Friday, 24 April 2009

The one with... (singing) let the music heals your soul..

Kekasih jangan berduka yakin kitakan bersama...
Hati ini satu walau jauh di mata ikatan cinta luhurnya di jiwa...

Hatiiii… Pujuklah perasaannn… jauhi segala kesangsian..
Cintaaa… walaupun berjauhan… kan ku kenang senyuman..
Kerinduanku masih… keranamu kekasihhh…

Telahhhh terurai peristiwa…
Cinta teragung di puncaknya…
Ledang telah menjadi saksi… percintaan sejati..
Laksamana dan puteri..
Berduanya abadi….



p.s. to Azidi, thank you so so much for arranging the purchase!!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

The one with... life goes on, and W day is arriving soon..!

Hello everyone… I am the happiest person alive!!! :)

Alhamdulillah… Thank you Allah.. -- I can never stop muttering this over and over again.

I know some of you guys might have noticed that I’ve temporarily ‘closed’ my blog for the last few days..

Well I have my reasons.

Hmm.. I’m not sure now as to where to start.. nor how much information to share.

But after a second thought, well I think I’d prefer to reserve the story and keep it to myself. (Close friends perhaps will know it one day.. Anyway, put it this way -- what you don't know does not hurt you kan?

I need some space to breath for now after feeling so choked-up for the past few days. Five.nerve-wrecking.sleepless-nights.heart-thumping.lurch-in-the-tummy.teary-eyes.days. *phew*

One clue to give you an idea how serious the situation was -- it became a police case. And Kerol was not physically around as he had to go for an outstation job in Sabah this whole week.. *sad face*

One speculation to rule out, please -- it has got nothing to do at all with my relationship with Kerol, as well as our upcoming wedding.

Ahah, wedding.. Speaking of which….

I’ve seen my baju sanding already and had the first round of trying and fitting, and I must say I’M LOVING IT !!! Like love it, love it! *ngeeeeee* :)

And.. and.. I’ve collected my W cards already today!! *another reason to smile endlessly*

The W card -- it came out the way I imagine it to be, but there were a few tiny, little, BUTs here and there. But oh well, that doesn’t matter anymore, does it? =) (oh I just couldn’t stop smiling!)

So this weekend Kerol and I will be spending some time jotting down people’s names and addresses, so that hopefully by Monday we can distribute ‘em all!

Can you imagine, we have another one month ++ left to go. My, everything feels so SO surreal.

Can’t wait to go through all the wedding preps left to be done, come what may. Hiccups ke.. Burps ke.. Whatever la.. Those are NOTHING as compared to what I’ve been through for the past five days.

Till later k? Fret not, no more silence-is-golden moment (hopefully)…

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The one with... silence is golden..

*To silence another, first be silent yourself.. *

Hmmm.. I'm going on a silent mode for a while... :'(

Till laterx2 ey~*

Friday, 17 April 2009

The one with... friday yeay!

Ouuhhhh I am so happy happy. Why of course it's Friday.. ! :)

It has been few days I've been working till late at night. But na'ah not today. Going to MidValley soon later to watch this chick-lit based movie -- He's Just Not That Into You... Weeeee~*

We shall see how good this movie is.. i.e. whether it moves me to go and read the book or not.. Just like how I did after watching this movie:

OK so I'm a tad late but I do dig and go silly over the books version now! Huhu.. Just finished with the first two (confessions of a shopaholic and shopaholic takes manhattan), and still keep on reading to finish the rest ! (shopaholic ties the knot, shopaholic & sister, and shopaholic & baby) =)

Close friends would know how biggie is this to me -- cause they all know how I dislike reading books and novels... *smile* OuuhHHh and of course I didn't buy all the books overnight.. I just borrowed them all from my colleagues.. *ngeh3x* So yes, the movie made me read the books.. but not to the extend of investing in them... 8)

Anyway like I said, we shall see the outcome of He's Just Not That Into You alrightey (of which by the way not applicable to me and Kerol given the status of our relationship now.. but for the fun of it, I would want to see how it applies to Kerol back then when I first knew him.. haha :P I hope he's not reading this entry now before we watch the movie.. *grin*)

So all of you people, it's Friday so go crazy tonight and over the weekend k! I have a lot of wedding-related things to do over the weekend, as always wish us luck! *winkies*

Okie dokie Kerol has texted me and he's making his move already.

Till later~*

p.s. pictures are courtesy of Google.


OK so I didn't read the He's Just Not That Into You book before.. *huhu*. I thought it deals with pre-relationship issues.. Hence my earlier writing talking about how the movie won't be applicable to Kerol and I.. Ahh, silly me to be so quick to judge.. :P

Anyway, I won't give any spoilers here. The verdict is -- I LOVE THE MOVIE SO VERY MUCH! Who knows it actually enlightens the audience with issues at every different stages of a relationship -- the pre, the during, and the post. Hmmm yang dah baca buku dah boleh expect lah kot ek?

Oh well, I just knew it the movie was very entertainingly informative because it put on view all the spot-on yes-truth-hurts moments a relationship could have faced, that set me all emotional throughout the movie! :P Marah ada. Menyampah ada. Sedih ada. Terharu ada. You know, just as the word 'emotional' suggests. Heh.

Whatever it is, the best part of the movie in overall is, I think almost everyone if not all, can relate it to our daily lives. The reality aspect of love life. The reality aspect of how complicated human's heart can be. Be it the man. Be it the woman.

"Where emotion is concerned, there is no room for logic" -- that's my favourite quote (not from the movie though) when it comes to matter of the heart all this while.

Oh well, this is merely my two cents. Obviously our opinion about the movie could differ right. So what say you? =)

Till later k, good night!

p.s. I hope I can make it to be the 'exception', not the 'rule'.. :)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The one with.. nothing much..

I am still the Ms. Busy Bee, only thing is my mojo is here with me. Better make full use of it before it's gone baby gone.


Just to let you know that I've put up a poll there at the side bar of my blog. Kindly help yourself k! Your feedback is valuable and very much appreciated =)

Alritey, buzzing away for now!


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The one with... the worst feeling ever.

.. is when you have truck loads of things to do and yet the mojo is not there... *sheeeshhh*

I blame it on the weather.. hoho.

It took me quite a while to wake up this morning. Ok maybe quite a while is a bit of understatement.

Pukul 5am terjaga, dengar kat luar still hujan lebat lagi…

Pukul 6am, still raining. Plan nak iron baju sume dah masuk ke laut dah. zZZzzZ.

Pukul 7am, wahhh still raining? Biar betul. Tidur balik lah.. :D

Pukul 8am, amek… Kelam kelibut iron baju and getting ready.. Huhu.

Kerol pun kejut pukul 7.30 pagi bukannya suruh bangun.. Dia yang lalok2 tuh sibuk cakap.. Bestnye hujan… malasnye nak bangun.. sambung tidur balik mesti best kan… etc etc etc.. Hmmmpphhh bukan wake-up call lah tuuu… Memang tak bangun la kan.. :P

Anyway, excuses excuses excuses.. *grin*

OK lah.. Sementara tengah malas buat kerja (which translated into rajin update blog as you can see), I’m now doing this tag thingy, which was tagged by the hot mama Tina quite a while ago..

So here goes.

1. Letakkan gambar profile anda.

2. Terangkan apa maksud gambar itu.

Ahhh… sudah terang lagi kan bersuluh laaa ini question. Heh. Anyway, well obviously the picture means a lot to me. It reminds me the good time I had with both Kerol’s family & my family during the meeting between the two :)

3. Kenapa pilih gambar itu?

Because I love it. And because all the while I didn’t have a profile photo. Then sekali kena tag. Then baru perasan eh takde gambar profile rupanye. Godek2 pictures folder, found this one. And here you go, the one and only profile picture I ever had. I mean kat blogspot la. Kalau kat Facebook & Friendster I had quite a lot. So let’s not go there lah k..

4. Tag lagi 5 blogger!

Hmmpphhh malaih la k.

On a separate note.

I stumbled upon this entry about maid (wah nampak sangat in mind dah start finding easy way out when it comes to house chores *ngeh3x*, anyway that’s besides the point :P), and somehow it made me cry watching the clip.. :’(

I mean, I’ve never had a maid before.. and so far I’ve never heard any fugly stories about them -- i.e. stories straight from the horse’s mouth la. Kalau kat newspaper ada la few times here and there came across such news. But anyway, reading the entry and all the comments therein really open up my eyes. I am not judging, please don't get me wrong.. as I said I’ve never had that experience nor I heard from those people around me.

It’s just that, you know, something to take note of lah. *siGh*

Ok lah.. rasa bersalah is creeping all over me now. Should start resume with work now.

Till later~*

Sunday, 12 April 2009

The one with.. you cannot have it all, can you? *isk*

If only this is not part of the overall budget..

I would definitely have factored this in..

Why oh yes, I am not a ring person. If you were to ask me, what did I do to prepare myself for my engagement last year?

My first answer would be -- I started off by practising to wear my late grandma's ring. Yes, I had to practise, to make sure that I am comfortable having a blingbling on my finger.. :P

Oh well.

*Happy for him nevertheless! Weeeee~~ :)*

I had such a great Sunday though the weekend kicked start quite suck-y. Had to actually go to office yesterday on Saturday to finish up some work. But things gradually got better as hours passed by.

Mom sms-ed telling me that Lee Lee (the tailor) called to inform that my nikah outfit is ready for pick-up. Yeay!

And then my Mak Andam pun called to inform that my reception baju is also ready for the first fitting. Though I'm quite nervous actually not knowing what to expect, what if it doesn't turn out the way I like it? But heck that's besides the point now so.. Double yeay!

And then the pelamin people is now ready to sit down with us and get serious with business.. Triple yeay!

And last but not least, Kerol and I went for (yet another) hantaran shopping today at MidValley & The Gardens and I managed to complete my checklist.. Jackpot!! =)

Oh.. Oh.. tapi.. that means, I have no more convincing, justifiable reasons to shop for things I've never thought I would buy before anymoreee *isk* But Kerol, on the other hands still does have that card.. *sheeesh*.

Worst of all, all this happiness.. all this excitement.. all this wonderful feelings.. are fast killed by the thought of that one busy week is awaiting ahead of me... soon! Oh I SO feel Rebecca Bloomwood now.. (haha tiba2 :P)

Everything in life IS temporary, boy reality sure does have teeth to bite us hard ey? *ouch!*

Okie dokie lah till later~* (singing) So longggg... farewelllll.. auf weidersehen goodnighttttt..

Friday, 10 April 2009

The one with... ooh la la ~~*

Yeay it's Friday!

Things have been so hectic.. what with the deadlines and all, plus my junior is off for her study leaves soon.. so does my senior manager who's going to go off for her (long) vacation leaves.. After which upon them returning back to office, I myself then will be going for my marriage leaves.. 'Panic attack' definitely gives the whole lot of a different meanings to me now yaw! *guLp*

Today how busy I am nevertheless my mojo is going down the drain. Forcing myself to continue what is left, but one thing for sure -- I'm NOT going to stay back today. Feeling all giddy now thinking that I'm gonna meet Kerol after work soon!! Yeay..! It has been 4 freaking days you know.. :P *grin*

OK lah.. Before I go.. Feel free to visit a friend's website - and go crazy over the nice kebaya material she's offering for sale :) The owner is Kak Emy -- my senior / ex-roomate during my days in MRSM Terendak.. I am promoting it to my colleagues, and thank God her husband Abg Nik (also my senior) is working nearby next to my office building. So my colleagues get to have the privilege of having a complete shopping experience -- the power of seeing and touching.. ;)

Till later, go all hells break loose today on Friday and the upcoming weekend!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The one with.. it's all in a days work... *siGh*

Can't read my, can't read my,
No he can't read my poker face,
Can't read my, can't read my,
No he can't read my poker face..

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-p-poker face,
P-p-p--poker face, p-p-p-poker face..

When you see my face hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell!
When you walk my way hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell!

I hate this part right here..
I hate this part right here..
I just cant take your tears...
I hate this part right here......

I know you’ll ask me to hold on,
And carry on like nothing’s wrong,
But there is no more time for lies,
‘Cause I see sunset in your eyes...

I cant take it any longer,
Thought that we were stronger,
All we do is linger,
Slipping through our fingers,
I don’t want to try now,
All that’s left goodbye to,
Find a way to tell you...

That I gotta do it...
I gotta do it...
I gotta to do it...
I hate this part...


'Cause we belong together now, yeah..
Forever united here somehow, yeah..
You got a piece of me ...
And honestly, my life (my life) would suck (would suck) without you....


(ok so it's not as creative as before but this best reflects me as of now.. huhu! off with work now yaw.. *humming Jai Ho song*)

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The one with... a mere update.

.. just so that people won't view my blog only to read that I am still sad and crying ;P

I am a ok already.. well.. only thing is my nose is crying pulak -- thanks to the flu bugs.. *sheesh*

Oh yeah, notice my newly put up W countdown? (Cantik kan? :P) It's like, wow, the clock is really ticking fast yaw... It did occur to me that maybe I shall remove it, for it's too scary to be stared at.. *guLp*

But I know I should not be living in denial aite..

Embracing the truth, I think I even manage to find solace now just by looking at it.. A wide and sheepish smile easily plastered on my face thinking that soon in no time, THE day will eventually come...

Ahhh.. can't wait *a smug glow of excitement* :)

The first to-do-list tomorrow morning when I reach office is -- to submit my (long) leaves application form.. Weeeeee.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday people.. And to Monday blues, here I come.... Jai Ho! =)

(Jai Ho)
(Jai Ho) I got (I got) shivers (shivers),
When you touch away,
I'll make you hot,
Get all you got,
I'll make you wanna say (Jai Ho)

(Jai Ho)

I got (I got) fever (fever),
Running like a fire,
For you I will go all the way,
I wanna take you higher (Jai Ho)
I keep it steady
Cuz steady is how I feel it.
This beat is heavy, so heavy,
You gon feel it.

(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I breathe,(Jai Ho)
You are the reason that I still believe,(Jai Ho)
You are my destiny,
Jai Ho! Uh-uh-uh-oh!
(Jai Ho) No there is nothing that can stop us(Jai Ho)
Nothing can ever come between us,(Jai Ho)
So come and dance with me,
Jai Ho! (oohh)

Catch me, catch me, catch me, come and catch me,
I want you now,
I know you can save me, come and save me,
I need you now.
I am yours forever, yes, forever,
I will follow,
Anywhere in anyway,
Never gonna let go.

Jai Ho

(Jai Ho) Escape (escape) away (away),
I'll take you to a place,
This fantasy of you and me,
I'll never lose the chase. (Jai Ho)

Yeaahhhh (Jai Ho) Yeaahhhh

I can (I can) feel you (feel you),
Rushing through my veins,
There's an notion in my heart,
I will never be the same.

(Jai Ho) Just keep it burnin', yeah baby,
Just keep it comin', (Jai Ho)
You're gonna find out, baby,
I'm one in a million.

(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I breathe,(Jai Ho)
You are the reason that I still believe,(Jai Ho)
You are my destiny,
Jai Oh! Uh-uh-uh-oh!

(Jai Ho) No there is nothing that can stop us(Jai Ho)
Nothing can ever come between us(Jai Ho)
So come and dance with me,
Jai Ho! (oohh) (You and me, it's destiny)

Catch me, catch me, catch me, come and catch me,
I want you now,
I know you can save me, come and save me,
I need you now.
I am yours forever, yes, forever,
I will follow,
Anywhere in anyway,
Never gonna let go.

Jai Ho (Yeeeaaahh), Jai Ho (Yeeeaaahh), Jai Ho

I need you,
Gonna make it,(Jai Ho)
I'm ready,
So take it!

(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I breathe,(Jai Ho)
You are the reason that I still believe,(Jai Ho)
You are my destiny,
Jai Oh! Uh-uh-uh-oh!

(Jai Ho) No there is nothing that can stop us,(Jai Ho)
Nothing can ever come between us,(Jai Ho)
So come and dance with me,
Jai Ho! (oohh) (You and me, it's destiny)

Jai Ho!
Baila baila!
Baila baila!

Jai Ho!

Baila baila!

Jai Ho!

(so yes I got addicted to this song, the remix version that is -- Nicole of PCD is so hot hot!)


Friday, 3 April 2009

The one with.. it's the 3rd post for the day (1st time mind you) and it's a different tone now.

From happy happy posts to a sad one now it is.

But when it comes to sad things, I can't bring myself to express one.

So I guess I'm gonna spend another Friday night by crying my heart out.... quietly.

The one with... tipah tertipu and menyampah.

Tipah di sini cheapskate nok. Maka kepercayaan terhadap benda2 macam ini adalah sangat tinggi. Tipah pergi makan McDongdong tadi, but the lunch set was still RM5.95. RM3.95 my és.


Any other Tipah(s) dan Tapa(s) also tertipu out there?


Oh ye. On a totally another unrelated note.

Who watched Rancangan ALLY recently? (a talk show hosted by Ally Iskandar at TV3). The guest that time was this person, or rather, celebrity:

If if you didn't, but you know what is the person is known for, or associated with, yes the topic of discussion was on polygamy.

One word: MENYAMPAH!

OK I know it's stated in the Holy Al-Quran hence undeniably a rightful thing to do di sisi agama Islam -- so I am not going to argue on that.

It is just... If only you watched how and the way he gave his opinion about polygamy, especially the annoying laugh -- a total brag ok!

Ahh. Menyampah lah!

Tertipu dengan iklan McDongdong pastu teringat salih yaakob, what gives??

Oh definitely not the wedding jitters talking.


The one with... the wedding jitters talking.

I have been quite busy with work of late.. and in between I am constantly bugged by the pre-wedding jitters, of which the rate has been escalated-up for (of course) the obvious reason -- the clock is ticking and it’s the month of April already yaw! *biting nails*

My W cards will be ready in 2 / 3 weeks time and I’ve started to ask around for everyone’s address… and all this… seems to be so SO surreal.

Thing is, the main mastermind behind our W day is none other than.. us and us only. Well of course there is some contribution from the families, but to a very limited extent as we are the one who's having the complete upper hand. We decide our own theme. place. doorgift. wedding attire. wedding card. the itinerary of the event. every.single.thing. All according to our way (and budget of course). Bahasa mudah -- duit sendiri, so ikut kepala sendiri suka hati kitorang laa, kind of.

And that somehow suddenly got me worried -- can we make it such a decent yet very beautiful and historical event of our own, where flaws are kept to its minimum???

I mean, from observation I see and learn how families contributed to the whole wedding whatnot of their children by sponsoring or arranging some parts of it. Who am I kidding, yes sometime once in a while when it did cross my mind, a tiny bit of jealousy creeps in… :’(

Some say, it’s better to get everything arranged based on your own say. Less hassle, so they said.

But some say, of course it’s easier if parents are involved. They put you with less worries about both event and budget wise. And they know better.

During THE meeting when we explained to the mothers why we wanted certain things to be in certain ways.

But I guess not everyone is born lucky.

Anyway, I am pretty confident that I’m gonna have such a beautiful W day.. With Kerol together we’ve put in much effort based on what we want, as much as we can afford to.. and suffice to say, that itself is already a beautiful thing that can ever happened.. =)

And I learnt that no matter what, people will still talk. So there's no point pleasing other.. I'll just make sure that I get to please myself -- gosh this somehow sounds wrong, but you get what I mean aite? ;P This, afterall, the wedding jitters talking I believe.

If you were to ask me “So how’s the wedding preparation so far?” -- which I used to get a lot these days anyway ;) -- my answer is,

Well, more or less we have most of the things in place. But in actual fact a lot more can only be done come towards / on the day itself. The baju. pelamin. decoration. food. the overall event. You know..

Maka kayaknya doa kan guwe yang baik baik aja yuk! Makasih ya….


Till later~*