Friday, 3 April 2009

The one with... the wedding jitters talking.

I have been quite busy with work of late.. and in between I am constantly bugged by the pre-wedding jitters, of which the rate has been escalated-up for (of course) the obvious reason -- the clock is ticking and it’s the month of April already yaw! *biting nails*

My W cards will be ready in 2 / 3 weeks time and I’ve started to ask around for everyone’s address… and all this… seems to be so SO surreal.

Thing is, the main mastermind behind our W day is none other than.. us and us only. Well of course there is some contribution from the families, but to a very limited extent as we are the one who's having the complete upper hand. We decide our own theme. place. doorgift. wedding attire. wedding card. the itinerary of the event. every.single.thing. All according to our way (and budget of course). Bahasa mudah -- duit sendiri, so ikut kepala sendiri suka hati kitorang laa, kind of.

And that somehow suddenly got me worried -- can we make it such a decent yet very beautiful and historical event of our own, where flaws are kept to its minimum???

I mean, from observation I see and learn how families contributed to the whole wedding whatnot of their children by sponsoring or arranging some parts of it. Who am I kidding, yes sometime once in a while when it did cross my mind, a tiny bit of jealousy creeps in… :’(

Some say, it’s better to get everything arranged based on your own say. Less hassle, so they said.

But some say, of course it’s easier if parents are involved. They put you with less worries about both event and budget wise. And they know better.

During THE meeting when we explained to the mothers why we wanted certain things to be in certain ways.

But I guess not everyone is born lucky.

Anyway, I am pretty confident that I’m gonna have such a beautiful W day.. With Kerol together we’ve put in much effort based on what we want, as much as we can afford to.. and suffice to say, that itself is already a beautiful thing that can ever happened.. =)

And I learnt that no matter what, people will still talk. So there's no point pleasing other.. I'll just make sure that I get to please myself -- gosh this somehow sounds wrong, but you get what I mean aite? ;P This, afterall, the wedding jitters talking I believe.

If you were to ask me “So how’s the wedding preparation so far?” -- which I used to get a lot these days anyway ;) -- my answer is,

Well, more or less we have most of the things in place. But in actual fact a lot more can only be done come towards / on the day itself. The baju. pelamin. decoration. food. the overall event. You know..

Maka kayaknya doa kan guwe yang baik baik aja yuk! Makasih ya….


Till later~*


  1. lili@ l@ling,
    just enjoy the moment and preparation. and relax je, takde menda lah..doa banyak2 so that tak banyak hiccups. kalau nak bebetul siap, hari kawin la siap. aku dah masuk kalendar, kenduri ko. tak sabar! :)

  2. dear lilia darling...

    i wish u all the best!!!!!

    jangan risau, i believe that you can pull this off very very well.

    See you on the big day!

  3. lia, jgn sedih sbb everything on your shoulder (both u & kerol) - perhaps u should be proud sbb from a to z its from ur very ownself. ok :)

    enjoy the preparation skrg. when the day came up, enjoy the moment & jgn pikir2 lg kalau x nnt muke pengantin serabut ;) cuma byk2 berdoa biar everything runs smoothly.

    haih. getaran kau nak kawen lg kuat aku rasa dpd getaran aku nak beranak. haha.

  4. Masa ima kawen dulu, kebanyakan family yg tetapkan, kitaorg tukang kuar duit jek...huhu..semput jugak.
    Tapi takpelah asalkan diorg happy
    especially mak ima.

    So kira lia ni bertuah jugaklah,
    semua bley decide sendiri,
    budget sendiri.
    Tp maybe lia first kahwin dlm family, tu sbb risau lebih kot.
    Takpe, ada banyak masa lagi.
    Insya-Allah, semua ok jek nnt.
    All the best,key \(^.^)/

  5. dalie daling,

    haha tu lah. kalau nak ckp preparation 100% siap means masa that day itself lah kan.. :)

    thanks dalie, can't wait too! *wink*

    kak zue,

    thanks kak zue... huhu.. i guess feeling nervous is normal aite?


    see you too kak zue! pakai cantik2 tapi jangan lebih cantik dari pengantin ek.. hahaha.

  6. farah dear,

    thank you, i know it you would understand what i feel aite... huhu.. dah kate pun sikit2 call kau sikit2 call kau.. haha. tu belum ade yang lain2 claim aku call diorg gak.. :D

    anyway harus lah over tau kau ni lagi nervous aku nak kawen compared to kau nak beranak.. makes me DOUBLE nervous wehhhh.

    oh ok ok.. tammo risau sangat. i want that seri pengantin, oh when is it coming ehh... haha boleh?

  7. iema,

    hi! :)

    hmm tu lah.. tapi cam kadang2 bile fikir2 sedih sebab takde penaja.. huhu.. i know tak baik kan fikir macam tu, but just cannot help it lah.

    anyway, the feelings come once in a while je.. :)

    thanks iema for the words of comfort, yup i am hoping for nothing but the best nanti, insyaAllah...

  8. kau beruntung sbb mr tunang nak sama2 buat preparation..aku dulu buat sorang2...di ulangi..sorang2 dari A to Z..dia sgt x bleh diharap utk membuat apa2 keputusan..dia cuma ikut sambil tanya bila nak setle (which is buat aku rasa mau meletop), kuar duit (ni aku suka..hahaha) and bwk aku gi mana pon aku nak pegi pastu duk jauh2 hisap rokok (keji gile)...adik & kakak aku masing2 keje luar KL..mak aku x, all alone..

    so li@..kalau aku yg sendirian (eceeh) ni bleh buat - aku perasan majlis aku berjaya(sila jgn muntah ye), cuma hujan je buat aku frust x leh berarak masuk mcm plan ketentuan tuhan - ko yg ada bantuan dari family (sikit2 pon ok per) and mr tunang itu, mesti lagi d'bom!! mesti ok punya...xyah risau..

    ah, best of luck..x leh sabar tgu wedding ko...lagi satu nak pesan, ko jgn emo sgt kalo ada apa2 kekurangan on the day..sbb walau se-ready mana pon kita, mesti ada benda yg x ready on the day...kena blaja tenang setenang tenang nyerrrr....... :)

    eh, theme warna apa ek? bkn biru kan? aku sudah tempah baju..berwarna biru..sbb aku teringat ko ckp "definitely not blue" dulu..xmau ikut theme..takut aku over shadow pengantin! hahahah :P

    p/s:li@..sila jgn amek hati...aku gurau je..

  9. iyma,

    heh takde bende yang aku nak amek hati pun from ko nye reply nih :)

    anyway your reply is such an inspirational, really boost up my confidence.. thanks so very much! =)

    oh yessss definitely bukan warna biru .. hehehe..

  10. Dear Lilia

    Dun worry...doa byk22
    Ini pengalaman yang takkan dapat dicari.
    all the prob during wedding preps tu akan jadi the sweet memory.
    kita tk dpt invitation..but hope sgt u akan letak gambar wedding byk22 ye

    Gud Luck

  11. Thanks eehan for the well wishes.. :) Yup will make sure I put up those pics, just the way I did with my engagement's..

    Take care!