Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The one with... the worst feeling ever.

.. is when you have truck loads of things to do and yet the mojo is not there... *sheeeshhh*

I blame it on the weather.. hoho.

It took me quite a while to wake up this morning. Ok maybe quite a while is a bit of understatement.

Pukul 5am terjaga, dengar kat luar still hujan lebat lagi…

Pukul 6am, still raining. Plan nak iron baju sume dah masuk ke laut dah. zZZzzZ.

Pukul 7am, wahhh still raining? Biar betul. Tidur balik lah.. :D

Pukul 8am, amek… Kelam kelibut iron baju and getting ready.. Huhu.

Kerol pun kejut pukul 7.30 pagi bukannya suruh bangun.. Dia yang lalok2 tuh sibuk cakap.. Bestnye hujan… malasnye nak bangun.. sambung tidur balik mesti best kan… etc etc etc.. Hmmmpphhh bukan wake-up call lah tuuu… Memang tak bangun la kan.. :P

Anyway, excuses excuses excuses.. *grin*

OK lah.. Sementara tengah malas buat kerja (which translated into rajin update blog as you can see), I’m now doing this tag thingy, which was tagged by the hot mama Tina quite a while ago..

So here goes.

1. Letakkan gambar profile anda.

2. Terangkan apa maksud gambar itu.

Ahhh… sudah terang lagi kan bersuluh laaa ini question. Heh. Anyway, well obviously the picture means a lot to me. It reminds me the good time I had with both Kerol’s family & my family during the meeting between the two :)

3. Kenapa pilih gambar itu?

Because I love it. And because all the while I didn’t have a profile photo. Then sekali kena tag. Then baru perasan eh takde gambar profile rupanye. Godek2 pictures folder, found this one. And here you go, the one and only profile picture I ever had. I mean kat blogspot la. Kalau kat Facebook & Friendster I had quite a lot. So let’s not go there lah k..

4. Tag lagi 5 blogger!

Hmmpphhh malaih la k.

On a separate note.

I stumbled upon this entry about maid (wah nampak sangat in mind dah start finding easy way out when it comes to house chores *ngeh3x*, anyway that’s besides the point :P), and somehow it made me cry watching the clip.. :’(

I mean, I’ve never had a maid before.. and so far I’ve never heard any fugly stories about them -- i.e. stories straight from the horse’s mouth la. Kalau kat newspaper ada la few times here and there came across such news. But anyway, reading the entry and all the comments therein really open up my eyes. I am not judging, please don't get me wrong.. as I said I’ve never had that experience nor I heard from those people around me.

It’s just that, you know, something to take note of lah. *siGh*

Ok lah.. rasa bersalah is creeping all over me now. Should start resume with work now.

Till later~*


  1. waaah..i'm the first!! lalalala ;)

    aku sgt suka profile pic tu!! sungguh sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! :)

  2. iyma,well.. not only the first.. but the only one too.. :)

    anyway, thanks.. aku pun suke juge! hehehe. ada banyak lagi, tapi nak guna untuk slide nanti.. so takleh reveal banyak2.. ngeh3x.