Thursday, 23 April 2009

The one with... life goes on, and W day is arriving soon..!

Hello everyone… I am the happiest person alive!!! :)

Alhamdulillah… Thank you Allah.. -- I can never stop muttering this over and over again.

I know some of you guys might have noticed that I’ve temporarily ‘closed’ my blog for the last few days..

Well I have my reasons.

Hmm.. I’m not sure now as to where to start.. nor how much information to share.

But after a second thought, well I think I’d prefer to reserve the story and keep it to myself. (Close friends perhaps will know it one day.. Anyway, put it this way -- what you don't know does not hurt you kan?

I need some space to breath for now after feeling so choked-up for the past few days. Five.nerve-wrecking.sleepless-nights.heart-thumping.lurch-in-the-tummy.teary-eyes.days. *phew*

One clue to give you an idea how serious the situation was -- it became a police case. And Kerol was not physically around as he had to go for an outstation job in Sabah this whole week.. *sad face*

One speculation to rule out, please -- it has got nothing to do at all with my relationship with Kerol, as well as our upcoming wedding.

Ahah, wedding.. Speaking of which….

I’ve seen my baju sanding already and had the first round of trying and fitting, and I must say I’M LOVING IT !!! Like love it, love it! *ngeeeeee* :)

And.. and.. I’ve collected my W cards already today!! *another reason to smile endlessly*

The W card -- it came out the way I imagine it to be, but there were a few tiny, little, BUTs here and there. But oh well, that doesn’t matter anymore, does it? =) (oh I just couldn’t stop smiling!)

So this weekend Kerol and I will be spending some time jotting down people’s names and addresses, so that hopefully by Monday we can distribute ‘em all!

Can you imagine, we have another one month ++ left to go. My, everything feels so SO surreal.

Can’t wait to go through all the wedding preps left to be done, come what may. Hiccups ke.. Burps ke.. Whatever la.. Those are NOTHING as compared to what I’ve been through for the past five days.

Till later k? Fret not, no more silence-is-golden moment (hopefully)…


  1. yea yea!!!!!dapat kad kawen!!!hihi..

  2. yea!! back to normal.. cam series je smpai jd kes polis.. hmm

    eh, kad kawen tu, yg ko suh aku g betulkan tu ok kan? Tetiba aku takut mamat tu x caya kat aku lak.. ntah2 dia tukar balik..huhu

    Sekarang mmg masa month left eh..selamt menempuh ke-bz-an itu..and u have to rilex and enjoy every moment.. jgn pressure2 tau..nnt jerawat byk.. :P

    and..aku x sabar nak tgk baju ko!! mesti "gojes" gile.. :D

  3. frH pn pernah perasan suatu ketika dulu ...April 24, 2009 8:45 am

    blah laaa .. lambat bgtau aku psl baju .. tertunggu-tunggu aku.

    ahahaha. mesti senyum sampai belakang kepala tengok kad kawen sendiri ;) bile lg nk perasan kan?

  4. hye
    wut happen?apepon, hopefully u have all the strength in this world to overcome it...ur wed is soooo sooonnnn...can't wait for more updates!!

  5. effi, -- hehehe soon ok soon! :) make sure you are free that day ok to attend.

    iyma, -- well it was a serious thing. but anyway glad everything is ok for now. i hope there's no after-effect *mintak dijauhkan*

    yang W card aku tuh, yup the changes were all correctly done, thanks to you!!! ohh aku sangat panic tau that day, sib baik kau ada :)

    tu lah.. dah down to one month ni, macam banyak nitty gritty nak kena buat.... hope everything will sail smoothly..

    anyway haipp haippp sila jangan expect so much about my baju ok!!! gojes to me does not equal gojes to others! huuuuu.

  6. farah, -- ngek kalau dah fon memanjang je kaput, kau takyah nak blah kan aku okie dokie !!! dush.

    anyway, a'ah.. memang menyengih je tengok kad.. rasa macam, wow.. i AM getting married wehhhh... :P

    fana, -- thanks dear.. all is over now.. nanti lah insyaAllah one day i will share here what happened.. we'll see how k..

    anyway tu lah.. it's like.. SOON! :P i'll update here and there, but as you can see mine is not as detail as the other bride-to-be's blog... nanti bila W day dah over, i will spill more k.. keep on reading my blog! :)

  7. Hi Lia... I read your comment.. Wow, scarynye... Biasalah darah tgh manis skrg,macam2 dugaan datang... Anyway, be careful and have fun sending your W card!!! I can feel your excitement...

  8. thanks farina! wish you could come... isk.

  9. Lia, what happened....hope all's good with u n family. take care okay. ko ni buat akue saspen je tau. polis2 semua ni. dh la lg sebulan nak kawin. lemme know if u need anything okay. take good care.


  10. Lia, what happened....hope all's good with u n family. take care okay. ko ni buat akue saspen je tau. polis2 semua ni. dh la lg sebulan nak kawin. lemme know if u need anything okay. take good care.


  11. Hi Lilia,

    Suprised baca entry u..
    i tot u pun dh private kan blog sendiri
    Hope everything is ok esp ur wedding