Sunday, 12 April 2009

The one with.. you cannot have it all, can you? *isk*

If only this is not part of the overall budget..

I would definitely have factored this in..

Why oh yes, I am not a ring person. If you were to ask me, what did I do to prepare myself for my engagement last year?

My first answer would be -- I started off by practising to wear my late grandma's ring. Yes, I had to practise, to make sure that I am comfortable having a blingbling on my finger.. :P

Oh well.

*Happy for him nevertheless! Weeeee~~ :)*

I had such a great Sunday though the weekend kicked start quite suck-y. Had to actually go to office yesterday on Saturday to finish up some work. But things gradually got better as hours passed by.

Mom sms-ed telling me that Lee Lee (the tailor) called to inform that my nikah outfit is ready for pick-up. Yeay!

And then my Mak Andam pun called to inform that my reception baju is also ready for the first fitting. Though I'm quite nervous actually not knowing what to expect, what if it doesn't turn out the way I like it? But heck that's besides the point now so.. Double yeay!

And then the pelamin people is now ready to sit down with us and get serious with business.. Triple yeay!

And last but not least, Kerol and I went for (yet another) hantaran shopping today at MidValley & The Gardens and I managed to complete my checklist.. Jackpot!! =)

Oh.. Oh.. tapi.. that means, I have no more convincing, justifiable reasons to shop for things I've never thought I would buy before anymoreee *isk* But Kerol, on the other hands still does have that card.. *sheeesh*.

Worst of all, all this happiness.. all this excitement.. all this wonderful feelings.. are fast killed by the thought of that one busy week is awaiting ahead of me... soon! Oh I SO feel Rebecca Bloomwood now.. (haha tiba2 :P)

Everything in life IS temporary, boy reality sure does have teeth to bite us hard ey? *ouch!*

Okie dokie lah till later~* (singing) So longggg... farewelllll.. auf weidersehen goodnighttttt..


  1. Dunt worry so much k my dear... The mood killing moment always gonna be there. Always be happy & enjoy the moment :)

    p/s: susah dowhhhhhh.....

  2. wahh..things are getting into places huh...good...may the rest of it goes as well...gudluk for the wed preps...

  3. wow! its getting nearer eh? hehehehehe... wish u lots of luck...

  4. wahaha..seronok nyer nak kawen..kan lia kan... ;)

    eh, aku rasa kan, the wedding ring is not a necessity la..kan dah ada engagement ring..u can still go for the second item lah.. :P (haha..mesti mr tunang ko terbeliak bijik mata tgk aku tulis cmni..penghasut!) lalalala

    aku kawen pon xde wedding ring..sbb x suka sgt pakai..even my engagement ring pun simpan elok dlm bekas...sbb tu masa wedding aku pilih nak rantai.. :) (sebok nak cite pasal wedding aku lak..haha)

    fitting2 baju is the best moment in the preparation...nnt ko akan rasa excitement..x sabar nak rasa the real day to wear the full set of outfit..& the nyer.........rasa nak kawen lagi.. (i mean dgn hubby aku jgk la..)

    dah ar..melalut jer..aku sedih jd weng sket..

  5. I am so happy for you....


    can't wait for the big day myself.


  6. dearest s0uLz,=) yup enjoying & cherishing every happy moment i have with you, as bekalan to go through the bad ones...

    cehhhh.. ape yang susah??? download je all the applications kat itune.. ehhh. :P

    fana,hi there!

    hmm nak kata everything goes on smoothly tu takde lah kan.. ade je hiccups here & there :P

    anyway thanks.. yup things are good... SO FAR it is.. =)

    my life,i know! huhu please don't remind me.. NERVOUS! :P

    anyway thank you thank you...

  7. iyma,seronok.. nervous.. sume pun ade! huhu..

    anyway tu lah i know wedding ring is not necessary.. somehow the mothers want it, and to some extend, me too.. :P coz otherwise rasa pelik plak takde wedding ring.. anyway tu lah, i saw your rantai picture.. sangat cantik! :)

    tu lah i hope i'll get more excited after seeing tha baju & discuss about the overall deco.. coz otherwise until now aku takleh nak picture how my wedding would be.. huhu.. ape2 pun lets hope for the best of everything.. amin.

    takut sebenarynye nak gi tengok baju, coz aku yang pandai2 pilih kain.. tengok design kat patung macam cantik jer.. skali tak suit dengan aku yang renek and lebar ni.. huhu.. so tailor said she will come out with 'something'.. i'm PRAYING hard that 'something' will come out good.. we'll see how.

    dah jangan sedih2.. cherish every happy moment k! and screw the person who said bad things about your wedding.. your wedding was so beautiful!

    (mak aiii panjang nye komen!! :P)

  8. kak zue,thanks kak zue.. keep your expectation low okie! nervous nih... huhu. i'll see you soon!


  9. buat masa skrg, i phone itu lebih mengiurkan dpd cincin .. sbb aku dah pernah terliur tengok cincin.

    apa aku merepek. hari ni aku weng.

  10. Ms. Lilia nak iphone jugak ;pApril 14, 2009 9:06 pm

    farah,I know!!! Huhu.. And replying ur comment now proves that even more!! Isk i want one too huhu.. Nak join ko n iyma weng gak ah...

  11. haha..ada gak org lain nak weng cam aku..aku dah ok arini yer.. ;)

    your tailor said to come out with something? Waahh!! mesti vouge tu..just put a trust to her..i think she must know exactly what's better for u..rite? kalo x mesti dia x jd tailor...

    i just can't wait for your big day... :) best of luck k!

  12. iyma,dah memang hari weng sedunia kot.. huhu..

    well i hope so my tailor will come out with something that suits me best.. coz ni bukan normal tailor aku tau.. it's the mak andam from the bridal boutique.. and that baju is gonna for rent later afterwards.. so musti la nak kena best for the umum too.. huhu...

    anyway, again and again thank you thank you :)