Breathe in.Breathe out.*

Anyway, one of the things we are going to work on this weekend is -- spring cleaning of the house! *wink* I’ll reserve the details for now; will spill out once everything is confirmed and ready nanti ok.

Enjoy your weekend dear friends and readers. Till I write again next~*

P.S. Any tips or reminder for me now that the time is ticking towards the final countdown? Common things people tend to overlook? Small2 things yang people often forget? Any other things that I could possibly not aware of? That, would be very much appreciated :)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The one with... mood rajin nak update blog :)

It’s only my second day in JB and surprise surprise, I have the mood to update my blog lah! :) Weeeee~*

Mungkin kah kerana berada di JB selama 2 hari ini tanpa kemudahan internet telah mengajar erti rindu terhadap blog?


Atau, mungkin kah kerana sekarang ini adalah sangat pemalas untuk membuat kerja memikirkan cuti kahwin yang bukan seminggu, bukan dua minggu, tatapi TIGA minggu panjangnya itu sudah mampir tiba?



I am in my company's JB office now to do some work & to retrieve my emails - something I can't do at the client's place. Maka apa lagi, sambil menyelam minum air lah kita ye...

Anyway, being far from office and from life in KL did not spare me even a bit from getting a headache from all the dramas I would have to face if I were in KL. The fuss about work, about wedding-related, about my life -- when will this ever stop why oh why?? Memang sampai ke lobang cacing agaknya all these stuff are gonna chase me. *siGh* Life is full of drama huh? Or quoting Susan Mayer from Desperate Housewives -- Am I addicted to drama? God knows.

Biasalah.. Banyak dugaan in between the post-engagement and pre-wedding period, darah tengah manis tuuuu.. and so they said.

Whoever created that saying, I loathe you.

Takpe lah, what does not kill you makes you stronger. And ignorance is bliss. And finally, like really, FINALLY.. kad kahwin dah berjaya di post kan. Better late than never ho yeah!

Selingan -- menyampah la dengar iklan coca cola nyanyian anak ND Kepah itu.. “ohhhh Jamilah Jamilah.. Hidup kita Jamilahhhhhh… Coca cola… Harmonika… Suasanaaaa...”

I am like, what the heck? OK, so it was actually "Camni lah.." But I swear it sounds so freaking like Jamilah to me. And, harmonika tu bukan ke alat musik? Haihhh talking about memperkasakan bahasa ibunda huh? Itu belum dengar lagi cara dia promotekan about Juke Box. I swear it sounds just like….. nevermind.

OK selingan dah abis. And idea pun tiba2 takde dah.. Boleh?

Oh, ok.. I finally have in possession some pictures from my last Sunday’s fun activity as mentioned in my previous post.. As a teaser, presenting.... :

I love it LOVE IT the outcome !! :) If you like it too, let me know.. If you don’t, ever heard that certain things are better left unsaid? So hush hush will you thank you very much.

By the way, it was our pre-wedding photo session at Taman Metropolitan tempat main layang2 on Sunday morning recently. Mula2 nak bertemakan main layang2.. tapi ntah macamane ntah tak jadi. Nevertheless thanks so much to Shah yang baru nak berjinak2 (of which however makin improved) in photography. He is my sister’s friend. So what happened was Erin pandai2 offer to Shah to do a pre-wedding photo shoot for Kerol & me, FOC. Untuk practice katanya, win-win situation -- Shah will get to expand his portfolio and sharpen his skill, and we will get, well our pre-wedding pictures! So there you go, a business deal was sealed.. *hehe* Padahal tak plan pun nak ada all these pre-wedding photo shoot stuff.

Anyway, thank you Shah (or nama komersialnya Halmus Rihzan) and his sifu who came along that day - Pak Ajong. I will link them once their URL comes into light. And of course, thanks to you adikku Erin kerana sudi be there for me... :)

OK tiba2 idea ada balik so I’m gonna continue this.. (Work can wait sekejap I suppose? :P)

My W day is so near now it’s less than a month to come. I am still feeling all jittery. What with risau about the perjalanan majlis and also the life after the event -- I just can’t imagine what is there waiting ahead of me.

I mean, seriously I can’t even imagine how my W day would look like. What’s wrong with me? Is this normal? All I have in mind is a picture of me, Kerol, my baju, the empty dewan, the faces of our families, decoration, everything -- but all in isolation. Like I can’t freaking put things and everyone together in one place, i.e. at my W day. I can’t also picture the suasana and whatnot. Adoiii.. why la? Am I just very suck at imagining?

And.. life after the W day. My, I can’t imagine lah how would I ever to do the ironing for two? And preparing breakfast for Kerol... That, is completely di luar jangkauan pemikiran.. :D (Lunch & dinner takpe -- lunch sendiri2 kat work place, dinner can tapau hehe). Anyway for some reasons, I managed pulak to have a picture of me fixing a tie for Kerol, just like how it’s potrayed in a drama about a life of a typical working husband with his domestic goddess wife.. Haha.. What gives??!

Perhaps that’s a hint I am meant to pursue with my ultimate dream of becoming a full time housewife who gets to spend? YOU WISH !!! :P

Ok lah. I’d better stop now and continue with what I'm supposed to do..

Till later~*

Sunday, 3 May 2009

The one with... kemalasan melampau2 melanda..

Ye.. for some odd reasons I feel SO SO lazy to update my blog... Huhu.. rasa macam, eeee tak aci nya how come people get to know my life update but I don't get to know theirs.. You know, something like that lah.

I know it doesn't true for some.. Oh well... Let's hope this is only temporary, I am sure it is.. :P

Anyway I had such a hectic long weekend.. Hectic, but I had a great time.. :) With Kerol.. With girlfriends.. With family... Ahh, I heart each one of them so much!

I was happily busy with writing my W cards.. (yes I reckon a-ngam2-one-month-before baru nak send out the card is a bit too late (I blame it on the W card's place), but friends, you guys semua dah mark your calendar and free yourself on 31st May nanti kan?? *wink*)

And... One of the activities I had was -- my own bridal shower with close friends and my sister! :) I had such a blast night, only thing was I hate the baju I wore. It did no justice to my figure.. *isk* (note to self: anything from East India anymore, their baju somehow always makes me looks like a pregnant lady.. huhu.. this should be the last!).


I did another fun activity on Sunday morning, but I have no pictures with me for now to show how fun it was.. So, later lah perhaps?

Ye, saya nak update yang fun fun saje! ;) Till then ya~*

p.s. I'll be in JB for the next 3 days, so expect no update from me..