Friday, 3 April 2009

The one with.. it's the 3rd post for the day (1st time mind you) and it's a different tone now.

From happy happy posts to a sad one now it is.

But when it comes to sad things, I can't bring myself to express one.

So I guess I'm gonna spend another Friday night by crying my heart out.... quietly.


  1. cry..and cry..and's ok if it can help u to feel so much better..

    tp jgn nangis lebih2..x mau jd mcm kassim selamat kan? kan? kan? ko nak kawen dah ni.....haaa

    p/s : li@, tolong jgn marah aku..aku nak bg ko gelak jer......

  2. babe,

    are u ok? hope everything gets well.. just hang in there ok?

    miss u!

  3. iyma,

    hehe memang kau buat aku tergelak! :) thanks..

    hot mama,

    thanks dear... miss you too lah! you also hang in there k, soon can start hanging out again.. with extra member! hehehe

  4. I like your wedding countdown lah lia.. Comel.. :) Don't be sad, nak dekat kahwin nih memang banyak dugaan.. Be patient k!