Friday, 17 April 2009

The one with... friday yeay!

Ouuhhhh I am so happy happy. Why of course it's Friday.. ! :)

It has been few days I've been working till late at night. But na'ah not today. Going to MidValley soon later to watch this chick-lit based movie -- He's Just Not That Into You... Weeeee~*

We shall see how good this movie is.. i.e. whether it moves me to go and read the book or not.. Just like how I did after watching this movie:

OK so I'm a tad late but I do dig and go silly over the books version now! Huhu.. Just finished with the first two (confessions of a shopaholic and shopaholic takes manhattan), and still keep on reading to finish the rest ! (shopaholic ties the knot, shopaholic & sister, and shopaholic & baby) =)

Close friends would know how biggie is this to me -- cause they all know how I dislike reading books and novels... *smile* OuuhHHh and of course I didn't buy all the books overnight.. I just borrowed them all from my colleagues.. *ngeh3x* So yes, the movie made me read the books.. but not to the extend of investing in them... 8)

Anyway like I said, we shall see the outcome of He's Just Not That Into You alrightey (of which by the way not applicable to me and Kerol given the status of our relationship now.. but for the fun of it, I would want to see how it applies to Kerol back then when I first knew him.. haha :P I hope he's not reading this entry now before we watch the movie.. *grin*)

So all of you people, it's Friday so go crazy tonight and over the weekend k! I have a lot of wedding-related things to do over the weekend, as always wish us luck! *winkies*

Okie dokie Kerol has texted me and he's making his move already.

Till later~*

p.s. pictures are courtesy of Google.


OK so I didn't read the He's Just Not That Into You book before.. *huhu*. I thought it deals with pre-relationship issues.. Hence my earlier writing talking about how the movie won't be applicable to Kerol and I.. Ahh, silly me to be so quick to judge.. :P

Anyway, I won't give any spoilers here. The verdict is -- I LOVE THE MOVIE SO VERY MUCH! Who knows it actually enlightens the audience with issues at every different stages of a relationship -- the pre, the during, and the post. Hmmm yang dah baca buku dah boleh expect lah kot ek?

Oh well, I just knew it the movie was very entertainingly informative because it put on view all the spot-on yes-truth-hurts moments a relationship could have faced, that set me all emotional throughout the movie! :P Marah ada. Menyampah ada. Sedih ada. Terharu ada. You know, just as the word 'emotional' suggests. Heh.

Whatever it is, the best part of the movie in overall is, I think almost everyone if not all, can relate it to our daily lives. The reality aspect of love life. The reality aspect of how complicated human's heart can be. Be it the man. Be it the woman.

"Where emotion is concerned, there is no room for logic" -- that's my favourite quote (not from the movie though) when it comes to matter of the heart all this while.

Oh well, this is merely my two cents. Obviously our opinion about the movie could differ right. So what say you? =)

Till later k, good night!

p.s. I hope I can make it to be the 'exception', not the 'rule'.. :)


  1. oh citer it was rated 18SX, i've decided to download it rather than tgk wayang..haha..byk potong nnt..mesti x best :P

    enjoy your wedding-related activities! :)

  2. iyma,

    hahaha lawak la kau iyma.. kan kau dah boleh create sendiri punya aksi 18SX .. ngeh3.

    thanks, enjoy your weekend with hubby too! :)

  3. aksi sendiri x leh tgk..hahah :P

  4. frh dah xremaja lgApril 21, 2009 11:51 am

    setiap x nak g muvie, bile pikir blk rasanya lebih baik pegi swimming.
    aku sgt loser thn ni .. dah masuk bln 4 tp xtengok2 wayang lg ... waaaa aku dah xremaja dah lg ...