Friday, 10 April 2009

The one with... ooh la la ~~*

Yeay it's Friday!

Things have been so hectic.. what with the deadlines and all, plus my junior is off for her study leaves soon.. so does my senior manager who's going to go off for her (long) vacation leaves.. After which upon them returning back to office, I myself then will be going for my marriage leaves.. 'Panic attack' definitely gives the whole lot of a different meanings to me now yaw! *guLp*

Today how busy I am nevertheless my mojo is going down the drain. Forcing myself to continue what is left, but one thing for sure -- I'm NOT going to stay back today. Feeling all giddy now thinking that I'm gonna meet Kerol after work soon!! Yeay..! It has been 4 freaking days you know.. :P *grin*

OK lah.. Before I go.. Feel free to visit a friend's website - and go crazy over the nice kebaya material she's offering for sale :) The owner is Kak Emy -- my senior / ex-roomate during my days in MRSM Terendak.. I am promoting it to my colleagues, and thank God her husband Abg Nik (also my senior) is working nearby next to my office building. So my colleagues get to have the privilege of having a complete shopping experience -- the power of seeing and touching.. ;)

Till later, go all hells break loose today on Friday and the upcoming weekend!


  1. aku nak cek balik action item aku untuk wedding ko.

    we need to talk.

    sounds serious heh.

  2. well i am more than happy to know that you are getting all serious with it now, yeaYYeay~! :)

    see you at home later alligator! jangan lupe nak lagu round round tuh okie dokie..

  3. lilia, action item aku belikan cd tu je kan?? dah lama dah ada dlm keta aku ni.. bila nak ketemu? ;)

  4. azidi,

    hmmm.. aku rase itu je lah kot... SO FAR.. :P

    hehe anyway thanks ok.. nanti aku check it out ngan kerol bile bleh jumpe..

    bagus2, let it stays dalam keta.. kot2 datang kurinam ke nanti leh le ketemu.. =)